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Learn about recommended farming content, resources, farming strategy, Path of Building (PoB), Video Guide & Summary for the Poison Seismic Trap Saboteur Build.

The first step is to progress through the Atlas following our Atlas Progression Guide. This build can farm all the content in POE, so these are just general guidelines. If you're struggling in higher tier content it is always recommended you go a step back and farm up more Currency and Gear. Clicking the League Mechanics below takes you to either a full Explanation Guide or a detailed Currency Farming Guide based around maximizing your profits from that mechanic or content.

Video Guide

Poison Seismic League Start Build VIdeo

Path of Building

All in one POB:


  • Best all around League Starter
  • Fast clear, free damage and a tanky setup makes this a very smooth league starter.
  • Throw your Seismic Trap and upend the earth beneath your enemies' footsteps.
  • Very rewarding playstyle, with positioning and planning giving the opportunity for huge damage just like a real Saboteur
  • Very easy to play in SSF or Hardcore with a few modifications.


Written by Tripolarbear.
Reviewed by Fyregrass.


Dec 4th 2022
Build Guide Created.