New Class Release: Glaivier

Below, you can find the Glaivier build guides for specific content. It's also possible for you to navigate to all of our Glaivier aka. Lance Master guides by visiting our Build Guides category.

Leveling Guide

Before becoming a master of the spear and glaive, you must start from level 1. Hone your skills before you start to hone your gear. But don't be afraid! On your way to level 50, use our leveling build below to sweep through everything in your way.

Raid Guide

Now, you are ready for your first trial! Guardians and Abyss Bosses await. Prove your mettle by slaying them. You might struggle at first until you become one with your weapons. But the question is, which path/build will you choose to slay your enemies?

Chaos & Cube Guide

One opponent was not strong enough to stop you. Now you have to face waves of enemies! Do not panic! We've got you covered. The weapons at your disposal can swing wide and hit many. Use what you have learned so far to your advantage and follow the guidance below, and you shall not fear anything...anymore!

PvP Guide

Every monster slain and every dungeon conquered. The only thing remaining is to face other players and show them who the real master of the glaive is! Now pick your weapon and slaughter everyone in the arena!

Please keep in mind Glaivier / Lancemancer has not been released in the western version of Lost Ark yet. Things might change and so might our guides! We will do our best to keep them all up to date.