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Twinightmare Season Launch Updates

Last Updated: December 28th 2023

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SS3 - Twinightmare

Torchlight Infinite has launched its 5th Season, SS3 - Twinightmare. This release features the new Hero, Rosa, and a new advanced crafting system Dream Interpretation. The Twinightmare Seasonal mechanic adds a second layer to your maps, filled with dangerous new foes to conquer.

We've added several new and updated build guides, new resources and much more!

Build Guides

New Leveling Guides & Major Updates

We've also updated all of our leveling builds to adjust for the new talent trees & skill changes. So if you're excited to jump in for the new season, our Build Section is the place to start!

Endgame Content

With Build Sharing coming for the new season, we look forward to sharing out endgame builds more easily. You'll be able to easily share your build with other players via in-game chat, or externally through Discord and Maxroll (coming soon). This also makes it much easier to find inspiration from your favorite creator's build!

Disclaimer: Many of the fine details regarding the new Season and its extensive changes are still unknown to us. We're working diligently to correct any inaccuracies found within our tools or guides.

Rosa - High Court Chariot

High Court Chariot

The new Hero, Rosa, is an irreverent Paladin, and her High Court Chariot Trait focuses on dominating the battlefield.

Rosa's playstyle is very beginner friendly, but results in you remaining stationary to maximize the bonuses within your Holy Domain. Because Rosa's Domain skill pulls nearby enemies towards her, it's easy to stack foes up to mow them down. You can use either Attacks or Spells with Rosa, leaving her open to a variety of builds and playstyles. While Rosa certainly has the potential to support others, she's not a dedicated "tank" or "healer" like you might see in MMOs, instead she stands at the front of any conflict.

Leveling Guide

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Carino - Ranger of Glory Update

Ranger of Glory got several buffs in the Twinightmare Patch Notes, and he excels with Parabolic skills which also got significant improvements.

Divineshot Carino's Ranger of Glory Trait specializes in enhancing Projectile skills via Special Ammo. Be it Attacks, or Spells if you can shoot the Skill forward, up or in a parabolic arc (IE: projectiles) Carino is a great choice.

Leveling Guide

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Rehan - Anger Update

If you're on the Rehan hype Train, we've revamped our build for the very popular "Train" style leveling.

Berserker Rehan's Anger Trait uses attacks to generate Rage, which Bursts forth to damage enemies. If you're looking for a straightforward attack build then Rehan's Anger Trait is a great choice for new players. He's easy to play and very fast. Once Rehan starts Berserking you know things have gotten serious!

Leveling Guide

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Gemma - Frostbitten Heart Update

With the newly revamped Frostbite mechanics, Frostbitten Heart excels at keeping her foes Frozen

Frostbitten Heart is well positioned to take advantage of the "Additional Damage against Frozen Enemies" modifier popping up on gear this season.

Leveling Guide

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Twinightmare Season

Every Torchlight Infinite Season includes new mechanics which changes how you play the game. The Twinightmare Season launch brings a mechanic that focuses on the interplay between Dreams and Nightmares.

During Season 5, Zones are influenced by the Twinightmare, a lotus appears somewhere near the start of every map. Interact with the Lotus to enter a Sweet Dream or reap the rewards of your Nightmares manifest.

Dream Interpretation

Use Dream Interpretation to replace your item's implicit modifier with powerful Dream affixes. This is a special advanced crafting system intended for use on finished items.

These affixes have two parts, a positive "Dream" and a negative "Nightmare". Regular Dream Interpretation requires Shallow Dream Talking, and advanced Dream Interpretation uses Profound Dream Talking plus Legendary materials.

You can even obtain special modifiers which were previously exclusive to Legendary items. To learn more about how Dream Interpretation works, check out our full guide!

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More Coming Soon

As the Season launch unfolds, Maxroll's coverage of Torchlight Infinite's Twinightmare Season will continue, with more content from us on the way. If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the Torchlight Infinite role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Keep up the fight, Hunters!

Written by: Tenkiei

Reviewed by: Dreadscythe

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