Carino Ranger of Glory Leveling Guide

Last Updated: 16 May 2023

Season 2 - Blacksail

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Divineshot Carino Ranger of Glory is one of the original FREE additions to Torchlight Infinite. Divineshot Carino Ranger of Glory is an Ammo Expert and uses Special Ammo to add up to 3 extra Support Skills to you projectile attacks. This leveling build dominates through the entire Story and early Netherrealm while being able to transition into one of the strongest end game builds later.

This guide focuses on the Equipment, Skill, Passive and Talent Tree progression, up to level 80. It tells you which Hero Traits to select when you hit certain Levels, as well as help guide your selections in the Pact System. Once you reach the end of this guide your Hero will be similar to the one shown in these embeds below and you can prepare to transition into one of our Endgame Build Guides.

Level 80 Gear Preview
Endgame Hero Overview

Fast Story Clear
Damage from a Distance
Safe & Easy Beginner Playstyle ✔

❌ Limited Gear Options
❌ Low Single Target Damage
Awkward Reload Playstyle Until Level 32

Check out the Complete Leveling Guide for a full Story walk-through.

Leveling Preparation

Before beginning your journey through the Story it's important to understand the game systems you're going to encounter on the way. Torchlight Infinite has quite a few internal systems that give your Hero power, that when combined properly, snowball into a very strong Hero early on. Let's take a quick look at some of these systems and link you to some posts where you can learn more before moving on:


The Energy system in Torchlight Infinite is directly tied to the progression of your Skills and Passives. As you level up you obtain more Energy that you can assign to your Skills and Passives, unlocking more support skill slots. When you approach the end of the Story Energy also appears on gear as a stat that you can even re-roll, to get those big numbers we all love.

Energy is going to be directly tied to the Skills in this guide, beyond level 50 we'll attach "required energy" right into the skill embed, allowing you to see the thresholds needed to link your skills properly. Understanding the connection between Energy and Skills is very important, so make sure you read our energy system guide if this is your first play through.

Energy Tree for 400 Energy

Make sure you understand this system; read the Energy System Guide.


Netherrealm Skill Setup
Move to slider at the bottom to interact with the Tool

Like any ARPG, the Skills you use to defeat enemies are a pivotal part of your Heroes progression and power. Torchlight Infinite has a robust Skill and Passive System that leads to a staggering amount of possible combinations. How you allocate your Energy and which Skills you invest into are important decisions. This guide eliminates that stress for you by showing you what skills to use and how to enhance them as you progress through the Story.

To learn more check out the Skills and Passives Guide.

Talent Trees

Talent Trees provide tons of bonuses to your Heroes and have 2 Major Talent nodes within them that provide an even more significant boost to your power. Selecting powerful Talent Trees for your build is important and you are faced with this decision very early on. Use the Talent Tree Tool in each section of this guide to see the progression through each tree and establish the most powerful Major Talents as soon as possible.

Your first selection must be one of the "Gods" followed by another tree in that group. The final tree can be any non-god tree you choose, providing huge amounts of possibilities and diversity to builds.

Final Talent Tree
Move to sliders at the bottom to interact with the Tool

There are tons of different Talent Trees to explore, if you want to learn more about this robust system check out our Talent Tree Guide.


Pact Point Progression.
Move to sliders at the bottom to interact with the Tool

Pactspirits offer bonuses that boost your Heroes in a variety of ways. You can have up to 3 Pacts at a time and their associated trees are adjustable based on which Pacts you choose. Pact points are obtained while leveling up and can be reassigned at any time, at no cost.

This system is not a part of a build's core gameplay and doesn't require much attention until you reach higher levels and find more Pactspirts to choose from.

Prioritize Pact Points in this order: Experience, Elemental Resistance, Damage, Reduced damage taken, Drops.

Learn more about Pacts in our Boons and Pacts Guide.

Hero Traits

Hero Traits are a distinct set of abilities unique to each Hero that set them apart from the other playable Heroes. You get a Hero Ability at level 1, and 5 Hero Trait Points to choose different powerful effects by level 80. Your Hero Ability can't be changed but the Hero Traits can be as you please. The following pages of this guide use this system as the ending milestones before moving onto the next leveling section.

Hero Relics and Memories are new to Season 2. Here are some good options to look for while we learn more about them. We'll update this section of the guide once we know more.

Carino Ranger of Glory Hero Traits.


Throughout the Story, look for Bows and Crossbows with the following stats:

TIP: Clicking on a new item in your bag shows the %change to your Damage and Survivability with green or red arrows. This is helpful to save time while leveling but is not 100% accurate.

Look for these Offensive stats on weapons:

  1. Physical Damage added to Gear
  2. %Gear Physical Damage %
  3. Attack Speed
  4. Critical Strike Rating
  5. Critical Strike Damage

Look for these Defensive stats on armor:

  1. Max Life
  2. Max Life %
  3. Elemental Resistances
  4. Erosion Resistance
Main stats to be looking for.

Leveling Tips and Tricks

Now that you've been able to look over some of the relevant game systems it's important to know a few more things before diving in. Here are some Tips and Tricks that everyone should be aware of before they start their journey.

  • Always be checking the top right of your screen to see if you have Skills, Passives, Pacts or Talents to assign/upgrade!
  • Your movement skill moves much faster than you can! Make sure you're using it between packs of monsters.
  • Don't waste time crafting or enhancing your gear until the Netherrealm, you'll find plenty of upgrades off the ground.
  • Your top left / first skill in the skills menu, is considered your "main skill," this matters when you find stats that increase the level or power of your "main skill."
  • If you're feeling a fall off in damage or defensiveness, use your Black Gold in Town to grab some new rare items!
  • If you're ever in doubt of where to go, click the Story quest on the left of your screen and a golden path shows you the way.
  • Stay on level with the Zone as much as possible! You receive a scaling penalty for being too under or over leveled. Make sure you kill enough monsters to remain as close to the zone level as possible. If you're more than 3 below, re-clear some previous zones to catch back up as quickly as possible.
  • Experience Pactspirits speed up the leveling process but are in no way needed to level efficiently. You can use Jagged Primocrysts to buy Pactspirits for FREE.

Tip: Learn more about How to Spend Jagged Primcrysts.

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