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Twinightmare Season Guide

Last Updated: April 17th 2024

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Whispering Mist

Every Torchlight Infinite Season includes new mechanics that change how you play the game. Season 5 / SS3 - Twinightmare added Dream and Nightmare mechanics to the game, as well as the Queen of Eternal Sun pinnacle boss encounter. This Season also introduced the Dream Interpretation Crafting system, increasing player power and Gear customization.

To learn all about Dream Interpretation Crafting, check out our guide!

Dream Lotus Encounter

Players first encounter the Twinightmare mechanic within the Netherrealm via Trait Cards and Confusion Cards. These cards cause Dream Lotus to occasionally appear in your beacons. Interact with it to start the encounter.

The Dream

Many rewards await you within the realm of Sweet Dreams. Select your Omens wisely and you may find a rare Legendary item!

  • Open a Dream in the zone by interacting with the Dream Lotus.
  • When the Dream is opened additional monsters marked with a blue icon on your minimap are spawned in the zone.
  • Kill enough monsters required to fill the bar in order to awaken the Dream Lotus.
  • Once Dream Lotus is awakened interact with it to choose one of the 3 Omens offered.
  • Each Omen grants reward Bubbles, changes their type or increases their quality. Additionally it modifies the Nightmare increasing it's difficulty.
After you successfully finish the Dream encounter Dream Lotus is awakened!

The Nightmare

But beware, delve too deep and your dreams become a frightening Nightmare! Confronting your nightmares is a crucial point to manifesting the items of your dreams into reality.

  • Each time you open the Dream in a zone you have a chance to open a portal to the Nightmare instead. Each time, that chance is increased by 10%.
  • Every 5th Dream Lotus always opens a portal to the Nightmare.
  • To escape the Nightmare you have to destroy 4 Nightmare roots scattered around the zone.
  • While in the Nightmare an immortal Never-Ending Nightmare permanently chases you. Try to avoid its attack and focus on searching for Nightmare Roots.
  • After all Nightmare Roots are destroyed all of the Bubbles collected from Omens pop resulting in a big loot explosion!.
Each time you interact with the Dream Lotus there is a chance you will open a portal to Nightmare instead!


Careful planning is advised when choosing your Omens!

After each Dream encounter you get to choose from 3 different Omens which grant you Dream Bubbles, upgrade them or change them into different types.

The first Dream encounter always grants you 2 Dream Bubbles and one of the special Omens that modify Bubbles in a unique way.

Each Bubble can be upgraded to higher quality:

  • White - Common
  • Blue - Fine
  • Purple - Precious
  • Orange - Rare
  • Red - Ultimate
  • Rainbow - Dream

The Dream quality cannot be obtained by regular upgrades, only if an Omen explicitly mentions that possibility.

Each Elite monster in the Dream has a chance to drop Shallow Dream Talking used for Dream Interpretation crafting.

Dream Cloud Atlas

  • Each successful Dream encounter grants you progress point towards a Dream Lotus Seed.
    • Seeds are spent at the Dream Cloud Atlas to improve future Dream encounters.
  • After each Seed spent on inner node you have to spend 2 Seeds on outer nodes.
  • All Seeds can be reset at any point without any cost.
  • Eventually you can unlock all of the Dream Cloud Atlas nodes.
Dream Cloud Atlas Tree offers numerous benefits.

Queen Of The Eternal Sun

Queen of Eternal Sun is the Twinightmare mechanic's pinnacle boss, to challenge her, you must collect Queen's Grace from Nightmare monsters within the Dream after allocating the Lone Blossom node of Dream Cloud Atlas, then offer them to the Great Void.

This boss has 3 variants of increasing difficulty and rewards, the latter of which being among the most difficult encounters in the game. All variants can drop a variety of exclusive Legendary Gear, and Profound Dream Talking required for advanced Dream Interpretation crafting.

  • Use Queen's Grace - Slaughter to challenge the first variant.
  • Use Queen's Grace - Slaughter and Queen's Grace - Authority to challenge the second variant.
  • Use Queen's Grace - Slaughter, Queen's Grace - Authority, and Queen's Grace - Lust to challenge the third and most dangerous variant.
Portrait of The Queen of Eternal Sun.


Here are the most important things you need to know from this guide about the Twinightmare Seasonal mechanic.

  • The Twinightmare Season introduces the Dream and Nightmare mechanics, the Queen of Eternal Sun pinnacle boss, and the Dream Interpretation crafting system.
  • Encounter a Dream Lotus in maps, interact with it to enter a Dream in the zone.
  • Each Dream encounter increases the chance to encounter the Nightmare instead.
  • Dream Bubbles are the main source of loot from Twinightmare. Gain them by choosing Omens after each Dream encounter and then pop them after finishing the Nightmare encounter for the loot explosion!
  • Obtain Dream Lotus Seeds by completing Dream encounters to allocate nodes at the Dream Cloud Atlas, the Twinightmare progression system.
  • Challenge the Queen of Eternal Sun by using Queen's Grace - Slaughter at the Great Void.


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Reviewed by Tenkiei

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