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Berserker Rehan Anger Leveling Guide

Last Updated: April 18th 2024

SS4 - Whispering Mist

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Welcome to the Berserker Rehan Anger Leveling Guide. Berserker Rehan's Anger Trait uses attacks to generate Rage, then triggers Burst to damage enemies. If you're looking for a straightforward attack build then Rehan's Anger Trait is a great choice for new players. He's easy to play and very fast. Once Rehan starts Berserk you know things have gotten serious! Like many Berserker or Warrior archetypes in other games, Rehan is loud, large, and in charge.

The leveling guide is intended to take your character to Level 80.
This is the last level with unlimited free respec points.
Be sure to check the final section of the guide for recommendations on how to transition into the Endgame!
Berserker Rehan Anger Leveling Gear Preview
Level 80 Hero Overview
  • Smooth progression
  • Lots of viable Endgame Builds
  • Scales very well into the Endgame
  • Respec at 60
  • Dangerous playstyle early
  • Slow Leap Attack during Chapters

Check out the Complete Story Walkthrough for tips on how to complete the Campaign.

Treasure Troves

Treasure Troves are a way to super-charge your leveling experience. They give vastly more experience than regular zones and yield exclusive Legendary items. You need to complete each of them once for a Talent Point. For an easier leveling experience, you repeat the Treasure Trove until you're 8-10 levels above the zone, then rush through the next few areas. Follow your side quest to find the Treasure Trove locations.

Keep an eye out for the following Legendary items as you clear Treasure Troves.

  • New Ear Hills (L7): Look out for Pentagram Astrolabe, Lonesome, Rock Lizard's Skull and Glorious Journey.
  • Nectar Valley (L16): Look out for Omniscient Prototype.
  • Dawn Avenue (L27): Look out for Omniscient Prototype.
  • Sanctuary of Solitude (L35): Look out for Lonesome and Pentagram Astrolabe.
  • Silver Sands' End (L44): Look out for Chain of Resistance, Boom Gloves and Lone Survivor.
  • Hall of Grandiosity (L54): Here you should farm to level 60 to reach your next Hero Trait before completing the campaign. Look for, Chain of Resistance, Boom Gloves and Lone Survivor.

Leveling Tips and Tricks

  • Your first active skill slot (top left in the Skills menu) is your "Main Skill," this matters because many items and Hero Traits have effects that only apply to the Main Skill.
  • If you're ever in doubt of where to go, click the campaign quest on the left of your screen and a golden path shows you the way.
  • This guide assumes you get most of your levels through Treasure Troves and rush to the objectives in other zones for maximum efficiency.
  • When allocating Pact Points, prioritize Life first, then select Damage nodes until you fill the section. If you have leftover points, put them into Drop nodes as you begin farming the Netherrealm.
  • Complete all 10 Levels of the Hero Forge to unlock all of your Hero Trait abilities and gain 6 additional Talent Points.
  • All support gems become available from the Skill Shop at level 55. At this stage cross reference with the embeds to make sure you're set up for the Netherrealm.
  • In Chapter 3 gear you find comes with varying amounts of Energy, after changing your gear, be sure to go to the Energy Menu under Skills to reassign missing Energy.

Equipment & Stat Priorities

Main stats to be looking for while progressing the campaign

Look for these Offensive stats on weapons:

  • Physical Damage added to Gear
  • % Physical Damage
  • Attack Speed
  • Critical Strike Chance
  • Critical Strike Damage

Look for these Defensive stats on armor:

  • Maximum Life
  • Armor Bases (while leveling)
  • Elemental Resistance
  • Erosion Resistance
  • -% additional Physical damage taken

Core Skill

  • Groundshaker is a demolisher skill dealing a massive aftershock of damage when you consume a Demolisher Charge.
  • Use Compound Source to quickly regenerate Life and Mana whenever needed.
  • Activate Bull's Rage to gain a massive boost to Melee Skill Damage and Radius.
  • Use Vulnerability on Rare Monsters and Bosses until you unlock Terrain of Malice.
  • Burst of Anger grants a stacking movement speed buff as you kill enemies, as well as additional attack speed. This allows you to travel through zones much faster.
  • Use Leap Attack until you switch to Savage Charge at level 50.
  • Blurry Steps grants a massive movement speed bonus that isn't removed during Savage Charge, the goal is to have as much uptime on this as possible.


  • This levelling build performs a minor respec at level 60. Pay attention to any embeds to make sure your skills and talent selections remain correct.
  • Savage Charge becomes the new Main Skill and is used to proc your Hero Trait Burst. When linked with Recklessness it consumes a portion of your life. Which, when combined with the Righteous Fury Hero Trait allows you to sustain Rage whilst in combat.

Leveling Progression

WARNING: The following levels are a guideline, you might complete the quest/unlock the Skill a few levels early, or a few levels later!

Skill Progression
Move to slider at the bottom to interact with the Tool
Passive Skill Progression
Move to slider at the bottom to interact with the Tool

Use the Embed to the left to follow along with Support Skill progression!

  • Level 1: Support Whirlwind with Increased Area.

Equip the following as you obtain them:

  • Level 3: Support Compound Potion with Residues
    • Use One Handed Swords as your weapon of choice to enable Spiral Strike. Until you acquire them, use Leap Attack
  • Level 7-11: Replace Whirlwind
    • Support it with Hardened and Steamroll
  • Level 12-16: Equip Resurrection Warcry
  • Level 20: You unlock access to all of your Active Skills.
    • Replace Resurrection Warcry with Vulnerability
    • Equip Burst of Anger
    • Bull's Rage is the highest damage empower skill, however it sacrifices a large portion of life. Replace Vulnerability and use a potion after every Bull's Rage if you want more damage and less survivabilty.
  • Level 22: Support Groundshaker with Added Physical Damage
  • Level 26-54: Continue filling out supports on your utility skills. Now, the goal is to slowly add on Supports and Auras as you gain Energy and levels.

Level 55: At this point you have access to every skill in the game, continue to follow the embed shown as you gain more Energy.

To learn more check out the Skills and Passives Guide.


Berserker Rehan Anger Leveling Talent Tree
Move to slider at the bottom to interact with the Tool

God of War

This tree grants access to a huge amount of flat Physical damage for the early game. Combined with the Brutality major talent you should have no issues progressing the chapters. Before reaching level 50, use Endless Fervor for more critical strike chance before replacing it with Instant Smash. This Major Talent allows you completely ignore your enemies defence, resulting in a lot more damage.


This tree grants access to cooldown recovery speed, damage for triggered skills and a lot of Life Regain. Ambition allows you to drop Endless Fervor without losing access to Fervor rating.


Warlock provides a lot of benefits to Empower skills as well as a huge boost to Cooldown Recovery speed.

There are tons of different Talent Trees to explore, if you want to learn more about this robust system check out our Talent Tree Guide.

Traits, Relics and Memories

Hero Traits

Berserker Rehan Anger Leveling Hero Traits, Relics & Memories

Level 45: Frenzy Furious grants a large amount of Critical Strike Chance and Damage based on your Rage. Righteous Fury combined with Recklessness takes care of Rage problems until you get the 2 Set Bonus.
Level 75: Tunnel Vision more than doubles the damage of your Burst. The negative is of no impact, as Savage Charge is only used to trigger.
Level 90: Reverberation further scales Critical Strike synergy causing you to trigger Burst 50% of the time on a Critical Strike.

Relics and Memories

Look for any combination of the following stats on your Hero Relics and Memories;

Hero RelicHero Memories
Rage on HitAdditional Melee Damage for each second Berserk has been active
Cooldown Recovery SpeedAdditional Damage for Triggered Skills
Additional Attack Damage for every 30 points of Rage spent recentlyCooldown Recovery Speed
Chance to Trigger Burst and Additional TimeRage on Crit

To learn more, check out our Hero Relic and Hero Memory Guide.


To learn more, check out our Pacts and Pets Guide.

The Netherrealm

Racing through your Netherrealm quests as quickly as possible results in you becoming under-leveled for the required zones to progress further, stay within 3 levels of the zones you're completing to avoid a harsh experience penalty. Check out our How to Progress the Netherrealm if you're unsure of anything.

Here's a list of things to do while progressing the early stages of the Netherrealm;

  • Level 60, The Trade House is unlocked. Be sure to read and understand our Trade House for Beginners Guide before making any big purchases.
  • Higher item levels of gear come with higher quantities of Energy. Look to improve your current gear with items that have increased energy so that you can use more Support Skills.
  • Utilize Prototype Crafting and Enchanting to greatly increase the power of non-legendary gear you come across. It costs very low amounts of Flame Dust and Flame Sand to lock 1 good affix in place and reroll up to 4 new modifiers.

Transitioning to Endgame


A Two-Handed Axe or Hammer with high DPS is the primary source of all your damage.

  • All of the damage for this build comes from your Hero Trait, Burst. Which multiplies your weapon damage by 550%. Therefore a Weapon with high Gear Physical Damage is essential and the biggest multiplier to you output.
  • Search Beacons or the Trade House for items with any of the following modifier on a Two-Handed Hammer or Axe
    • Physical Damage added to Gear
    • Gear Physical Damage
    • Additional Movement Speed whilst Channelling (Hammer)
    • Enemies killed have a chance to explode dealing physical damage (Axe)
  • Craft using prototype crafting until you have a 400 DPS weapon. This is more than enough to take you into Timemark 7.
  • Enchant the item to finish it.


  • In order to select the Level 45 Trait Frenzy Furious to gain a huge amount of Critical Strike Chance and Damage you must drop Righteous Fury.
  • To sustain Rage without the combination of Recklessness and Righteous Fury you need to generate Rage via a Relic or Memory.
  • Look for a Memories and Relics with;
    • Gain 6 Rage on Hit (0.2s CD)
    • Gain 6+ Rage on Critical Strike (0.3s CD)

Cooldown Reduction

  • Much like a conventional Cast on Crit build, this build scales very well with Cooldown Reduction, as it increases the rate at which you can trigger your main source of damage, Burst.
  • Look for cooldown in the following places;
    • Helmet Suffix
    • Belt Suffix
    • Boot Suffix
    • Divinty Slate Medium Talent
    • Candle Modifier
  • IMPORTANT: "Cooldown Reduction for Triggered Skills" does not apply to Burst. Whether it is an increase or decrease it has no effect.

Remaining Gear

Focus on crafting the remainder of your Armor and Jewelry with the following goals in mind;

  • Cap all of your Resistances at the 75% maximum.
  • Have a high Life pool. 4000 is a good target.
  • Increase your Physical damage
  • Increase your Attack and Cast Speed

Legendary Items


  • The Chain of Resistance is a very common item that provides a large amount of Skill Radius when clearing beacons, as well 50% increased Area Damage against bosses.
  • Vortex Heart grants a massive 40% additional damage multiplier, and will last you long into the endgame.
  • Praise for Injury increase your clear speed substantially by granting a source of explode.
  • Sky Devourer - Strength Armor is a great early purchase as it provides a large amount of Life, Resistances, Skill Radius and Area Damage.

Set Itmes

  • Voyager's Commemorative Boots
  • Voyager's Commemorative Brooch
  • Voyager's Commemorative Cape
  • Voyager's Commemorative Cufflinks
  • Voyager's Commemorative Goggles
  • Voyager's Commemorative Pinky Ring
  • Voyager's Commemorative Strap

Continue the Journey

Congratulations on completing the Berserker Rehan Anger leveling guide! To continue your Endgame journey check our Build Database!

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