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Crafting an Endgame Bow for Toxic Rain Builds

Last Updated: March 28th 2024

Necropolis 3.24

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Crafting a Bow for Toxic Rain Pathfinder builds in Path of Exile is easy if you know what to do. Follow this simple step-by-step guide to craft your own. By following the process below you'll be able to make a Bow resembling the one here. Full build guide here.

Endgame, +3 Toxic Rain

Before We Start

If you aren't familiar with the Crafting Methods below, be sure to check out our resources before you start:

Crafting Process: Endgame Bow

Step 1

Getting Your Base

Thicket Bow

Buy an Item Level 78+ Thicket Bow off of trade. Try to find one with 24% or higher quality if it's cheap.

Tip: use Perfect Fossils until 24%+ quality if it isn't already.

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