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Crafting a +2 Arrow Bow For Cold Convert Tornado Shot

Last Updated: March 29th 2024

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Necropolis 3.24


In Path of Exile an Endgame Omni Tornado Shot build uses full Physical to Cold Conversion mechanics along with additional arrow mods in order to push maximum dps on a high budget. A Spine Bow with high Physical Dps and +2 Additional Arrows is a key item in the build. Full build guide here.

High Physical +2 Arrow

Before We Start

Read the Maxroll guides covering the crafting methods used if you aren't familiar yet:

Crafting Process

Step 1

Getting Your Base

Fractured +2 Arrow1

Buy a +2 Additional Arrow Fractured Spine Bow off of trade or fracture the mod yourself. Prioritize a base with 30% Quality if it's not more expensive.

A +1 Additional Arrow fracture is a budget option but since this is going to be an expensive craft, the +2 Arrow base is highly recommended.

1 / 10

Optional Steps

Step 7a: Using Harvest to Craft the Suffixes

  • You can protect your Prefixes by Benchcrafting Prefixes Cannot be Changed then use a Harvest Add Speed for 20,000 Vivid Lifeforce for a 1/6 chance at adding T3+ increased Attack Speed. Keep in mind this is actually significantly more expensive than metacrafting but also comes with less variance.
  • For a risky but potentially cheaper method, protect your Prefixes by Benchcrafting Prefixes Cannot be Changed then use Harvest Reforge Speeds until T3+ Attack Speed. This is the cheapest option by far but comes with a chance at adding more than one Suffix which most likely will brick your bow since you'll be unable to Benchcraft increased Critical Strike Chance.


  • To increase the Physical Dps (PDPS), use Divine Orbs to reroll the values of the modifiers. You can use a third party program such as Awakened PoE Trade to check the PDPS after each use. Be careful since this can cost a lot!


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