Skill Gems & Passive Tree

Here are the best Skill Gems & Passive Tree for the Poison Spark Occultist Build.

Skill Gems

Phantasmal Spark

PhantasmalSpark is your main skillgem. It's quality converts Lightning damage to Chaos, thus enabling it to inflict the Poison ailment. Awakened Elemental Focus Support is linked to it granting +1 Level of Supported Skill Gems when leveled up to 5 and a ton of Elemental damage with no downside. Awakened Deadly Ailments Support provides a massive boost to damage as well as allowing you to run Elemental Reflect maps. Anomalous Spell Echo Support causes your cast to repeat, and provides a massive more multiplier to Cast Speed. Anomalous Awakened Unbound Ailments Support and Anomalous Awakened Void Manipulation Support grant more damage and Poison duration.


Your primary movement ability is Shield Charge linked to Faster Attacks Support. Use Flame Dash to traverse over gaps or dodge dangerous boss abilities. Although Anomalous Withering Step is classed as a movement skill, it is primarily used to inflict Withered Stacks on single target when pressed causing it to take 6% increased Chaos Damage per Wither stack.


Use Determination to mitigate Physical Damage. This Aura buff expires approximately once every 20 seconds, make sure to re-cast it before it does. Use Grace to obtain Evasion Rating, giving you Chance to Evade Attacks. Divergent Haste linked with Divine Blessing Support provides Attack speed for faster movement with Shield Charge, Cast Speed and Projectile Speed for more damage and smoother play-feel. While in Sand stance Anomalous Blood and Sand linked with Enhance Support grants a ton of Projectile Speed, both increasing your clear and single target DPS. Divergent Herald of Agony Grants more damage with Poisons, as well as Poison chance on hit. Vitality Grants a lot of regen, but most importantly enables Watcher's Eye which will keep you topped up while mapping and bossing.


Blasphemy Support linked with Despair turns your Curse into an Area of Effect Aura. This pairs very well with Profane Bloom giving you an easier way to access explosions. Temporal Chains is granted as an on hit effect from your gloves: Asenath's Gentle Touch.

Cast when Damage Taken

Cast when Damage Taken Support linked to Molten Shell triggers a shield that scales off your Armour and absorbs damage for a duration. Make sure to level Cast when Damage Taken Support to level 8 and Molten Shell to level 14.

Key Skill Info

  • Anomalous Blood and Sand grants a substantial amount of Projectile Speed when in Sand stance, make sure you remain in that stance, as otherwise the skillgem won't provide you with any of the benefits you want.
  • Make sure to use Divergent Haste linked with Divine Blessing Support whenever the buff falls.
  • Anomalous Withering Step is only really needed when you encounter a boss or a tough monster, using it when near them will massively increase the damage they take from your damage over time effects.

Passive Tree Progression


This build makes use of 2 Large Cluster Jewel granting 12% increased chaos damage. You can slot these in the sockets at the edge of the Passive Skill Tree. The notables you are looking to buy for these clusters are:

IMPORTANT: To enable the Touch of Cruelty notable you will need at least 1 Hypnotic Eye Jewel granting % chance to Hinder Enemies on Hit with Spells

You want to buy two Medium Cluster Jewel with the small passives granting 12% increased Chaos Damage over Time with the following notable:

Buy one Medium Cluster Jewel with the small passives granting 10% increased Projectile Damage with the following notables: