Cube Guide


Are you looking for a unique challenge in Lost Ark? Be it alone or together with your friends, the Cube offers just that! It has plenty of randomized floors, changing positive and negative effects and the occasional surprise. Let's dive in and learn all about this exciting game mode!
Beware: The Cube is challenging content for unoptimized characters without supports. Don't waste your ticket entries if you're not ready!

Cube Location

Origins of Stern, Cube Entrance

The Cube entrance can be found in all major cities, shown as a icon on the map.

How to Enter

An Entrance Ticket is required to access the Cube. These drop from your daily Chaos Dungeon entries by killing the 2nd floor boss within them.
Once you've found a Ticket go to the entrance. You can go in solo, auto-match or search/create a lobby to select the people you want to play with.
When forming a group, include either a Bard, Paladin or Gunlancer, as their supportive capabilities will boost your survival greatly! Fill the remaining slots with damage dealers.
Note that Entrance Tickets can only drop from runs with daily energy!

Cube Entrance Window

Setup Area

Upon entering you are greeted with a Setup Area. This is where you can equip Battle Items and change into your Cube Build if you forgot to set it up beforehand. Once everyone is ready you can enter, at which point changing skills and items is disabled. Make sure you're ready!

Cube Setup Area

Cube Floors

There are several floor types that can be identified by the color of their portal before entering them:

Boss Floor

Survival Floor

Regular Floor

Lucky Reward Floor

  • Boss Floors (Orange color) contain one or two large Bosses along with a few Regular monsters.
  • Survival Floors (Blue color) require you to dodge everything! Getting caught in a bomb explosion will kill you instantly.
  • Elite Floors (Purple color) contain mostly Elite monsters.
  • Regular Floors (White color) normal Ranged or Melee monsters with the occasional Elite.
  • Lucky Reward Floors (Gold color) are rare bonus floors that can reward Silver, a Treasure Chest containing green/blue rarity Battle Engraving Recipes and Star's Breaths.

Floor Progression

You are given a timer for each floor, but if the time runs out... it's not over yet! Ghosts will start spawning to prevent you from clearing the floor by inflicting massive amounts of damage. Avoid these at any cost while clearing the remaining monsters (excluding ghosts). If you're successful, you can still progress further!

  • Points toward your chest reward are based on your clear speed and survivor count. So clearing these as fast as you can while keeping everyone alive is the objective.
  • Two effective ways to clear the Cube quickly: Gather in the center and AoE everything as a group, or assign members to all four corners and take care of your individual spawns.
  • If you or your party members die, but the floor is still cleared by the remaining players, everyone gets revived with 25% HP.
End Timer Ghost Spawns

Floor Effects

You are given one random effect per floor. Depending on the effect and floor combination, you may need to alter your playstyle. Plenty of these positive and negative effects can help or break your attempt. They are displayed in the top right corner of your screen, some of which include:

Positive Effects

  • Bonus Attack & Movement Speed
  • Extra Crit Rate
  • Extra Damage
  • Life Leech
  • Max Health Increase
  • Health Regeneration
  • Invincibility
  • Reduced Cooldown of Skills
  • And many more..

Negative Effects

  • Attack Power Reduction
  • Cannot Use Items
  • Kill Curse, death upon timeout
  • Movement Speed Reduction
  • Max Health Reduction
  • Increased Physical & Magical damage taken
  • Increased Skill Cooldown
  • Reduced Vision
  • And many more..

Effects that can be hard to deal with:

  • Increased damage taken - Careful when facing Elites, Bosses and Ranged monsters as they will shred you alive.
  • Kill Curse - Kill everything before the timer runs out or your Cube adventure ends here!
  • Cannot Use Items - Can be detrimental when facing a tough floor as you wont be able to heal with HP Potions.

As for positive effects, all of them are great help, but ones that increase your survivability are the best. Health Regeneration, Invincibility and Life Leech are always a welcomed sight!


Completing the Cube takes anywhere from 15-19 floors to clear, which gives you the maximum reward: Cube Diamond Chest. These contain Silver, Eternity Essences, Star's Breaths and a green or blue rarity Battle Engraving Recipes.

If you fail or your whole party dies you get a chest reward based on the latest attained reward tier:

  • Nothing (The minimum reward)*
  • Cube Bronze Chest Unlocked at floor 3~
  • Cube Silver Chest Unlocked at floor 7~
  • Cube Gold Chest Unlocked at floor 10~
  • Cube Platinum Chest Unlocked at floor 13~
  • Cube Diamond Chest Unlocked at floor 15+ (The maximum reward)

*Note: If you fail before reaching the Bronze Chest reward, you get nothing.


  • Beware: The Cube is challenging content for unoptimized characters without supports. Don't waste your ticket entries if you're not ready!
  • Entering the Cube requires an Entrance Ticket that drops from 2nd floor bosses in Chaos Dungeons (daily energy required).
  • Don't get hit during Survival Floors or you'll die!
  • If time runs out, ghosts will start hunting you. Dodge them while killing the remaining enemies and you can still win!
  • If you or your party members die, but the floor is still cleared by the remaining players, everyone gets revived with 25% HP.

Survive and collect your rewards!


Written by Choilicious

Reviewed by Raxxanterax