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Awakening Guide

Last Updated: March 8th 2024

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Awakening skills are powerful abilities that are unlocked through certain quest lines in the game. These class defining skills have a Cooldown of 5 minutes . Don't miss out on unleashing the most badass looking skills in Lost Ark and learn how to unlock them down below!

1st Awakening Quest & Level 50 skill

Reach level 50 and enter North Vern, follow the Main Story Quest to Vern Castle until you're asked to unlock the Chaos Dungeon. After this point Beatrice will notify you to visit her in Trixion. Do so by using the Song of Trixion found in your Sheet Music (F2) and accept herAdventure Quest. Completing it will reward the final level 50 skill and the Awakening Skill of your class. Check your mailbox after completing the tasks and consume the items to unlock the skills. The starting quest location for each subclass begins in:

  • Warrior - East Luterra
  • Martial Artist - Anikka
  • Gunner - Arthetine
  • Mage - East Luterra
  • Assassin - North Vern

2nd Awakening Quest

After completing the Main Story Quest of Rohendel you gain access to the 2nd Awakening Quest line. This quest can be initiated in Rothun near the mailbox with Mail Carrier Sentos. Accept the[Journey] Strange Mail quest and head out for an epic 3-4 hour adventure. This quest will take you all across Arkesia, we'll guide you to all locations you need to visit ahead of time.

The Route

  1. You start in Rohendel! Pickup the quest and complete it until you're asked to go to Shushire.
  2. Take the Ocean Liner to Shushire, here you will obtain the Song of Reminiscence, right click it from your inventory and continue the quest.
    • Go to Icewing Heights and enter the Maze of Mirrors dungeon, complete it by killing the Maze Gatekeeper, then teleport out.
    • Continue the quest.
    • Go to Lake of Eternity and enter Vrad's Hideout dungeon, play the Song of Reminiscence at the marked quest location.
    • Continue the quest.
  3. Enter the Sea of Gienah and sail to the Information Dealer Garnell's Ship above Illusion Isle.
  4. Proceed north-east to Kalthertz (island). Play the Song of Reminiscence at the marked quest location when asked.
  5. Leave Kalthertz, sail to North Vern and follow the quest line here.
    • The quest step[Journey] Faceless Saviour requires you to go to the Raid Board, select Raid Level 1, Vertus and enter it (uncheck Harvest Guardian Soul if you haven't completed your daily raids yet).
    • Play the Song of Reminiscence near the Setup Area in the marked location and then leave by playing the Song of Escape.
    • Continue the quest.
  6. Take the Ocean Liner to Arthetine and follow the quest until asked to go to Facility X-301.
  7. Enter the Sea of Gienah and sail to Facility X-301
    • Look for Ronika, she's on the pathway towards the Dungeon.
    • If you don't possess a Secret Hideout Access Card, accept the Serviceable Condition quest and complete it by killing robots on the island to get one (invite other players to complete it quicker).
    • Enter the Dungeon on the Island and complete it, finish the remaining quest afterwards.
  8. Go back to Arthetine and continue the quest until asked to leave for Wavestarnd Port.
  9. Take the Ocean Liner to East Luterra.
    • Important: While in Luterra Castle save your Song of Return location at the Portal Statue for later use.
    • Optional: in addition to the Portal Statue save a bifrost location(ALT+W) anywhere in East Luterra, this will later be used to save time.
    • Continue the quest until asked to go to Shadow Island.
  10. Take the Ocean Liner to North Vern.
  11. Enter the Sea of Gienah and sail to Shadow Island.
  12. In Shadow Island defeat demons in the upper floors until your quest state updates, then return to the quest NPC on floor 1 and play the Song of Reminiscence at the marked quest location. Afterwards enter the Sea of Gienah.
  13. Sail straight to Kharmin'es Lair (island) by setting up an autosail path with ALT+left click. Make sure your boat is healthy enough to survive the Dead Waters.
    • Complete the quest and play the Song of Reminiscence at the marked location.
  14. Sail to the Dark Cave Marina (ship repair station) near South Vern and repair your ship.
  15. Sail to the Promise Isle and complete the tasks.
    • Optional: When you reach the top of the island, save a bifrost location(ALT+W) near Allegro, this will later be used to save time.
  16. Remember step 9 when we saved the Portal Statue in East Luterra? Use your Song of Return to get there. Otherwise sail to East Luterra manually or use an existing bifrost that's close by.
    • Continue the quest until asked to go to Sunflower Island.
  17. Enter the Sea of Gienah and sail to Sunflower Island, finish the quest here.
    • Use the bifrost you saved in step 9. If you didn't, sail back to East Luterra manually.
  18. Continue the quest in East Luterra until required to speak with Ealyn in Vern Castle.
  19. Take the Ocean Liner to North Vern.
    • Speak with Ealyn in Vern Castle and continue with the quest.
    • The evidence location for[Awakening] The Wounded Pilgrim is north-east of the close by Triport.
    • Continue the quest until asked to go to Twilight Isle.
  20. Take the Ocean Liner to Rohendel or Punika(if unlocked)
  21. Enter the Sea of Gienah and sail to Twilight Isle, complete the quests here.
  22. Use the bifrost slot we saved at step 15 and teleport to Promise Isle instantly, complete your 2nd awakening quest with Allegro. If you didn't save a bifrost sail to Promise Isle manually and finish the quest.
  23. Consume the given item from your inventory to activate your awakening [Awakening] High-Caliber HE Bullet (Gunslinger).
  24. A hidden quest will become available on the Promise Isle after the completion of your awakening quest. This awards you with the island soul when completed. Check the island guide for more guidance.
  25. For all other characters in your roster, go to Trixion with Song of Trixion and interact with Beatrice to complete a quickQuest. Check your mailbox to receive your 2nd awakening.


  • Reach level 50
  • Follow the Main Story Quest in North Vern until Beatrice notifies you to visit her in Trixion.
  • Use Song of Trixion to go there and initiate the 1st Awakening quest.
  • Chaos Shards can be bought for 250 Silver at General Merchants in all major cities.
  • 2nd Awakening quest is unlocked after Rohendel Main Story completion.
  • Follow the Route if you're unsure where to go.
  • Once completed, your other characters receive the 2nd awakening skill by visiting Beatrice in Trixion.


Written by Choilicious
Reviewed by Starlast

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