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Valtan Inferno Guide

Last Updated: May 16th 2023

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Inferno is the final difficulty level for all Legion Raids in Lost Ark. Item level 1445 is required to attempt Valtan at this difficulty. And while most people will try to attempt this brutally difficult challenge, only the toughest and most resilient players will dare to complete it! This raid rewards you with a prestigious title and a stronghold statue of Valtan himself. Inferno difficulties don't have an entry limit, letting you enjoy the suffering for as long and as much as you like! Will you try?

For a detailed description of all patterns not mentioned in this guide, visit the Valtan Phase 1& Valtan Phase 2 Guide.

Gate 1 DPS

  • Elemental HP Potion
  • Sacred Charm
  • Dark Grenade
  • Atropine Potion

Gate 1 Support

  • Elemental HP Potion
  • Sacred Charm
  • Dark Grenade or Whirlwind Grenade
  • Luterra's Horn or Stimulant

Gate 2 DPS

  • Elemental HP Potion
  • Destruction Bomb
  • Dark Grenade or Flame Grenade
  • Time Stop Potion

Gate 2 Support

  • Elemental HP Potion
  • Destruction Bomb or Corrosive Bomb
  • Dark Grenade or Flame Grenade
  • Time Stop Potion

Book of Coordination

Book of Coordination

The Book of Coordination is utilized to setup and freely customize your characters for Inferno difficulty to your liking. Access it through the Game Menu or by pressing ALT+Z. It provides you with the all necessary things such as:

  • 11x level 8 Gems.
  • 5x level 3 Engravings.
  • 18x max level Skill Trees.
  • All Skill Runes.
  • Full Legion gear set.
  • 404 Skill Points.
  • 2200 Combat Stats.

Main Patterns

Gate 1

Orb Phase

Orb Phase

The Orb Phase starts at x30 and x15 HP. For this particular pattern, you need to assign a number(yellow) to each of the 8 players before the fight starts, so that they can go to the positions(blue) shown below at the start of this pattern. Once the pattern starts, a blue or a red orb spawns from each of the portals and starts chasing the closest player. The players need to consume the orbs in the recommended order shown below.

Rotate properly, consume the Orbs in the correct order and stagger the boss on time. If you succeed, you can save the Thirian Sidereal Skill for the Invader mechanic later on and deal high damage to both wolf bosses, reducing the time they are split on the field.

For a detailed description of all patterns, visit the Valtan Phase 1 Guide.

Gate 2

Armor Break Phase

Armor Break Phase

Valtan starts the fight with 2 armor stacks, which needs to be broken before he reaches x130 HP and starts the Wipe Pattern. To break his armor, the raid needs to deal a certain amount of Weak Point Damage. After you force Valtan to charge into a wall, which incapacitates him for a brief moment, you can use Combat Items and skills with Weak Point Damage affix to destroy his armor. The charge animation is easy to predict, Valtan targets a random player and stomps 3 times with his fist on the ground before charging towards his target.

To be more efficient, I recommend that one player throws a Corrosive Bomb as soon as Valtan starts the charging animation. The other 7 players should wait until Valtan is incapacitated, to throw a Destruction Bomb at him.

Assign players to specific towers, so they can pick up the orbs without confusion when they drop. Below, you can see an overview of the attack pattern of Valtan during the Armor Break Phase. In general, you should try to destroy the 4 towers highlighted in the picture below with the help of Valtan. This is needed to create more space for the x8 Anchor pattern and is an important element for the Wipe Pattern at x130 HP. There is no particular order to destroy the towers, but I will guide you through the process by using the order shown below.

  1. Right at the start of the battle, move and group up in front of the entrance. Valtan will perform a Stationary Spin and create puddles beneath everyone. Dodge them and move to tower number 1. Valtan will Charge after a short delay towards the tower, destroys it and gets incapacitated. If you follow the above-mentioned instruction to destroy the armor properly, his first layer of armor should break before he recovers.
  2. As soon as he starts to recover, group up at tower 2 and wait for him to perform the Jump & Spin pattern and dodge away. This should destroy the tower 2.
  3. There is no time to rest, since Valtan will follow up immediately with his 2nd Charge, for which everyone needs to group up in front of tower 3. Once he charges and destroys the tower, he will be incapacitated again. Use this opportunity to deal as much Weak Point Damage as possible. If you've destroyed 3 towers and picked up 4-5 orbs up until now, the raid leader will have enough gauge to cast either Sidereal:Thirain or Wei during Valtan's Triple Axe Swing.
  4. As soon as he recovers, he will use the Triple Axe Swing pattern followed by the Anchor pattern. For the Triple Axe Swing pattern, only stay close to Valtan if your Paladin or Gunlancer are capable of dispelling the movement speed debuff. Complete the anchor pattern by running counter-clockwise with your preassigned partner. A final anchor will surround the outer edge completely, wait for it to explode and dash to safety immediately afterwards. If you fail to do so, use a Time Stop Potion otherwise you're dead.
  5. At the end of the 8x Anchor pattern, Valtan will land back in the center of the arena and start to prepare for his 3rd Charge attack, for which everyone needs to group up at tower 4. Avoid getting near or attacking Valtan as it may interrupt his Charge attack. If you follow the above-mentioned instruction to destroy the armor properly, his second and last layer of armor should break before he recovers. From that point on, simply deal damage to reach x130 HP to trigger the next main pattern.

General Patterns

Stationary Spin

Stationary Spin

Inferno: A quick circle shaped telegraph around Valtan indicates that he will start spinning in place. Players should move to cardinal positions and wait for a green puddle to spawn under their feet, then dodge to either side and avoid the explosion that follows.

For a detailed description of all patterns, visit the Valtan Phase 2 Guide.


  • Item level 1445 is required to enter Valtan Inferno difficulty.
  • Utilize the Book of Coordination to setup and customize your character.
  • Inferno difficulty can be completed an unlimited amount of times per week.
  • Inferno difficulty hides the HP of the boss.
  • Avoiding even the most basic boss patterns is crucial for surviving.
  • Assign positions and roles before starting the fight.
  • Complete the raid to obtain the title and the stronghold structure of Valtan.

Good luck, you'll need it!


Written by Choilicious

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