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Extreme Valtan Guide

Last Updated: March 16th 2024

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Extreme Valtan is a special event with great rewards that players can enjoy for a limited amount of time once every 2 weeks. Its difficulty can be categorized as a stepping stone between Hard Mode and Inferno Mode. While the raid adds the extra patterns found in the Inferno difficulty, it is not equalized and doesn't punish you for your mistakes as harshly, making it a fun experience for everyone currently at end game looking to refresh their memory of the raid that started it all. To access Extreme Valtan, item level 1580 is needed for Normal and 1620 for Hard Mode.

For a detailed description of all basic patterns not mentioned in this guide, visit the Valtan Gate 1 & Gate 2 Guide.

Clear Rewards

These rewards are granted upon clearing gate 2 of Extreme Valtan. The raid can be completed once every 2 weeks and only one time per roster. Gate progress is bound to the character that cleared the first gate. Rewards you obtain every second week are as follows:

1580 Normal Mode

  • 150
  • 3,000
  • 6,000
  • 45,000
  • 6,500

1620 Hard Mode

  • 250
  • 5,000
  • 10,000
  • 75,000
  • 15,000

Defeating the raid for the very first time however will grant you a first clear reward box (one time reward) containing:

  • x1 Valtan Card
  • x1 Legendary Card Pack III
  • x5 Menelik's Tome
  • x1 Wishful Amulet
  • 3,000,000

Gate 1 DPS

  • Elemental HP Potion
  • Sacred Charm
  • Dark Grenade
  • Atropine Potion

Gate 1 Support

  • Elemental HP Potion
  • Sacred Charm
  • Dark Grenade or Whirlwind Grenade
  • Stimulant

Gate 2 DPS

  • Elemental HP Potion
  • Destruction Bomb
  • Dark Grenade or Flame Grenade
  • Time Stop Potion or Atropine Potion

Gate 2 Support

  • Elemental HP Potion
  • Destruction Bomb or Corrosive Bomb
  • Dark Grenade or Flame Grenade
  • Time Stop Potion or Stimulant

Main Patterns Gate 1

x30 / x15 Orb Phase
x40 / x25 Wolf Invader
Purple Wolf - Fear
Bleed Stacks


  1. Occurs at x30 and x15 HP.
  2. Since the HP bar is not visible in Extreme Valtan, pay attention to the Guide text appearing in the center of the screen or check if the stagger bar of the boss has disappeared, indicating that the mechanic will begin soon.
  3. Boss teleports to center and summons 4 red and 4 blue orbs around him.
  4. These orbs are attracted to the closest player to them.

What To Do

  1. Assign all players with a number that indicates their starting location as well as the order of orb consumption.
  2. Stand near the orb spawning locations before the mechanic starts to make sure they are following you when they spawn.
  3. Consume your orbs by running into them in the correct order, starting with players 1, 2, 3... and ending with player 8.
    • Players who are waiting for their turn to consume their orb need to kite it in the meantime. (This only really affects players 5-8)
    • Pay attention to this buff under Valtan's HP bar , it indicates the order if you've lost track of it. In this example x3 would mean that Player 4 is next to consume an orb, x5 would mean player 6 is next etc.
  4. If two of the same color orbs are consumed one after the other, e.g. blue blue, the raid will wipe. (This can only happen if players messed up and picked orbs in the wrong order).
  5. Once you've consumed your orb, go to the center and stagger the boss.
    • Don't consume more than one orb as that will inflict an insane amount of damage to you or kill you depending on your class.
  6. When the boss is staggered, the mechanic is complete.


  1. An additional wolf boss invades, Blue Wolf at x40 and Red Wolf at x25 HP.
  2. During this period two players will be chosen with a mark above their head, one with Blue the other Red.

Marked Player Debuff

Blue Marker

"Blue Wolf is aggroed to you"

Red Marker

"Red Wolf is aggroed to you"

What To Do

  1. Wolves gain damage reduction if they are close to each other.
  2. Marked players have aggro to their corresponding color Wolf. Their job is to separate the wolves from each other with a sizeable distance between them by simply walking to the other side of each other and causing the wolf to follow you.
  3. This can be done in many ways, but usually one wolf is brought to the Top and the other to the Bottom or Left and Right.
  4. All the remaining players can freely attack the:
    • Red Wolf at x40 HP (1st invasion)
    • Blue Wolf at x25 HP (2nd invasion)
  5. Raid leader should use Sidereal: Thirain here and aim it so that it hits both Red and Blue wolfs simultaniously.
    • Players with debuff markers can observe the cooldown on it, and call this out to the raid leader when it's about to time out. This will cause the wolves to stand still for a while and look for a new target, perfect for using Thirain.
    • As a raid leader, make sure to not stand right next to the boss when using Thirain as that will cause it to miss on the closest wolf. Keep your distance!


  1. The Wolf slams the ground with his left arm and emits a purple shockwave and fears the furthest player from him.
  2. His stagger bar dissapears right before he performs this attack.

What To Do

  1. The boss usually performs this mechanic shortly after inflicting 2 players with the gravity field debuff.
  2. The Gunlancer (or the tankiest) player should position himself on the edge of the map looking outwards and await the mechanic.
    • Remaining players should stay close to the boss.
  3. This will guarantee that you are the player who gets feared.
  4. The boss will appear behind the feared player and request a stagger check.
  5. Careful! As there will be bleed explosions happening while the stagger is ongoing. These are independent of players bleed stacks.
  6. The remaining players must stagger the boss to complete the mechanic.
    • Supports should pre-buff and shield here.
  7. If you fail to stagger the boss, he performs a high damage swipe towards the feared player.


  1. Players get inflicted with a bleed stack every time they get hit by an autoattack, spin move, or major red telegraph attack from the boss.
  2. Bleeds can reach 2 stacks without having any negative impact on the raid, but receiving a 3rd bleed stack, you create a bleed explosion that appears as a red, thin line on the floor that explodes very quickly and deals damage to anyone standing within it.

What To Do

  1. Purify Rune can be equipped to a low cooldown skill to cleanse yourself.
  2. You can ask your teammate for a cleanse through a Sacred Charm or a skill that cleanses if available.
  3. If you can't cleanse your bleed stacks, simply avoid getting hit until it runs out (30second duration).

General Patterns Gate 1

Teleport + Spin
Jump + Spin


  1. The Wolf disappears and reappears shortly after.
  2. Performs an autoattack followed by a spin move that knocks up everyone who's hit.

What To Do

  1. It is important to wait out the spin attack before jumping back on the boss to do damage, as it inflicts a bleed stack on everyone who gets hit by it.


  1. The Wolf roars while facing towards a player.
  2. Shortly after he leaps towards him, autoattacks and performs a spin move followed by a circular explosion on the outside.
  3. Players hit by the spin or the explosion are knocked up.

What To Do

  1. If you see yourself being the target, you can redirect the boss towards the center by moving there in time. Otherwise, dodge out of the way.
  2. It is important to wait out the spin attack before jumping back on the boss to do damage, as it inflicts a bleed stack on everyone who gets hit by it.

For a detailed description of all patterns, visit the Valtan Phase 1 Guide.

Main Patterns Gate 2

Armor Break (Basement)
8 Falling Axes (Basement)
Axe Wipe Slam
Pillar Hug
x65 Counter Attack
Ghost Phase


  1. Valtan begins the fight with 2 armor stacks, each reducing the damage he takes by 15%.
  2. These must be removed by forcing him to charge into the Towers at 5, 1, 11, and 7 o'clock, staggering him in the process.
  3. Inflicting Weak Point from skills together with Destruction Bombs during this stagger timing will break Valtan and remove his armor stacks.


  1. Based on player movement speed, create pairs and place them at locations 5, 1, 11 and 7 o'clock.
    • These locations are needed for the 8 Falling Axe mechanic as well as will determine the blue orbs that you're responsible to pick up when towers get destroyed.

Starting Sequence

  1. Right at the start of the battle, move and group up in front of the entrance. Valtan will perform a Stationary Spin and create puddles beneath everyone. Dodge them and move to tower number 1. Valtan will Charge after a short delay towards the tower, destroys it and gets incapacitated. If you follow the above-mentioned instruction to destroy the armor properly, his first layer of armor should break before he recovers.
  2. As soon as he starts to recover, group up at tower 2 and wait for him to perform the Jump & Spin pattern and dodge away. This should destroy the tower 2.
  3. There is no time to rest, since Valtan will follow up immediately with his 2nd Charge, for which everyone needs to group up in front of tower 3. Once he charges and destroys the tower, he will be incapacitated again. Use this opportunity to deal as much Weak Point Damage as possible. If you've destroyed 3 towers and picked up 4-5 orbs up until now, the raid leader will have enough gauge to cast either Sidereal:Thirain or Wei during Valtan's Triple Axe Swing.
  4. As soon as he recovers, he will use the Triple Axe Swing pattern followed by the 8 Falling Axes pattern. For the Triple Axe Swing pattern, only stay close to Valtan if your Paladin or Gunlancer are capable of dispelling the movement speed debuff. Complete the Falling Axes pattern by running counter-clockwise with your preassigned partner. A final axe circle will surround the outer edge completely, wait for it to explode and dash to safety immediately afterwards. If you fail to do so, use a Time Stop Potion otherwise you're dead.
  5. At the end of the 8x Falling Axe pattern, Valtan will land back in the center of the arena and start to prepare for his 3rd Charge attack, for which everyone needs to group up at tower 4. Avoid getting near or attacking Valtan as it may interrupt his Charge attack. If you follow the above-mentioned instruction to destroy the armor properly, his second and last layer of armor should break before he recovers. From that point on, simply deal damage to reach x130 HP to trigger the next main pattern.


  1. Valtan jumps into the air.
  2. Players start generating exploding puddles beneath their feet.
  3. This pattern always occurs after the Triple Axe Swing and 3rd Charge.

What To Do

  1. Quickly run to your pre-assigned location and move counter-clockwise with your partner.
    • You must be at your position way before the puddles have appeared.
    • Try to not run ahead of each other, and keep a similar pace.
  2. When all 8 axes have fallen, wait out the final explosion surrounding the outer edge of the arena, and then dodge there to save yourself from the big explosion coming from the center.


  1. Occurs at or near x130 HP.
  2. Valtan will raise his axe while displaying a flower shaped red telegraph.

What To Do

  1. You must avoid the initial red telegraph at all costs.
  2. If you get hit by it, you lose your blue orb buff and you'll die.
  3. The blue orbs everyone collected from breaking the towers will protect you from the follow-up slam.


  1. Valtan targets a player with a red lethal cone attack.
  2. Then he performs two more cone attacks, one after the other.

What To Do

  1. If you are the targeted player of the first cone attack, aim it in between the Pillars until it locks on and stops moving. Then proceed to dodge towards one of the Pillars and hide behind it quickly. If you can't make it in time, you can use a Time Stop Potion. Getting hit by the cone itself is an unavoidable one shot kill.
  2. Dodge the two follow-up cones from Valtan and proceed with the fight.


  1. Valtan becomes invincible and jumps to the center of the arena and stomps the ground.
  2. Green puddles are created beneath every player's feet.
  3. Unlike Hard Mode, you cannot predict the timing of the charge as it is random anywhere from 1 to 4 seconds.

What To Do

  1. Stack up as a group, wait for the green puddles to appear, then dodge towards the edge of the map while remaining stacked.
  2. Wait for Valtan to turn towards you and lock on, then move up slightly (clock-wise). And wait for his charge.
  3. Use your counter downwards (left side of the arena) or upwards (right side of the arena) when he is about to hit the outer edge of the arena.


  1. Valtan has x8 armor stacks during the ghost phase.
  2. These can only be removed one by one when countering the Ghost Clones and then purifying Valtan in the center of the map.

What To Do

  1. Survive the constant onslaught of attacks from Valtan.
  2. Counter all the Ghost Clones whenever they appear.
    • Player who successfully countered the clones must go near Valtan in the center to remove his armor stacks.
  3. Valtan will perform a Super Grab attack at 39, 26 and 13HP.
  4. Use the first Sidereal: Thirian at x5 armor stacks right before a Ghost Clone is about to be countered, if performed correctly this will refill extra Sidereal gauge and give you a chance to lower the armor stacks to x4 at the same time as Thirain is landing his attack. If no other Ghost Clones are missed, you will fill enough gauge in time to cast a second Thirian by the end of the fight.

General Patterns Gate 2

Stationary Spin
Triple Axe Swing
In or Out
3 Falling Axes
5 Counters
Ghostfire Orbs


  1. Valtan displays a red telegraph around him.
  2. He proceeds to spin in place for a couple seconds.

What To Do

  1. When Valtan begins to spin, all players will spawn an explosion below their feet.
  2. Dodge towards cardinal directions to stack up explosions at these spots. This will create safe zones diagonally for people to escape safely.
  3. This rule is very important to follow, especially during Valtans Ghost Phase as it can overlap with various dangerous other patterns.


  1. Valtan swings his axe forwards and slams it into the ground.
  2. A follow-up of multiple aoe explosions happen.

What To Do

  1. Stay close to the boss on either left or right side of him and avoid getting hit by the red telegraphs.
  2. The backwards axe swing Valtan performs after stabbing the ground inflicts a massive movement speed debuff to anyone who gets hit by it.
  3. Try to activate your Purify Rune, ask for a Sacred Charm or a cleanse from your teammate to remove this debuff.
  4. This slow debuff can be avoided by moving out of the attack and back insie at the right timing, but it's much safer and easier to rely on your teammates for a cleanse!


  1. Valtan Roars and silences everyone in the process.
  2. He proceeds to lift his axe.

What To Do

  1. Pay attention to the axe:
    • If it glows: Outside safe
    • If it doesn't glow: Inside safe (in front of him)
  2. Puddles are created below your feet after the mechanic ends, make sure to move out!


  1. Valtan glows blue, and jumps up in the air.
  2. Shortly after, 3 consecutive axes start falling underneath each player.

What To Do

  1. Everyone should preemptively run to the outer edge of the map and wait for the axes to fall.
  2. Then slowly move to the center of the map in a straight line.
  3. The boss will slam on to the ground once the axes have fallen.
  4. Avoid the slam and move back to Valtan after that! (The inside area always has explosions on the floor)


  1. Valtan spreads his arms and emits a roar (similar to In or Out) but no silence.
  2. Then he puts his axe behind his back and prepares for 5 counterable attacks.

What To Do

  1. Before the raid begins, 5 players should be assigned that are responsible for each counter.
    • Players doing counters 4 and 5 should have responsive and quick counters, ideally with Paralysis Immunity (There can be multiple backup people for counter 5 if needed).
  2. People doing counters 1 & 2 can stay near the boss when the mechanic begins.
    • All remaining players must stack up and run away from Valtan to the edge of the map and wait their turn.
  3. Once a player counters Valtan he gains an aura that silences everyone near him.
    • Player responsible for counter 2, must keep that in mind and avoid player who counters first.

Counter Sequence

  1. Counter 1 is performed.
    • You must run away from Valtan and position yourself at the edge of the map on the opposite side from where everyone else is stacked and waiting.
  2. Counter 2 is performed.
    • You run to where Counter 1 went and stack up with him.
  3. Counter 3 can leave the stack of players and move towards the boss to perform his counter.
    • After that, stack up with Counter 1 & 2.
  4. Counter 4 can move towards Valtan and perform his counter.
    • It can be difficult to group up with counters 1, 2 and 3 afterward. It's best to go to the edge of the map while not overlapping the ground explosions that are being created and keep a safe distance from the boss.
  5. Counter 5 (can be multiple of the remaining people), move towards Valtan and perform their counter.
  6. If all counters are successfull, the mechanic will end.


  1. Valtan stands in place and stomps the ground with his feet, creating 4 orbs in all cardinal directions.
  2. Simultaneously, Valtan starts preparing a counterable charge.
  3. Once completed, he will repeat this attack once more, starting with the orbs.

What To Do

  1. Before the fight starts, a few things need to be decided:
    • Party1 consumes the orbs first. Each player at their x3 position.
    • Party2 stays near the boss and counters Valtan's charge.
  2. When Valtan repeats this pattern for the 2nd time, you must switch your duty:
    • Party1 stays near the boss and counters Valtan's charge.
    • Party2 consumes the orbs. Each player at their x3 position.
  3. Any orb that isn't consumed will explode shortly after the counter is complete and inflict raid wide damage.
  4. If this pattern occurs when the arena is broken and some of the orbs have shifted positions or can't be easily reached try to complete the first round normally and for the second round it is advised to use a Time Stop Potion or receive awakenings and damage reduction from supports.

For a detailed description of all patterns, visit the Valtan Phase 2 Guide.


  • Item level 1580 is required to enter Valtan Extreme Normal and 1620 for Hard Mode.
  • Extreme difficulty can be completed once every two weeks.
  • Extreme difficulty hides the HP of the boss.
  • Avoiding even the most basic boss patterns is crucial for surviving.
  • Assign positions and roles before starting the fight.
  • Complete the raid to obtain the first clear reward and bonus materials.


Written By Choilicious

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