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Diablo 4 News Recap and New Build Guides – Flurry Rogue, Blizzard Sorcerer & Infinimist Necromancer

Last Updated: June 26th 2023

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As many have noticed today the severs have been down for quite some time due to a DDOS attack. What better time to recap some news points from this week and show off some new build guides!

A lot has happened this week in Diablo 4 and we know there's a lot more coming sooner than later. During the recent campfire chat we learned they've been working on a massive patch that is to be expected soon, rumor has it it's over 13 pages long! The developers have also confirmed the existence of 6 super rare Unique items as well as some info on how to get them. The whole world lost their minds when they found out that ARPG's have Season resets and so much more.

We've been working hard in the background during the commotion publishing 3 new Endgame Build Guides along with the rest our Side Quest and Dungeon Guides. We're still working on our Interactive World Map and have several more endgame build guides coming soon! Let's dive into the Diablo 4 News Recap!

Super Rare Uniques Confirmed

Adam Jackson (Lead Class Designer for Diablo 4) Tweeted the other day that the exceptionally rare Uniques are indeed real! Here's a few points of info he shared as well as the items in question:

The Grandfather


Harlequin Crest

Andariel's Visage

Ring of Starless Skies

Melted Heart of Selig

  • They can drop from level 85+ enemies
  • You get them anywhere you can get a regular Unique, and they always drop at 820 ipower
  • We currently have 6 of them in the game
  • They're realllly rare!

What are Seasons and when do we Riot?

The cat is out of the bag and the news has spread fast, ARPG's have seasonal content and you have to start from level one to participate. While this came as a surprise to many, seasoned ARPG players have been enjoying this approach to new content for a long time.

Paul Tassi brought attention to the fact that the Battle Pass is tied to the Seasons meaning that Eternal (Non-Seasonal) characters won't be able to participate. While many may see this as part of the Seasonal content, I can sympathize with players that have no interest in starting over but still want to get the goodies associated with the Battle Pass. We'll see what adjustments Blizzard has in store to make the Seasons more approachable for the masses as we lead into Season 1!

New Build Guides

We've published 3 new builds guides in the last week and have several more that we're cooking up. Below you can check out the Blizzard Sorcerer, Infinimist Necromancer & Flurry Rogue. Coming soon we have:

  • Meteor Sorcerer
  • Ball Lightning Sorcerer
  • Chain Lightning Sorcerer
  • Lightning Storm Druid
  • Support Druid
  • Rapid Fire Rogue
  • Blight CE Necromancer
  • Blood Surge Necromancer
  • Thorns Barbarian

Blizzard Sorcerer

Diablo 4 News Recap
Blizzard Sorcerer Guide Here ^

‍The Blizzard Sorcerer uses the signature cold spell ‍Blizzard, enhanced by the ‍Glacial Aspect to rip enemies apart with countless Ice Spikes sprouting out of the ground. The build has great single target and AoE damage and it can bring you far into Nightmare Dungeons. The only weakness this build has is the damage over time nature of ‍Blizzard and its long duration, which can be a curse as well as a blessing.

Infinimist Necromancer

As popularized by the legend Naecabon, we present the Infinimist Necromancer. This Necro build combines the highest survivability rates, massive AoE Shadow Damage and even Critical Strike burst damage potential! The build excels at high Nightmare Dungeon pushing!

The combination of DoT and high Critical Strike damage output means we consistently rip through content. With certain optimizations for clear speed and single target damage, the Infinimist Necromancer can even speed-farm and clear high level bosses more easily.

Diablo 4 News Recap
Infinimist Necromancer Guide Here ^

Flurry Rogue

Flurry Rogue Guide Here ^

the Flurry Rogue is a mobile, melee oriented take on the class that's an excellent starter and beginner friendly build. ‍Flurry is a fast hitting melee skill that we spam often, even with ‍COMBO POINTS, while applying various crowd control effects. This build is great for all around play in all types of content and easy to use due to its high sustain, making this build quite tough, more-so than the other Rogue builds.

Future Plans

Our focus over the next few weeks continues to be getting out as many new high quality build guides as possible. We'll be working on several new posts for our resources menu covering leveling strategies, mechanics and farming strategies. We're continuing to work on our world map tool and are excited to release that in the near future along with more quality of life updates for D4Planner! More news coming this week stay tuned!

If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the D4 role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Sanctuary here we come!

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