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New Diablo 4 Endgame Build Guides & Tier List Updates

Last Updated: June 18th 2023

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We've been working hard in the background this last week and have tons of new content up on Maxroll including 4 new Endgame Guides! Along with the new Build Guides presented below and their accompanying Tier List updates, we've also published over 40 new Side Quest Guides for Hawezar and Kehjistan. We've just about finished all of these up and will be completing them with the rest of the Dungeons in the next few days! Let's check out the new guides and get back to slaying demons!

New Endgame Build Guides

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We have published 4 new Endgame Build Guides in the last week and have many more coming in the following weeks. Below you can read about the new build guides as well as see where they're landing on our updated Tier Lists.

The 2 druid guides below have been placed into a new template with pages. Use the page navigation on the left side of the screen to click through them. We'll be updating all our existing endgame guides to this new page system over time and our new guides will be in this format going forward.

Stormclaw Druid

Diablo 4 Endgame Guides
Stormclaw Druid Guide Here ^

This Stormclaw Druid uses ‍Greatstaff of the Crone to attack with ‍Claw and ‍Storm Strike at the same time. It offers a true melee playstyle with exceptional tankiness that keeps it competitive even in high Nightmare Dungeons.

The main damage comes from two Basic Skills, which means you don't have to worry about Spirit generation at all. This build is very easy to play but takes a bit of time to acquire the correct items for it!

Trampleslide Druid

The Trampleslide Druid is an incredible leveling and speedfarming build that revolves around the ‍Trampled Earth Aspect. It allows you to charge into enemies with ‍Trample, destroying them with the ‍Landslides that follow. Your charge is an almost screenwide AoE and this effect is repeated by the ‍Aftershock Aspect.

This build is fast paced and a ton of fun to play but falls off significantly when pushing the upper limits of Nightmare Dungeons.

Diablo 4 Endgame Guides
Trampleslide Druid Guide Here ^

Sever Necromancer

Diablo 4 Endgame Guides
Sever Necromancer Guide Here ^

The Sever Necormancer is the coolest looking Necro build in Diablo 4! ‍Sever sends a scythe wielding reaper screaming across the battle-field to eviscerate your enemies. Coupled with the amazing damage output and consistent Crowd Control (CC) of Darkness skills, this Shadow wielding power-house absolutely annihilates.

This build is also great for early progressions since it doesn't require any Unique items and many of its best Legendary Aspects are found in the Codex of Power. Finding stronger Aspects from random drops only pushes the build even further!

Barrage Rogue

If you've been looking for a Multishot style build on Rogue, here it is! ‍Barrage is a very versatile skill that fires multiple arrows which fan out starting from the center.

The Barrage Rogue is a jack-of-all-trades/master-of-none build, as you pick which distance is right for the situation, making it a true hybrid build. Cast the skill at mid range to spread your arrows out for massive AoE, or ‍Shadow Step towards the elite left over to shotgun all arrows into a single target for great damage.

Diablo 4 Endgame Guides
Barrage Rogue Guide Here ^

Tier Lists

The following Tier Lists have had the new build guides placed into them as well as a few other builds that we have on our horizon. There haven't been many adjustments this week, but we plan on getting several more of these missing guides up shortly and will keep updating these Tier Lists as we get new patches and updates.

Future Plans

Side Quests and Dungeons are all nearly complete. Our focus over the next few weeks is to get out as many new high quality build guides as possible. We'll be working on several new posts for our resources menu covering leveling strategies, mechanics and farming strategies. We're continuing to work on our world map tool and are excited to release that in the near future along with more quality of life updates for D4Planner! More news coming this week stay tuned!

If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the D4 role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Sanctuary here we come!

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