Season 27 Update Roundup

Season 27 Roundup

Season 27 has been a blast so far with many new builds rising to the top of leaderboards while others underperformed. As always we've been testing and updating our content accordingly, and wanted to share some new guides & changes we've made to our existing content. Let's dive in!

New Guides

Sometimes immensely powerful builds emerge beyond the PTR tests. We've discovered that the buffs to Meteor paired with Firebird's Finery create a brand new A Tier build. Learn all about it below!

Updated Guides

We have made any small adjustments across guides over the past weeks. Several build guides mentioned below went through more significant overhauls along with our Tier Lists and META sections:

  • Added Solo Push Setup
  • Heavily Revamped Guide
  • Added Bazooka Trash Killer Setup
  • Added Star Pact 2P & 3P Group Setup
  • Reworked Comet Solo Push Setup
  • Added Echoing Nightmare Setup
  • Added LoD Magic Missile T16 Variant
  • Reworked Guide due to Post-Launch Nerf to Shield Bearers
  • Added Lightning as an Option for Solo Speeds

Tier Lists

Some of our Tier Lists had minor updates since Season 27's launch. These changes have mostly been additions of variants that were missing or slight adjustments. Here are a few notable changes we've made to the Solo Tier List:


Updated 2, 3, and 4 player META's to include the Tal Rasha Meteor Wizard as a Trash Killer Option.

Good Luck!

We hope Season 27 has been going well for you! We will continue blasting and updating our content as needed throughout the Season. See you in game!

The Maxroll Team