Sunder Charms & Ladder Start October 6th

The PTR for Patch 2.5 of Diablo 2 Resurrected has just been announced! It introduces a new feature - the Terror Zones. In the most recent PTR update post, we've learned of a new Unique grandcharm that can only drop in these Terror Zones, with the new Keyword "Sunder". These new items completely change how we approach Immunities in Season 2! We also got the start date for Season 2, October 6th! So mark your calendars, and dig into the new mechanics described below!

"Sunder" Charms

The "Sunder" keyword is a new addition to the D2R lexicon. It can be found on 6 new Unique grandcharms that each relate to a different Damage type. The Sunder effect reduces any monster that is Immune to a Damage type, to 95% Resistance prior to any other effects. With this Charm equipped in your inventory, you don't encounter any Immunes to your primary damage type.

The Charms themselves can only drop from Elite monster groups inside of Terror Zones. This includes Champion, Unique, Super Unique, and Bosses if they reside in the Terrorized Zone. So stacking a lot of Magic Find and Elite Sniping is your best bet for quickly getting your hands on these ASAP.


Monster Fire Immunity is Sundered
Fire Resist -75%


Monster Cold Immunity is Sundered
Cold Resist -75%


Monster Lightning Immunity is Sundered
Lightning Resist -75%


Monster Poison Immunity is Sundered
Poison Resist -75%


Monster Physical Immunity is Sundered
Damage Increased by 25%

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Monster Magic Immunity is Sundered
Magic Resist -50%

Example: You encounter Bishibosh in the Cold Plains:

  • Bishibosh normally has 175 Fire Resistance
  • Your Fireball Meteor Sorceress has the Flame Rift Unique grandcharm in their inventory.
  • Bishibosh's Fire Resistance is treated as if he has 95 Resistance and is no longer considered Immune to your damage.


  • This applies BEFORE effects like conviction. lowerresist and amplifydamage, making those Skills much more effective at increasing your damage against Immune monsters.
  • The downside of the Charm is that it reduces your Character's Resistances against the same element it empowers you towards. Juggling the downsides vs the benefits will increase itemization challenges moving forward.
  • Only applies to the Character equipped with the Charm. Does not break Immunities for your Party Members, Summons, Mercenary, or any other Minions like lightningsentry or hydra.
  • Carrying more than one of the same Charm has no beneficial effect, but you can carry Charms of each type to break multiple Immunities.

Change in Terror Zone Areas

There were some minor changes to the list of Terror Zone's:

  • New Zones: The Pit, City of the Damned
  • Removed Zones: Black Marsh, Maggot Lair, Harem/Palace Cellar, Lower Kurast

Mechanics Breakdown

Our Content Lead MacroBioBoi has an in depth breakdown of everything that we know right now about how the Charms work, what effect(s) they might have on the end-game meta and how we approach Monster Resistances in the game:

Maxroll D2R Team

We are happy to see more changes to Diablo 2 Resurrected. The Terror Zones drastically change the approach to reaching Level 99 and the "Sunder" Charms are sure to shake up the end-game farming Meta! Check out the PTR and submit your feedback to the Diablo team. Make your voice heard and let's walk into Season 2 with the best version of the game at our fingertips!