Chaos Recipe Guide


The Chaos Recipe is one of the most powerful and important Recipes for players to know. It is an integral part of many early League Currency Strategies that revolve around generating Currency at the start of new Challenge Leagues. You access it by selling a specific set of items to any vendor for 2 Chaos Orbs.

While powerful, it is only used until more effective methods of obtaining Currency can be employed. This is because it requires a lot  of micromanagement and time required to complete the Recipe. Let’s jump in and learn how to put this to use!

How It Works

The Chaos Recipe requires a full set of rare gear between Item Level 60 to 74. It must include the following:

Chaos Recipe Hand In Example
  • 1 Amulet
  • 2 Rings
  • 1 Belt
  • 1 Helmet
  • 1 Body Armour
  • 1 Pair of Gloves
  • 1 Pair of Boots
  • 1 Helmet
  • 1 Two-Handed Weapon OR 2 One-Handed Weapons

Selling these items to any vendor always grants at least 1 Chaos Orb, however if the items sold are all unidentified you instead receive 2!

Collecting rare items required for the Recipe in equal amounts, efficiently storing them and selling them quickly is what determines how profitable the Chaos Recipe is.

When To Use Chaos Recipe

The Chaos Recipe is one of the few guaranteed ways to generate Currency without Trading with other players. The efficacy of the Recipe relies on what other strategies your character is capable of. If you can farm end game strategies, don’t use it, but if you're starting out in a League aiming for your first 10-20 Chaos Orbs, it’s a fantastic option.

Executing The Recipe Quickly

To speed up your Recipe, try to have at least 5 complete Chaos Recipes ready before selling. Turning them in too frequently results in far more downtime than necessary. When optimizing your execution of the Recipe there are 2 aspects to focus on:

  • Searching and Sorting Your Tabs
  • Efficient Hand Ins

It's possible to search your stash for specific types of items needed by entering the type of item you are after e.g. "gloves" or "ring". If you have stash space, sort your Chaos Recipe items into tabs corresponding to their size. This helps you take stock of which items you are missing and withdraw them faster. A popular way to sort Recipe items is to have 3 separate tabs for the following item types:

  • Rings, Amulets & Belts (1-2 inventory slots)
  • Helmets, Gloves & Boots (4 inventory slots)
  • Weapons & Body Armor (6 inventory slots)

The most efficient way to turn in 5 completed Chaos Recipe sets is as follows:

Stash Withdrawal Technique Example
  1. Withdraw 10 rings from your stash filling up the first 2 rows of your inventory.
  2. Withdraw 5 amulets filling up the 3rd row of your inventory.
  3. Withdraw 5 belts filling up the 4th and 5th rows of your inventory.
  4. Withdraw a body armor and a two-handed weapon/two one-handed weapons.
  5. Withdraw a helmet, pair of boots and pair of gloves.
  6. Talk to an NPC and click the top row of rings, amulets and belts as well as the non-jewelry components required into the sell window.
  7. Repeat Steps 4-6 until all rings, amulets and belts have been sold alongside a set of armor and weapons.

Farming Chaos Recipe Sets

Gathering the exact rares you need for the Chaos Recipe can be challenging, especially as jewelry items drop off of monsters far less frequently than the other pieces you need. Fortunately, specific types of rares can be easily targeted using certain League Mechanics such as Heist and Delve. Both of these have dedicated armor, weapon and jewelry rewards that drop a far greater quantity of rare items than normal. The Infinite Heist strategy in particular focuses on turning in Chaos Recipe sets, as certain Heist Contracts can be targeted for jewelry chests.

Loot Filters

Using a Loot Filter that adequately highlights Chaos Recipe items is the most important improvement you can make to your gameplay. Many Loot Filters by default hide or fail to highlight items you need sufficiently. Before starting, make sure that each of the pieces needed shows on your filter and you're able to recognize them easily.


We have covered exactly how to maximize the Chaos Recipe by learning:

  • It exchanges a full set of rare Items Level 60-74 items for 1 (Identified) or 2 (Unidentified) Chaos Orbs.
  • It should only be used if you are unable to farm any more powerful strategies.
  • It can be executed faster by organizing rares into dedicated stash tabs and using an efficient selling method.
  • rares can be farmed easily using specific League Mechanics like Delve and Heist.
  • A Loot Filter that shows all the components of the Recipe is essential.


Written by Grimro.
Reviewed by Raxxanterax.


Jul 24th 2022
Guide Created.