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Welcome, Lost Ark Community! With Lost Ark launching this February we are thrilled to give you early access to our latest project - one that is very dear to our hearts. After months of blood, sweat and tears, we’re excited to share with you the Maxroll Lost Ark Website! This new addition to Maxroll seeks to be the definitive source for players of all skill levels, from beginners to pros. Our goal was to develop resources that are simple and efficient to use while also providing tremendous depth. This lets players quickly reference Maxroll during a gaming session, but spend hours deep diving to fully master Lost Ark’s mechanics.

This new branch of the Maxroll website will exist alongside our new Landing page, and you can use our Game Selector to smoothly switch between the games we cover. By the time Lost Ark launches on February 11th, our site will be feature complete. In the meantime, we would love your feedback so that we can ensure Maxroll meets all your needs.

We have dedicated Guardian Raids, Abyssal Dungeons, Class Overview and Build Guides, for all 15 Classes as well as game mechanics explanations and many more things to come — you name it, we got it. If we don’t have it, let us know!

01/27 Update: It has just been announced that T3 content will be available at launch. We will update our Class-, Raid-, Abyssal- and Islands Guides as well as our Resources over the next days leading up to the launch. Stay tuned!

Maxroll's Lost Ark Team

Our Maxroll Lost Ark team is a collaboration of content creators and experienced players within the Lost Ark community that have come together to pool their expertise. Their knowledge in creating guides and resources to help players get the most out of the game is second to none.

Whether they are top-end players, incredible sources of knowledge, or can put together a build out of anything, they have you covered. This team has put together some amazing content, and the future looks only brighter with more content to come!







Perciculum - Team Lead

With countless GvG wins under his belt, Perciculum is the brains and muscle of the "T-Party" guild. With Lost Ark around the corner, Perciculum has been preparing his knowledge of the game since the 2nd Korean CBT in 2018. Since then, he's made numerous endgame guides for many MMOs. In 2021, Perciculum joined Maxroll as their first Lost Ark team lead. Perci seeks to combine his years of knowledge and experience in Lost Ark to become a strong leader in the community.

Yaen - Content Creator

Ever heard of a website called “Infolao”? If you haven’t, you must be a newer player, as it was one of the first original sites that hosted countless English guides and resources. Although not up to date now, it was one of the most helpful sites for the English community. Yaen has been bringing information to the Lost Ark community for years. A role model and now part of the Maxroll team, He hopes to share his wealth of knowledge to the new Lost Ark audience. With Yaen’s help, you will leave no collectible unturned in your search for completion.

Choilicious - Content Creator

When it comes to efficiency and min maxing in gaming, look no further, and meet one of Lost Ark’s best Scrapper connoisseur. Choilicious has been playing Lost Ark since 2018 and has cleared all the most challenging content presented. He holds one of the fastest speed run times for leveling, being among the first people to reach level 50 in the Lost Ark Beta. Joining the Maxroll team, Choi looks to share his in-depth knowledge and experience of the game. You’ll find him streaming occasionally, researching more efficient ways to Lost Ark.

Reitear - Content Creator

A codex, dictionary, an encyclopedia, even a historian, Reitear has been the go-to person for up to date builds and guides. If anyone deserves a badge for helping new community members, Rei would be at the top of the list. He’s been answering countless questions about Lost Ark since 2018. If you need a specific info about the game years ago, he can probably write an entire article about it for you. Aside from helping new players, Rei enjoys PvPing and is always continually looking to learn new information.

Starlast - PvP Guides

Kevin 'Starlast' Le joined Maxroll in 2021 as a Lost Ark content creator. Starlast is a competitive player that's known for his prowess to play a variety of different games at a high level. He's an avid MMO PvPer that enjoys pushing himself to become the best. With the launch of Lost Ark, Starlast has been getting experience in the game since 2018. He is aiming to be the best, as well as share his knowledge of the game with the new Lost Ark audience.

Saintone - Content Creator

Saintone is a long-standing player who's been actively engaged with Lost Ark for the past three years in the Korean service. Best known for his knowledge and expertise in all matters of the game, he's been a vital source of information on Lost Ark mainly after Season 2 launched in mid 2020. One of the highest ranking players in Korea in terms of strength and clearing achievements, he's the go-to for staying cutting edge with Lost Ark. Find him on his stream and ask him some questions live!

Lost Ark Embeds

Character, Tripods, Engravings and Cards embeds are new invaluable tools we’re excited to share with the Lost Ark community! Head on over to our Build Guides and check it out!  You can follow our detailed leveling Builds with a Tripod slider displaying which skills to level up at certain thresholds. Graphics for items, gear, weapons, engravings, etc. are all there for your visual enjoyment. For our Guides, we created interactive embeds for Skills, Items, Sets, Engravings and the entire paper doll (right image). With Lost Ark in-game mechanics rapidly changing during development, we will do our best to keep the tool up to date. Together, we aim to make Maxroll and Lost Ark Tools a one-stop shop for this amazing game, and can’t wait to hear the community’s feedback.

Super Charge Blessed Aura
Grudge Disrespect

Engraving Embed

Solo Knight Lightning Fury
Build Embeds: Gunlancer Raid Guide
Skills Embed
Rapport Embed
Use the Scroll Bar to see Skill Point Progression.
Card Set Embed


Jan 20th 2022
This is the change log! =)

We attached a Changelog to all Build Guides. You don't have to scan through the entire article for changes! The Changelog helps the reader to spot the updates in the article faster!

Future Plans

More content will be released over the upcoming weeks, heading up to the launch on Febuary 11th. Furthermore, we will guide you thought the preparation phase before Tier 2 and Tier 3 release with even more articles. Thank you for stopping by to see our resources we've put together and for being part of our amazing community.

The entire Maxroll team wishes you an amazing Lost Ark start. See you in Arkesia!

The Maxroll Team