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Goblin Island

Last Updated: May 19th 2023

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Island Rewards
Goblin Island Token
Goblin Pandora
Golden Goblin Coin x30
Vitality Increase Potion
Silver x24,000
Kindness +1

Island Token Acquisition

Goblin Island Token is a RNG drop from Goblin Pandora. You can buy Goblin Pandora from Gobius XXIV for 3 Golden Goblin Coin. It will take around 20 to 30 openings on average.

Island Quest

This quest is required to open Hope Island. Prior to receiving this quest, you must complete both of the rapport quests given by Gobius XXIV.

Quest GiverQuest Name Rewards
Gobius XXIVTo Hope IslandKindness +1
Silver x24,000

Una's Task - Only the Strong Survive

Each Una's Task completion rewards 10. Once you have completed a certain number of Una's Task, you may receive certain rewards and you move onto the next tier of rewards.

Only the Strong Survive

  • Tier 1 30/30
    1. Golden Goblin Coin x10
    2. Silver x10,000
  • Tier 2 40/40
    1. Golden Goblin Coin x20
    2. Silver x13,000

Prove Your Mettle

  • Tier 3 80/80
    1. Vitality Increase Potion
    2. Silver x26,000



Gobius XXIV [Goblin Coin Exchange]

Item SoldLimitItem Cost
Goblin PandoraGolden Goblin Coin x3
Golden Goblin CoinGoblin's Seal x200
Golden Goblin CoinGoblin Fang x30
Uncommon Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive)Weekly Limit 5/5Golden Goblin Coin x2
Rare Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class Exclusive)Weekly Limit 2/2Golden Goblin Coin x5


Gobius XXIV Rapport

To unlock Gobious XXIV as an NPC that you can do rapport with, you must fulfill a quest condition and a virtue condition.

The quest you must complete is called [Guide] Wall of Procyon. You can receive this as a guide quest.

In regards to virtues, you must have 30 Wisdom and 30 Kindness.

To achieve trusted stage with Gobious XXIV, it takes a total of 18,000 rapport experience. Assuming you won't use rapport gifts, have learned all relevant songs and emotes, and finish all rapport related quests with her, it takes around 53 days for you to max rapport with Gobious XXIV.


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