Boombling Island


Island Rewards
Vitality Increase Potion
Boombling Match Participation Ticket
Unknown Magick Pouch

Island Soul Acquisition

There is currently no Island Soul to be acquired on this island.

Boombling Island Quest Chain

Quest GiverQuest NameRewards
Locarok at CampLifting the CurseSilver x707
Witch Sinclair A Local LegendSilver x339
Muffling Stone Return of the LegendSilver x330
Muffling Stone Bang! Bang!Silver x584
Muffling Stone Time for FestivitiesBoombling Match Participation Ticket
Vitality Increase Potion
Silver x778
Witch Sinclair Sinclairs' RequestUnknown Magick Pouch
Silver x266



Written by Yaen