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Temple of Rot Stronghold – Diablo 4

Last Updated: July 23rd 2023

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Temple of Rot Stronghold is a Stronghold in Dry Steppes, it can be found by searching with our Map Tool. Strongholds are bastions of evil located around the world of Diablo 4. When you come across them, your task is to liberate them from the occupying hellspawn! As a reward, you get a big amount of Renown and some turn into central hubs with Waypoints, some become inhabited with vendors and artisans or unlock new Dungeons and Zone Events.


  1. Slay the Cannibal Champions
  2. Locate Molqarth's Lair
  3. Slay Molqarth
  4. Slay the Spawn of Molqarth
  5. Rekindle the Wanderer's Shrine to clear the Temple of Rot

Renown Rewarded - 100

Enter Temple of Rot from the South-East, then run to the west part of the big yellow rectangle on your map. Once you enter it, the yellow area mark splits up into 3 pieces: The Garden in the West, the Temple in the middle, and the Courtyard to the East. Kill all monsters in the Garden first, then head to the Courtyard, and finally in the Temple. After clearing all three areas, a barrier that blocked the entrance to Elagabalu's Lair at the far end of the Temple opens up. Follow the tail to the Underbelly, where Elagabalus awaits your arrival. He is a large Warrior that hits very hard with his club. Be aware of your surroundings. Killing the warrior unravels a little surprise. He explodes and a slightly smaller demon, the Spawn of Elagabalus appears. Slay it to liberate the Temple of Rot.


For further information, see our World Map & Strongholds Guide.

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