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Moordaine Lodge Stronghold – Diablo 4

Last Updated: July 23rd 2023

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Moordaine Lodge Stronghold is a Stronghold in Scosglen, it can be found by searching with our Map Tool. Strongholds are bastions of evil located around the world of Diablo 4. When you come across them, your task is to liberate them from the occupying hellspawn! As a reward, you get a big amount of Renown and some turn into central hubs with Waypoints, some become inhabited with vendors and artisans or unlock new Dungeons and Zone Events.


  1. Investigate the area around Moordaine Lodge
  2. Find the Lodge's missing hunters
  3. Defeat the Beast of Moordaine
  4. Pursue the Beast
  5. Enter the Beast's lair
  6. Slay Fionnir the Mad Druid
  7. Rekindle the Wanderer's Shrine to conquer Moordaine Lodge

Renown Rewarded - 100

Enter Moordaine Lodge and find the three missing hunters. One is located in the North-Western corner of the area, one is located in the hut in the middle, and the last one is in the North-East corner. Interact with the corpses to fill up the bar on the right of your screen. Interacting with the final corpse triggers the Beast of Moordaine to appear. Fight it until it runs away, then follow it to its lair at the top of the area. Enter the lair and keep fighting the beast until it turns to human form. Now you are facing the true form of Fionnir the Mad Druid, make him pay for his sins!


For further information, see our World Map & Strongholds Guide.

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