Hope’s Light Stronghold – Diablo 4

Last Updated: July 23rd 2023

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Hope's Light Stronghold is a Stronghold in Scosglen, it can be found by searching with our Map Tool. Strongholds are bastions of evil located around the world of Diablo 4. When you come across them, your task is to liberate them from the occupying hellspawn! As a reward, you get a big amount of Renown and some turn into central hubs with Waypoints, some become inhabited with vendors and artisans or unlock new Dungeons and Zone Events.


  1. Find a way to the Lighthouse
    • Turn the winch to create a path forward
      Survive the Drowned assault
    • Find the missing winch
    • Return the winch to the Broken Mast
      Survive the Drowned assault
  2. Slay Tidewitch Ne'gana
  3. Ignite Hope's Light
  4. Rekindle the WAnderer's Shrine to clear Hope's Light

Renown Rewarded - 100

Enter the area and follow the path of obstacles to the left until you reach the first shipwreck. Interact with the winch next to the mast highlighted by the white diamond on your map. Fight the enemies that spawn around you until the mast has turned enough to let you traverse to the East. Follow the path to the South-East island, the winch is located at the far end of it. Pick it up, jump back up and climb the shipwreck to the North-East. Repair the Broken Winch and defeat the Drowned assault that happens afterward. A path opens up top left of your location. Make your way to the plateau within the yellow marked area. It is time to fight the Tidewitch Ne'gana. Destroy him, then climb up to the top of the hill and light the beacon.

Tidewitch Ne'gana

For further information, see our World Map & Strongholds Guide.

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