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Diablo 4 Map Tool is Live! – Interactive World Map, Helltide, Legion & World Boss Tracker!

Last Updated: October 17th 2023

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Riv has been working hard and we're excited to announce our Interactive Diablo 4 Map Tool is live on Maxroll! It allows you to track your progress on our interactive World Map and includes timers for Helltides, Legions & World Bosses! Log in with your Maxroll account to be able to save your progress and keep track your Renown before we head into Season 1. Let's check out the tool below and go over some of its features.

World Map Preview

The Side bar shows the Helltide, Legion and World Boss Timers at the top. Our Helltide Tracker automatically places the Mystery Chests in their Correct Locations! (Special thanks to "shalzuth" of d4armory.io for providing us with the location data for world events!)

Below you can sort by Region to see all the relevant Renown Objectives, this helps remove non-essential icons off your map with one click.

At the bottom you can choose to track other notable things like Cellars, Quest Dungeons, Helltide Chests, Etc. Using these filters you have quite a bit of authority of what you choose to see on your map and can easily adjust it as you please.

Search Bar

Use the search bar at the top to jump to anything you want on the map! This is great to find a certain Side Quests, Dungeons, Strongholds or even Legendary Aspect in a flash!

Hit "Enter" to Highlight the Searched Item
Diablo 4 Map tool
Highlighted Search ITem


Shift + Click Side Quests to see Prerequisites

Left click any element on the map to "Mark as completed" this will load into the side bar as well as the Renown Progression Tracker at the top!

  • If you are logged into a Maxroll account it will save to your account.
  • If you are not logged in it will save to your browser storage.

Shift + Click on certain map elements to see prerequisites. Down the road we'll add functionality to Ctrl + Click an element to open the associated guide!

Future Plans

We'll be working on updates for D4Planner over the next weeks as well as updating our Build Guides and Tier Lists for Season 1. The Season 1 Patch is expected to drop on July 18th, so expect a lot of changes and updates between then and the Season start on the 20th!

If you didn't see we added a new feature for our Ad-Free Subscribers on Maxroll. You can now Pin your favorite posts to the side bar as well as your own profile page. Check out this article for more info! We really appreciate all the Subscribers we have on our website and have more exciting features coming down the road to make the experience even better. Thank you to everyone who has supported us on our journey!

If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the D4 role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. Sanctuary here we come!

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