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D4Planner is Live! Create, Share, Rank and Find the Best Diablo 4 Builds on our Database!

Last Updated: May 9th 2024

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D4Planner is Live! We are excited to reveal the newest comprehensive character builder from Riv, D4Planner. This tool allows you to build your character with immense detail, picking every affix on every item. It has a full Skill Tree and Paragon Board while also allowing you to save your profiles and share them with the community. Our Public Database lets you search for and rank each others builds to over time create the most inclusive and comprehensive build Database for Diablo 4. Let's check check out the tools below!

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This isn't our first rodeo creating tools and we're proud of what we have to show for the beginnings of our comprehensive Diablo 4 character builder. D4Planner lets you build your character in full detail with every Legendary Aspect and Item Affix. The planner works in conjunction with the Skill Tree and Paragon Board to assist in calculations so you can see your theorycrafting come to life. No more pulling up other excel sheets or documents, just allocate the items, skills and paragon and see if that damage is big enough for you to get out there and start slaying.

On top of being able to create your character in full detail you can save the profiles and share them with our community on our Public Database. Here you'll be able to see others builds and rank them. The most beloved community builds will rise to the top and over time will result in one of the most comprehensive build guide repositories for Diablo 4.

Character Paperdoll
Skill Tree
Paragon Board

This is day 1 for D4Planner and we expect there to be some bugs like with any other fresh launch. Please use our Bug Report system in our Discord to report any problems you're having so we can keep this tool as fresh as possible! We'll be making additions and enhancements to this tool almost daily as the game develops and you can expect other features like an Interactive World map and other surprises down the road! :)

Diablo 4 Collectors Editions & Merch Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of D4Planner we're giving away 3 Collector's Edition bundles including a: mousepad, mug, poster, T-shirt & Hoodie! (courtesy of Blizzard) To enter into this giveaway go to our Twitter and follow the instructions in our related Post!

Future Plans

This is just the beginning of our Diablo 4 coverage. Over the next few weeks we'll be finishing up the Side Quests and Dungeons for all Regions while working on new endgame build guides. We have a big weekly news wrap up post coming out tomorrow and will be posting regular Diablo 4 news updates going forward. We still have an interactive World Map coming soon, as well as many other articles and updates before Season 1 comes around!

If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the D4 role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. - The Maxroll Team

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