Legion League Guide


This League introduces us to Legions. Legions are Ancient Armies frozen in the midst of battle, captured by a Timeless Monolith. By activating the Monolith, you have a limited time to free (by actually killing) these enemies. After time is up, those enemies killed awaken all at once for one huge battle. Enemies that did not die during the frozen state will disappear once the battle starts.

A Timeless Monolith?

You can find Legions by interacting with a Timeless Monolith. Once activated, you reveal a frozen battle between two Legions. There is an 8% chance to spawn a Legion Encounter within your Map. There are many other ways to force a Timeless Monolith's on your Map. Based on the League, Kirac can offer you Legion as a Map Device Modifier. You can also use Legion Scarabs to spawn various Legion Encounters in your Map. A Timeless Monolith can also be found in Delve, as a room in the Temple of Atzoatl (Hall of Mettle and upgraded Versions) or rolled as a Sextant Modifier.

Legion Factions

There are five different Legion Factions fighting each other (or you) once you disrupt their Battle.

  • Vaal
  • Eternal Empire
  • Karui
  • Templar
  • Maraketh

The most common Legion Encounter will be composed of The Vaal, the Eternal Empire, or the Karui. The Templar are rarer than the previous three, with the Maraketh being the rarest. All Legion Factions have their own set of Soldiers, Generals as well as Unique Items.

Reward System

Some Legion enemies have a symbol above their heads, indicating what kind of reward they will drop. On top of that, you can find Reward Chests and so called "War Hoards" within the battle. Once killed in their frozen state, the Chests / War Hoards will also free enemies in a certain radius around it. Rarely, a General of the Legion can spawn.

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Legion Specific Currency

Similar to other Leagues, Legion has its own form of currency: Splinters and Emblems. A Stack of 100 Splinters can be combined to form a Legion Emblem. Every Legion Faction has its own Splinters & Emblems:

  • Timeless Vaal Splinter
  • Timeless Eternal Empire Splinter
  • Timeless Karui Splinter
  • Timeless Templar Splinter
  • Timeless Maraketh Splinter
  • Timeless Vaal Emblem
  • Timeless Eternal Emblem
  • Timeless Karui Emblem
  • Timeless Templar Emblem
  • Timeless Maraketh Emblem

Domain of Timeless Conflict

Once you collected enough Splinters to turn them in to Emblems, you can use those Emblems to create a portal to the Domain on Timeless Conflict. The amount of different Emblems you put into the Map Device will decide the difficulty of the encounter as well as the Area Level of the zone. You need at least 2 different Emblems with no duplicates to start the Map.

Map Device filled with 5 Emblems

The Domain of Timeless Conflict contains a crater with a Monolith in the center. The Monolith has a purple circle around it, when stood in, will trigger the encounter and start the timer. While killing Legion armies and their Generals, you can go back to the Monolith and reset the waves. This spawns more waves of enemies in the process. The more enemies you are able to kill within the time limit, the more Loot will drop at the end when time runs out. All the generated loot will drop at the end of the encounter.

Completing the Domain of Timeless Conflict with four Factions will unlock a fifth Slot for the Map Device. This allows a Legion Battle with all 5 Factions at the same time. The fifth Map Slot will also benefit your future mapping experience, since you can add an additional Scarab or other Map Currency to your Map. Depending on the combination of the Emblems used, the area features these Generals:

  • Viper Napuatzi (Vaal)
  • General Marceus Lioneye (Eternal Empire)
  • Queen Hyrri Ngamaku (Karui)
  • Cardinal Sanctus Vod (Templar)
  • Aukuna, the Black Sekhema (Maraketh)

These Legion Generals have their own specific Unique Items, but throughout many patch cycles, the majority of these exclusive Items are now part of the Core Drop Pool of Path of Exile. This means they can drop everywhere. The only items exclusively found in the Domain of Timeless Conflict are Unique Timeless Jewels.

Timeless Jewels

The following Unique Timeless Jewels drop exclusively in the Domain of Timeless Conflict:

  • Glorious Vanity
  • Elegant Hubris
  • Lethal Pride
  • Militant Faith
  • Brutal Restraint

Uber Domain of Timeless Conflict

Patch 3.16 introduced a new form of Endgame Content: The Uber Domain of Timeless Conflict, which is an even harder Version of the existing Domain of Timeless Conflict Encounter.

Similar to the Domain of Timeless Conflict, you have to use at least two different Unrelenting Emblems in order to spawn a Portal to the Legion Endgame Encounter. These Unrelenting Emblems can drop from the Domain of Timeless Conflict, based on which Legion Factions you decide to fight against. Every Unrelenting Emblem have its own Modifiers which Stacks with every other added Unrelenting Emblem.

  • Unrelenting Timeless Eternal Emblem
  • Unrelenting Timeless Karui Emblem
  • Unrelenting Timeless Vaal Emblem
  • Unrelenting Timeless Templar Emblem
  • Unrelenting Timeless Maraketh Emblem

As a special Unique Reward, they introduced a Unique Body Armour Stasis Prison that can only drop in the Uber Domain of Timeless Conflict. Based on its insane Rarity, this Body Armour is one of the most valuable items in Path of Exile!

The Stasis Prison makes Temporal Rift free from any Mana Reservation, as well as adding up to 100% Damage taken recouped as Life. Finally, Debuffs on you expire up to 100% faster. It has a very low chance to drop only in the Uber Domain of the Timeless Conflict.

Atlas Passives

You can find many passives and notables related to Legion spread in 3 wheels in the Atlas Passive Tree:

Small Passives

  • Legion Duplicate Splinter Chance (x5)
  • Legion Monolith Chance (x4)
  • Legion Duration (x2)
  • Legion Timeless Emblem Chance (x2)
  • Eternal Legion Chance
  • Karui Legion Chance
  • Vaal Legion Chance
  • Templar Legion Chance
  • Maraketh Legion Chance


  • Monumental
  • Protracted Battle
  • Chain of Command
  • War Supplies
  • Face Off


Legion is a very interesting League Mechanic in Path of Exile that drops massive amount of currencies and incentivizes you to play high AoE clearing characters. Don't hesitate to consult our Legion Farming Guide to learn how to efficiently farm this league mechanic!


Written by mbXtreme & Chewingnom.


Jul 29th 2022
Guide Created.