Rampage League Guide


Welcome to our Rampage Guide, Exile! This is an old league mechanic that was introduced to the game as part of Rampage League in patch 1.2.0 (August 2014). Compared to most modern league mechanics, this one is very small and doesn't have specific endgame content made for it. Instead, it provides another way of building and buffing your character by introducing the unique Rampage modifier, which is still useful today!

Rampage Buffs

Rampage Counter

The Rampage modifier found on specific unique items (see below) passively activates a kill streak counter with a duration of 5 seconds, which is refreshed every time you kill an enemy. The counter stacks up to 1000 and provides the following bonuses:

  • 1% increased Movement Speed per 20 Rampage stacks
  • 2% increased Damage per 20 Rampage stacks

At a full 1000 stacks, the bonuses amount to 50% increased Movement Speed and 100% increased Damage, which makes Rampage a powerful addition to any build for endgame mapping. Investing into the monster count within your Maps through Pack Size and League Mechanics makes it especially easy to keep up the streak. While the bonuses don't increase beyond 1000, you can still refresh the timer with further kills, keeping the bonuses maxed out. Failing to defeat an enemy within 5 seconds of the last resets everything to 0.

Rampage Thresholds

There are a total of 13 unique procs that unleash at specific counter thresholds. The gap in number of kills required between each proc increments slowly, with the final proc happening at 520 kills. They mostly look cool but don't contribute much to the overall Map clear when you're already going fast, so it's not worth strategizing around an upcoming proc.

115Circular spear AoE that stuns enemies
230Large Detonate Dead around the player
345Summons several Animate Weapons
470Nova AoE that echoes from enemies hit
5100Circular spear AoE that stuns enemies
6135More Animate Weapons (Bows)
71755x nova AoEs around the player
8220Cyclone spawns from the player, proliferates on kill
9270Another nova AoE that echoes from enemies hit
10325Cyclone that explodes enemies
113855x circular spear AoE that stun enemies
12450Two cyclones that explode enemies
13520Explosions around the player with Detonate Dead effect

Rampage Unique Items

Here is a list of all unique items that offer the Rampage modifier, which triggers the above effects as long as you wear the item:

  • Bisco's Leash
  • Flesh and Spirit
  • Null and Void
  • Shadows and Dust
  • Sinvicta's Mettle
  • The Dancing Dervish
  • Wyrmsign

Note: It's not actually required to keep the source of Rampage equipped to maintain a Kill Streak, it is only necessary to start it off. This means that an item can be swapped to a better piece after the first initial kills in a Map. The easiest way to do this is with Sinvicta's Mettle, which for many builds can simply be weapon-swapped in the right moment to defeat a single weak enemy. This trick can offer a great damage and speed boost as long as a fast pace can be maintained throughout the entire run!


  • Rampage is a kill streak mechanic, giving increased Movement Speed and increased Damage to the player as well as unleashing some great visual effects at certain thresholds.
  • It's a great way of counting how many enemies you defeat in an area.
  • The only current sources of Rampage are the unique items listed above and a special Map Device craft that activates the effect for the whole area. Most of these items are usually cheap and can be easily acquired via trade, making them a useful budget option for many builds.
  • With clever item swapping (Sinvicta's Mettle) it's possible to keep the kill streak active without the downside of equipping a weak item permanently.
  • Go fast and don't look back!


Written by wudijo.
Reviewed by Enki & Raxxanterax.


May 8th 2022
Article Created.