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A Talisman-Possessed Monster

The Talisman League (Patch 2.1.0) was a Challenge League that started on December 11th, 2015 and ended on March 4th, 2016.

Talismans were introduced with this League, which are Corrupted Amulets that come with it's own set of implicit modifiers. They dropped from monsters with special affixes, indicated by a symbol over them. In the Talisman League, you interacted with Stone Altars to upgrade said Talismans to a higher Tier. However, this mechanic didn't get implemented into the core game.

Nowadays, Talismans are random rewards from certain League Mechanics, but can't be obtained from global drops.

What are Talismans?

Talismans are inherently Corrupted Amulets that come with special Implicit Modifiers that you can't obtain elsewhere. They always drop Rare and with a random Annoint, which can be changed using a Tainted Oil.

Talismans have a distinct Tier System, separating some of the more powerful Implicits from some of the weaker ones.

Nowadays, this Tier System is only relevant when upgrading a Rare Item to a Talisman by completing a Betrayal encounter with Thane Jorgin the Banished in Research.

These tiers have no influence over how well the item is rolled.

Talisman Artwork

Stone Altars (Outdated)

Stone Altars

During Talisman League, these could be found throughout the game. At a Stone Altar, you could sacrifice 5 different talismans of the same tier to summon a monster with a higher-tier Talisman.

The rarity of the upgraded Talisman was determined by the combined rarity of the sacrificed Talismans (for example, if you sacrificed 3 Rare, 1 Magic and 1 normal Talisman, the chances are split 60/20/20).

In the end, GGG decided that it was too much of an ordeal to go through and made Talismans into drop-only Corrupted Items, discontinuing Stone Altars altogether.

Talisman Base Items

Talismans have their own item bases with distinct implicits:

League Uniques

Talisman brought exclusive Unique Items which are now part of the core game:

  • Blightwell
  • Eyes of the Greatwolf
  • Natural Hierarchy
  • Night's Hold
  • Rigwald's Curse


  • Talisman League launched in late 2015, for both Softcore and Hardcore Leagues.
  • The League introduced Talismans, which are Rare Corrupted Amulets with special implicits.
  • The League Mechanic including Stone Altars was a clunky mess and didn't get implemented into the core game!
  • The only remnants of the old Tiering System can be found by upgrading an Amulet with Thane Jorgin the Banished.


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