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Onslaught League Guide

Last Updated: September 25th 2022

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Welcome to our Onslaught League Guide! This is an old Hardcore Challenge League that started on the 7th June 2013, alongside Anarchy League (Softcore League) and both ended on the 7th October, 2013. With it came the Onslaught Buff, which buffed all enemies during the league with:

  • 20% increased Movement Speed
  • 20% increased Attack Speed
  • 20% increased Cast Speed

Even though this mechanic was introduced before Path of Exile's official launch in Patch 1.0, it still remains relevant today! Here you'll learn what it is about.

Onslaught Buff

Onslaught Buff Icon

After the Onslaught League ended, the buff got implemented into the core game. This buff is limited to one and can't stack, even if the effects originate from different sources. While having Onslaught, getting another instance of the buff will simply reset the buff duration. The base duration of Onslaught is 4 seconds, unless otherwise specified.

Onslaught Effect

Onslaught can only be buffed by effects that specify "Increased Onslaught Effect", which are rather rare, but can be found on:

  • Raider's Evasion, Onslaught Effect and Avatar of the Chase
  • On the Passive Tree: Armour, Evasion and Onslaught Effect, Graceful Assault and Axe Mastery
  • Items: Daresso's Defiance

Sources of Onslaught

Onslaught is a common buff that can be acquired from various sources throughout the game. Some of the more commonly used ones are:

  • Raider's Rapid Assault
  • Silver Flask
  • Onslaught Support
  • Perseverance

League Uniques

Onslaught brought some exclusive Unique Items which are now part of the core drop pool, meaning they can drop anywhere in the game.

  • Victario's Acuity
  • Death Rush

Anarchy League came out at the same time, some unique items are shared with it in terms of exclusivity.

  • Shavronne's Revelation
  • Voll's Devotion

Exclusive Base Types

These Base Types were introduced in Onslaught/Anarchy League and were later implemented into the core game:

  • Agate Amulet
  • Citrine Amulet
  • Turquoise Amulet
  • Diamond Ring
  • Moonstone Ring
  • Amethyst Ring


  • The Onslaught League released in 2013 as a Hardcore League only.
  • The only things left from the Onslaught League is the buff itself, which is used by players to make themselves faster, as well as the exclusive Bases and the Uniques connected to it.
  • Onslaught is a Buff that grants 20% increased Attack, Cast and Movement Speed.
  • It can affect both you, enemy monsters and minions.


Written by Palsteron.
Reviewed by Wudijo & Chewingnom.

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