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Necropolis Graveyard Crafting Guide

Last Updated: April 10th 2024

Necropolis 3.24

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This Necropolis Graveyard Crafting Guide covers the basics of using the Necropolis to create your own items. You can also utilize various Community-crafted Recipes to maximize your chances at making endgame weapons and armour for your build.

Note: The Necropolis League is ongoing and new mechanics are being discovered frequently. This article may be updated throughout the league.

In the Necropolis league, each Map spawns packs of Haunted Monsters. These monsters have a chance to drop storable Corpses, which can be used for crafting items in the Necropolis. This exclusive league mechanic area can be accessed by speaking to Undertaker Arimor and selecting 'Visit the Necropolis.'

Select "Visit the Necropolis" to begin crafting


The Necropolis Graveyard has a number of key mechanics to understand in order to start crafting your own items.


Defeating Haunted Monsters within Maps gives you the opportunity to obtain Corpses that are stored in the Necropolis Morgue.

Simply click 'Collect' to store them.

If your Morgue becomes full, you can easily transfer Corpses to your inventory by clicking the button at the bottom left instead.

collect Corpses to store in your Morgue

Once a corpse is stored, speak with Undertaker Arimor to receive an itemized Coffin.

You keep these Coffins in your Stash until you're ready to use them.

view itemized Corpses


The Necropolis contains 88 Graves where you bury the Coffins of Haunted Monsters obtained in Maps.

Graves in the Necropolis Graveyard

Clicking on a Grave opens the Morgue interface. To bury a Corpse, choose one from the menu and click 'Bury' or use Ctrl+Left Click for a quick action.

Necropolis Grave crafting menu

To enable Corpses to function together, they must be connected. You'll notice connected Graves lighting up in green when you hover your mouse over them.

fill your Graveyard with Corpses


Once you've Buried Haunted Corpses, simply click the Craft button on any Grave to access the Exorcism Crafting Interface.

Open the Tome of Arimor to begin crafting

Within the Exorcism interface, you have the option to choose between crafting Armour, Weapons, or Jewellery, as well as select the specific Item Base you wish to use.

Tome of Arimor menu

Prior to crafting an item, the interface presents a detailed breakdown of the Corpses that contribute to the final product.

Necropolis Graveyard crafting information

List of all Corpse Modifiers

Listed below are the Corpse Crafting Modifiers used in Exorcisms:

Increased Chance Modifiers

Scarcer Chance Modifiers

Meta-Crafting Modifiers

Grave Multipliers

Miscellaneous Craft

Other Useful Tools

Crafting using the Necropolis is quite intricate, reminiscent of mechanics last seen in the Harvest League. To simplify the process, consider exploring these helpful resources to learn effective crafting techniques.


Craft of Exile's Graveyard Calculator can be used to calculate optimal combinations of Modifier multipliers for a selection of desired modifiers. To calculate a craft, choose all the modifiers for the item from the Prefix and Suffix menus, then click 'Compute Best Selection' at the top. Keep in mind Graveyard Calculators always assume 88 Corpses are being used at all times which isn't always necessary for a favorable result.

Layout Builders

Although calculators provide a recommended multiplier combination for a set of modifiers, they may not account for certain Coffins such as 'Chance for Additional Craft' or '25% Chance to Create a Split Copy.' Using a Layout Builder can simplify the process by importing a Craft of Exile string and making graveyard building easier than testing in-game.

The Layout Builder menu offers several presets for building a Graveyard, including numerous community-created recipes. Recipe books such as this one provide pre-crafted layouts tailored for specific items.


  • Unlocking the secrets of the Necropolis Graveyard introduces players to unique but complex crafting reminiscent of Harvest League.
  • Defeat Haunted Monsters in Maps and collect Corpses that can be stored in the Necropolis Morgue and used for Graveyard crafting.
  • Bury these corpses in Graves and utilize the Exorcism Crafting Interface to create powerful items.
  • While crafting in the Necropolis can be complex, tools like Graveyard Calculators and Layout Builder streamline the process by offering optimal multiplier combinations and pre-crafted layouts.


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