Guardian of the Minotaur Boss Guide


The Guardian of the Minotaur is one of the four Shaper Guardians. Next to Guardian of the Chimera, Guardian of the Hydra and Guardian of the Phoenix, he is one of the "Guardians of the Void". Each of these Guardians drops one of the Fragments required to access the Shaper encounter, one of the pinnacle bosses. In order to fight Minotaur, you have to open a Maze of the Minotaur Map where he acts as the Map Boss.

These Shaper Guardian Maps are Tier 16 and can be rolled with all sorts of Modifiers to increase their loot but also their difficulty. Shaper Guardians are a lot harder than typical Map Bosses, but also have specific loot tables.

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Loot Table

In addition to regular loot, the Guardian of the Minotaur has the following boss-specific drops:

  • Fragment of the Minotaur (100%)
  • The Brass Dome
  • Perfection

Skills Breakdown

Default Attack

The Guardian of the Minotaur strikes you for a good amount of Physical and Lightning Damage.


The Guardian of the Minotaur raises his Mace and performs a Sweep Ability. This Attack deals heavy Physical
and Lightning Damage in an Area of Effect.


The Guardian of the Minotaur burrows underground, travels to your Position and emerges, dealing heavy
amounts of Physical Damage. It's important to note that the Minotaur targets your current position at the
moment of burrowing. In order to dodge this ability, you have to move away from your previous position.
The Burrow ability has a huge Area of Effect so make sure to move far away.


The Guardian of the Minotaur raises his weapon to perform a slam ability. This attack slams the Ground in a
large area, dealing heavy amounts of damage. Subsequently, a yellow circle appears around the point of
impact, raining massive rocks from the ceiling which can easily kill you. On top of that, these rocks becomes
alive, kill these Stone Golems in order to keep track of Minotaur's abilities, and gain some Flask Charges.

Lightning Wall

For every 20% Health the Guardian of the Minotaur has lost, one of four Lightning Walls activate. If you
touch these Walls, you get a debuff that heavily slows you, become shocked as well as take Lightning
Damage over time. Even tough this ability is not lethal on its own, it makes you take more damage and
reduce your ability to dodge other dangerous attacks.

Boss Mechanics

Once you enter the Boss Arena, you find the Guardian of the Minotaur to the South-East. Once you engage, immediately stay alert to his abilities. If you out-range his Melee Strike Range, he either chases you or start his Burrow ability. Avoid this ability as it one-shots. Make sure to check out the Skills Breakdown above to learn more about each of the abilities.

At 80% health, the Minotaur activates the first Lightning Wall. It is recommended to bring a blink Movement Skill such as Flame Dash to teleport through the Wall. Keep in mind that if you touch the Lightning Wal, you get a damage over time debuff and become shocked and slowed. With this debuff on you it becomes hard to avoid the Minotaur's lethal Burrow ability.

The Guardian of the Minotaur - Lightning Wall

Periodically the Minotaur performs his massive Slam Attack, leaving a "Dead Zone" on the Floor. The falling rocks deal heavy amounts of Physical Damage and spawn Stone Golems, make sure to move out of this zone immediately. These areas disappear after approximately 35 seconds, but it's recommended to place the falling rock areas as close to each other as possible to leave more space for dodge maneuvers.

The Guardian of the Minotaur - Golem Adds

The longer the fight goes, the harder it gets. At 80%, 60%, 40% and 20% health, Minotaur activates each of the Lightning Walls. Without a lot of DPS to keep the fight short, this is one of the most difficult Guardian encounters.

Map Modifiers

Since the Maze of the Minotaur Map works like a typical Map, it can be modified with Currency like any other Map. But be careful! Some Map modifiers can make this Map very hard.

Here is an example of Map modifiers you might want to avoid based on your build:

Maze of the Minotaur Map

Dangerous Map Modifiers

Boss Specific Modifiers

  • None

Global Map Modifiers that can disable your Build

  • Monsters reflect X% of Elemental Damage
  • Monsters reflect X% of Physical Damage
  • Players cannot Regenerate Life, Mana or Energy Shield
  • Monsters have X% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments

Boss Modifiers

  • Unique Boss has X% increased Life
    Unique Boss has X% increased Area of Effect

Monster Modifiers (also counts for Bosses)

  • Monsters have X% increased Critical Strike Chance
  • X% increased Monster Damage
  • X% increased Monster Movement Speed
    X% increased Monster Attack Speed
    X% increased Monster Cast Speed
  • Monsters have X% increased Area of Effect
  • X% more Monster Life
  • Monsters gain X% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield

Atlas Passive Tree

To further enhance the difficulty as well as the rewards of the Guardians, there some Atlas Passive Tree Keystones, Notables and Nodes.


  • Inevitable Ambush


  • Remnants of the Past


  • Shaper, Elder and Guardian Influenced Item Chance
Atlas Passive Tree - Shaper & Elder Cluster


  • Avoid getting hit by his Slam and move out of the Area of Effect it leaves due to falling Rocks.
  • Try to blink (Flame Dash) over/through the Lightning Wall that he spawns every 20% health lost.
  • Avoid the Burrow ability by running away from your current position, since it one-shots most builds.

Good Luck, Exile!


Written by mbXtreme.
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Jul 18th 2022
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