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New Models and Enemies in 1.0!

Last Updated: February 16th 2024

Patch 1.0

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EHG have released a teaser of the new models and enemies coming in Last Epoch 1.0 on February 21st! This preview of some new enemies continues to showcase the visual upgrades the game is receiving. There is also a showcase of Companions and even Player Armor sets as well. See below for the official post.

New Enemies & Models | Coming to Last Epoch February 21st

Hello Travelers, and welcome to day two of the pre-patch blog posts!

In today’s post we’re having a look at some of the new and updated enemies coming to the world of Eterra on February 21st. These enemy updates also marks the point where we have officially completed changing all models in Last Epoch to fully custom created models.

This is largely a visual post showing off the new models our amazing enemy design team has put together. Get your eyes ready, and mind steeled for new horrors arriving in Eterra with the release of Last Epoch.

New Enemies

Void Prophet

The Void Prophet will replace the current Void Clerics. We’ve also reworked this enemy’s abilities to make them a bit more fair. There should be far fewer Travelers suddenly evaporating in the presence of Void Prophets without clear telegraphing.

Void Prophet

Mildly Corrupted Cultist

A perfect example of “everything is relative”, the Mildly Corrupted Cultist is replacing many of the generic cultist enemies. This enemy gives a fair representation of the common result of what happens to a humanoid when coming into contact with the Void.

Mildly Corrupted Cultist

Corrupted Cultist

Of course, the prior begs the question of “relative to what?” The Corrupted Cultist is the result of the continued effects of the void on humanoid victims, and comes in to replace many of the ranged Cultist Enemies throughout the Ruined Timelines.

Corrupted Cultist

Bone Scavenger

One of the new Imperial Era enemies coming to Last Epoch, the Bone Scavenger displays some of the military might of the Immortal Empire with this ambushing pack creature.

Bone Scavenger

Bone Sculptor

The Bone Sculptor is another Imperial enemy which you will find in the Immortal Empire’s Ranks. The Bone Sculptor is a necromancer, capable of creating hordes of zombies if left unattended; Though they aren’t afraid to get their own hands dirty as well.

Bone Sculptor

Flame Paladin

Rahyeh’s forces are also seeing some bolstering in the coming war with the updated Flame Paladin. On top of a brand new look, the Flame Paladin will also be bringing new abilities to the field, helping them stand out from the standard rank and file.

Flame Paladin


The release of Last Epoch will also see updates to some player minion models. Today we’re going to have a look at three of the updates with the Primal Scorpion, Primal Sabertooth, and Primal Raptor! We know these companions well, so for these ones, we’ll let the updated models speak for themselves.

Primal Raptor

Primal Scorpion

Primal Sabertooth

New Armor Models

Alongside new enemy models, we’re also adding 17 new armor sets across all classes in 1.0. Rather than “Set Items”, Armor sets are base items which have a cohesive visual model between the armor pieces. These are all part of the base game as armor you will find while playing, not MTX (purchased microtransactions). Today we are showcasing 10 of these new Armor Sets.

Sentinel Armor Sets

Rogue Armor Sets

Primalist Armor Sets

Acolyte Armor Sets

Mage Armor Sets


Thank you for joining us for day two of the pre-patch blog posts, taking a look at some of the new enemies and models coming February 21st. We hope you enjoy these visual improvements as much as we do, as the team continues to improve on our techniques and tools, continually pushing our visual standards ever further. Join us again tomorrow as we take a look at the long awaited Skill Tree for the Paladin’s Ability: Healing Hand!

Keep Blasting to 1.0!

With 1.0 fast approaching, Last Epoch is truly shaping up to be everything we want and more as we head towards release on February 21st! Until then, the Maxroll Last Epoch Team is in full swing getting the branch's final details done and ready for you to blast the great world of Eterra

If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the Last Epoch role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development.

Written by: Dredscythe

Reviewed by: Tenkiei

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