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New Items and Affixes Revealed!

Last Updated: February 18th 2024

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Patch 1.0

EHG has just released the first look at new items and affixes coming in Last Epoch 1.0 on February 21st! This preview gives us a first look at new items to help support certain Classes/Masteries along with a slew of new item affixes. See below for the official post.

Hello Travelers, and thank you for joining us for another pre-patch blog post! In today’s post we’re going to be taking a look at some of the new items and affixes you’ll find in Eterra with our release later this week!

We’re expanding the range of base items for Boots, Gloves, and Belts, and with the new Armor Sets coming in as we talked about on Thursday, those will get new item base effects as well. Further, we’ll take a look at a couple of new generic affixes, new mastery affixes, and a few of the new unique items you’ll be able to find February 21st!

New Item Bases

New Boots Bases

Boots are receiving two new Base Item types, as well as implicit changes for two other bases. The two new boot bases are both endgame boots: Citadel Boots offering Reduced Bonus Damage Taken from Critical Strikes, and Vanguard Boots offering Effect of Haste on You.

New Glove Bases

Gloves have had three new base items added, and received changes to three existing implicits. Taking a look at two of the new implicits, the Ascetic Gloves offer cooldown Recovery Speed, while the Arcane Bracers will offer flat Mana, and Increased Mana Regen.

New Belt Bases

Belts, previously lacking diversity of selection are receiving four new Base Items, as well as changes to four existing Implicits. Today we’re taking a look at three of the new Belts: The Divine Girdle, offering Increased Movement Speed, the Praetorian Belt offering high Armor, and the Chain Belt offering Ward Decay Threshold.

New Helm Bases

New Armor sets means new Implicits! Taking a look at a few helms, first is the Mage’s new Tyrant Crown, offering Elemental Damage Leeched as Health — an often in-demand stat.

Next up, the Rogue’s Blood Visage Helm offers Increased Damage Over Time, and Bleed Duration provides a great option for the Rogue’s many DoT builds.

Lastly, the Acolyte’s Necropolis Helm offers Ward Decay Threshold and Ward Gain on Kill for stronger ward retention and some ward-generation while clearing.

Body Armor Bases

Along with the new Helm Base Items, the new Class specific Armor Sets also means new Body Armor Base Items! Today we’re looking at three of the upcoming base Body Armors as well.

First, the Apocalypse Plate offering Armor, Stun Avoidance, and Increased Echo Damage when a skill is Echoed offers a great option for the Void Knights out there.

Up second is the Primalist’s Beastmail providing Armor, Increased Movement Speed, and Health Regen offers a great body armor for Minion players who use mobility and regen to stay alive.

Finally, the Acolyte’s Coven Robes offer Armor, Increased Cast Speed, and Mana Regen, making for a well-rounded caster’s body armor.

New Affixes

February 21st will bring with it twelve new general weapon affixes. With several classes receiving new and updated skills, we’re also adding an additional 33 Idol, Body Armor, Helmet, and Relic affixes to find in Last Epoch.

Weapon Affixes

One area of feedback we’ve received is the lack of effective stats on Weapons for some builds, and in particular Minion builds. To help address this, we’re adding a few new affixes.

Covering ten of the twelve new weapon affixes, we’re looking at two groups of suffixes you’ll be able to find on several weapon types.

Increased minion damage is a stat which is in fairly high supply in Last Epoch, where minion flat damage is quite rare. So to make the weapon affix feel more impactful, we’ve changed the minion damage suffixes to offer flat damage to minions instead of increased damage. These will come in three flavors: Minion Melee Damage and Minion Spell Damage, Minion Spell Damage and Minion Bow Damage, and Minion Melee Damage and Minion Bow Damage.

As a more general-purpose Affix, we’ve also added a new suffix which grants damage penetration to both yourself and your minions. This suffix is available for each of the seven damage types, though are rare, and can only be found on endgame items.

Class Specific Affixes

With the new masteries and skills coming on the 21st, we’ll also be adding a number of relevant class-specific affixes. We’ve offered a selection of a number of these affixes you can look forward to below.

Warlock Affixes

  • Idol: “Sickening” prefix - % Increased Damage Over Time while you have an Ailment Overload
  • Body Armor: % Increased Spirit Frequency with Chthonic Fissure
  • Helm: % Chance for 3 additional projectiles when you directly cast Chaos Bolts
  • Relic: +X to level of Profane Veil, % Increased Damage Over Time

Falconer Affixes

  • Idol: “Scattering” Suffix - % Increased Area with Caltrops, % Chance to shred Armor on hit with Caltrops
  • Idol: “Winged” Prefix - % Chance to deal Double Damage with Falcon Strikes
  • Helm: % Increased Damage with Dive Bomb, % Increased Area with Dive Bomb
  • Body Armor: +X to level of Explosive Trap, %Increased Throwing Damage

Primalist - Gathering Storm Affixes

  • Idol: Reckoning Prefix - % Increased Frequency of expending Storm Strikes
  • Body Armor: +X to level of Gathering Storm, % Increased Area for Area Skills
  • Helm: % chance to gain a Storm Stack when you use Gathering Storm and hit an enemy.

New Uniques

Lastly today, we’re taking a look at some of the new Unique Items to look forward to in just a few days with the release of Last Epoch.

Sigeon’s Reprisal

This shield offers a new way to create a retaliation build by granting Shield Throw Throwing Damage based on your Damage Reflected, as well as a chance to retaliate with Shield Throw when you block.

Communion of the Erased

A new Weaver’s Will item coming to Eterra, Communion of the Erased doubles all stats on the belt for one second after using a potion, as well as grants additional potion slots for each Weaver’s Will item you have equipped.

Falcon Fists

Unarmed builds are always a common topic of discussion. While we don’t have any core mechanics for unarmed combat, the last Unarmed Unique we introduced has been quite popular. We felt the Falconer had a great opportunity to add another. Synergizing with Cinder Strike and your Falcon, this new unique allows you to punch your way to victory.

Spine of Malatros

This two-handed sword designed for Warlocks not only changes mechanics, but also visuals. Spine of Malatros will replace your Chthonic Fissure’s Spirits with Flame Whips, and grants Flame Whips additional benefits.

Vial of Volatile Ice

The last Item we’re having a look at today which also changes visuals, the Vial of Volatile Ice is a new unique Catalyst (Yes, Catalyst), for Rogues. This item will convert Acid Flask to Cold Damage, and grant it frostbite chance for a completely new way to build Acid Flask.


This brings us to a close for today’s pre-patch blog post on new Items and Affixes coming on February 21st. Continuing to build upon existing gearing options, we feel these additions help further itemization within Last Epoch bringing us up to our release standards. We hope the increased diversity of item options will help many builds flourish, as well as create completely new build options.

Make sure to join us again tomorrow as we’ll be wrapping up the series of pre-patch blog posts with the full Patch Notes for Last Epoch’s 1.0 Release!

Keep Blasting to 1.0!

With 1.0 fast approaching, Last Epoch is truly shaping up to be everything we want and more as we head towards release on February 21st! Until then, the Maxroll Last Epoch Team is in full swing getting the branch's final details done and ready for you to blast the great world of Eterra

If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the Last Epoch role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development.

Written by: Dredscythe

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