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Last Updated: January 7th 2023

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Learn about Solo Greater Rift Leaderboard Pushing and Echoing Nightmare variants for the Immortal King Hammer for the Ancients (HotA) Barbarian Build Guide for Diablo 3.

GR Solo Push
Echoing Nightmare
Solo Greater Rift

Concept & Gameplay
Keep your main focus on small high progression trash monsters like Vile Swarms or Dark Hellions while you damage Elites in the process. Play an open map ideally where you can finish off the already damaged Elite Packs with a 60 second Conduit Pylon enhanced by your Followers The Flavor of Time.
Always start off by casting your Battle Rage Bloodshed. Use Whirlwind Dust Devils to drag enemies along and create dense pulls with Sanctified Whirlwind while moving and resetting your skills with Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac. Use Furious Charge to keep up Band of might & to explore the Rift. Cast Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients Together as One when you have a bunch of enemies grouped up. Burst them down on your Fire Convention of Elements rotation for massive damage and Area Damage. Try to save a Pylon for the Boss and use Nemesis Bracer for extra Arena Damage and Bloodshed after stacking Bane of the Stricken with Whirlwind Dust Devils for a few minutes efficiently and proceed to hammer it down!

There are not many alternatives here. If you struggle to survive you can take in Relentless or Nerves of Steel instead of Brawler.

Echoing Nightmare Setup

For more information, check out our full Echoing Nightmare Guide and take a look at our Echoing Nightmare Build Tier List and our META post for the best strategies! This build is decent for this game mode. Typically we utilize a Greater Rift pushing build with a few tweaks.


  • Swap Bane of the Stricken for Gogok of Swiftness since we are fighting hordes of enemies.
  • Swap Ancient Spear for Threatening Shout Falter to increase DPS.
  • Reroll Area Damage to Average Damage as we do not need to make huge pulls.


  1. Reach Wave 100 and click Speed Pylon to boost your mobility and dodge Green Meteors.
  2. When you are more than 40% overwhelmed click Power Pylon.
  3. When you are more than 60% overwhelmed click Channeling Pylon and Conduit Pylon.
  4. After all Pylons expire, run away from monsters and dodge everything to squeeze out an extra 3-5 tiers.

Always start off by casting your Battle Rage Bloodshed. Keep Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients Together as One up at all times. Gather the enemies and stop moving around to get the offensive buff from the Endless Walk set. Then attack with your main damage attack Hammer of the Ancients, ideally timed with your Fire Convention of Elements rotation for maximum damage output. Make sure to keep attacking to get plenty cooldown resets from Immortal King's Call (4) Bonus to keep up Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients.

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