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Lower Kurast Super Chest Farming Guide

Last Updated: May 24th 2023

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Are you tired of killing monsters and need a little spice in your Diablo 2 life? It's time to change things up and farm Super Chests in Lower Kurast! This area can earn you High Runes, Charms, and Crafting Materials. The best part is, every Class can run it regardless of their gear. Your chances of success increase dramatically in higher player counts, so try to farm this in a public game, with some friends, or in offline mode in /Players8. You can even sneak these chests in Baal runs before the Throne TP is up.

The Super Chests are located in Lower Kurast in Act 3. Most players pass by this Waypoint on their way to Mephisto without giving it much thought, but you should grab it to farm this beautiful area, especially when you're under geared!

Why farm Lower Kurast Super Chests?

It's a different way to farm besides endlessly slaying monsters. You can stock up on Crafting Materials and Charms while hoping to find coveted High Runes up to Ber Rune. It's also a very relaxed farm that requires no gear, and any class can do it. Remember that annoying stat called Magic Find that you always need to stack to find loot? It doesn't work with Super Chests, so no need for any of that! Easy mode!

The other clickables in the hut area also have great odds for High Runes and Crafting Materials to drop. Clicking the Corpses, Stashes, and Hollow Logs on the way is a great way to increase the chances of Runes per run! This is even better on classes without Teleport, since you need to run by many of them to reach the huts.

Here are some examples of the best items you could find on Hell.

CharmsCrafting MaterialsRunes
Small Charm
Large Charm
Grand Charm
Flawless Amethyst
Flawless Emerald
Flawless Ruby
Flawless Sapphire
Flawless Skull
Flawless Topaz
Um Rune
Mal Rune
Ist Rune
Gul Rune
Vex Rune
Ohm Rune
Lo Rune
Sur Rune
Ber Rune

How do I find the Super Chests in Lower Kurast?

Start by taking the Waypoint to Lower Kurast. Look for a specific formation that involves 2 buildings around a bonfire. The building to the West contains 2 Super Chests with an Armor Rack above it, while the one to the Northeast contains another Super Chest with a Weapon Rack. Take note of the image below and memorize its structure. You need to identify this formation quickly while traveling and teleporting at maximum speed.

Here are different ways you can mentally approach this:

  1. Look for the building shapes. When you see a more elongated building Southwest of a shorter building - you know you've found it. The other buildings on the map simply don't look the same, so it's an easy way to find them while zooming around the map.
  2. Look for the bonfire. Self-explanatory - if you notice the bonfire, the buildings are adjacent to it. This is not always the easiest thing to notice on the overlay map, though.
  3. Look for the outside wall. There is always a specific wall below the bonfire, which gives us a final way to identify the right spot.

Tips & Tricks

Bring Keys!

Super Chests can be locked! This requires a set of Keys to open unless you are playing the Assassin. Carry 4 full sets of Keys so that you don’t need to spend time replacing them.

Clear Your Inventory

If you’re only doing Lower Kurast runs, you can completely clear your inventory of your combat Charms. This gives you extra room to pick up goodies, so you don’t have to run back to your Stash to empty your Horadric Cube as often.

Double Bonfire + Single Player Mode

Taking time to find a second bonfire on Battle.net is typically a waste of time, because there aren't always 2 per map. This is completely different in Single Player, as you can constantly reset the maps until you get the one you're after. Reroll the maps endlessly until you find a great one with 2 bonfires next to each other and enjoy 2 for the price of 1! If you are consistent with your routing, the Weapon and Armor Racks typically drop the same item base. When you have a good item Base dropping, remember to farm these for the most chances at GG Runeword Bases!

Farm with Friends or on /Players 7

Higher player counts give much better drops from the Super Chests, so team up with friends in Multiplayer mode, or turn on /Players 7 in Single Player.

Itemize for Speed

We don't need anything except Movement Speed and/or Faster Cast Rate for teleport. Prioritize these stats, open the Super Chests as quickly as possible, then new game!

Ignore Magic Find

Magic Find doesn't impact the drops of the Super Chests, so don't waste time stacking it with this farming method!

Return to Act 4 Between Runs (Optional)

Act 3 is one of the least convenient towns to spawn into when you join a new game. To minimize load times and running through this long town, it can be faster to take the Waypoint to Act 4 before you Save + Exit. Spawning in Act 4 puts you right next to the Waypoint, making for faster Lower Kurast runs.

Build Recommendations

Any build can run around and click on Super Chests, but the key is to pump up your Movement Speed or get a form of Teleport. This can come from the very expensive Enigma or a Staff of Teleportation. Let's look at the movement bonuses available to each class to help us fly:

  • Amazon / Druid / Necromancer - These classes do not have great mobility compared to the others. The best advice we have is to pick up a form of Teleport as stated above and have a Harmony on your weapon swap for the Vigor Aura.
  • Assassin - Burst of Speed helps until we get a source of Teleport, so use this to move around quickly. She also doesn’t need Key to open locked chests, which saves her some inventory space for Faster Run/Walk Charms.
  • Barbarian - There are lots of movement options on the Barb. We have the Increased Speed Combat Mastery, Leap to jump over enemies and obstacles, and Frenzy for increased Movement Speed on hit.
  • Paladin - Has fantastic mobility from Charge and Vigor. This is the best class without a Teleport for this farm.
  • Sorceress - It's no surprise that easy access to Teleport makes the Sorceress the undisputed Queen of this farm. Remember that she's also blessed with Telekinesis which can open Waypoints and the clickables at range. Overpowered!

Lower Kurast Summary

  • Lower Kurast Super Chests are the easiest farm in the game that any class can do, even without gear!
  • This farm is a great source for High Runes, Charms and Crafting Materials.
  • You don't need any Magic Find, and want to farm on the highest player count available to you.
  • Learn to quickly spot the Super Chests by locating the buildings, the bonfire, or the wall.
  • Stack as much Movement Speed and/or Faster Cast Rate as possible to farm efficiently.


Guide by Raxxanterax
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