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Path of Exile Mobile ExileCon News

Last Updated: August 1st 2023

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Get your "nets" ready Exiles, because we have news about Path of Exile Mobile hot off the ExileCon presses! Four years ago at ExileCon in 2019, Grinding Gear Games originally announced the development Path of Exile Mobile. While this certainly took second place behind the Path of Exile 2 reveal, GGG left players with high expectations. Action-packed Path of Exile mapping on your phone, with no pay-to-win elements.

While we don't have a release date, GGG gave some insight into the timing. The plan is to release Path of Exile Mobile shortly after Path of Exile 2.

We're paralleling Path of Exile 2, so obviously you know big brother. We can't really talk about timings of release or anything like that until we're happy with where that's at. Basically Path of Exile 2 will be first. ~ Trevor Gamon

Mapping Experience

Path of Exile Mobile is the Atlas Map system, without a campaign or side content. You begin fighting in an arena for the entertainment of Oriathian nobles. After a short introduction, Dominus tasks you with investigating the disappearance of Valdo Caesarius and his daughter Zana. So it's time to enter the atlas, blast maps and discover the Shaper's origins. Path of Exile Mobile is set 20 years before Path of Exile 1, but the in-game systems are based off of Path of Exile 2. It'll be interesting to see which league mechanics are integrated as part of the experience.

Path of Exile Mobile is being developed in-house at Grinding Gear Games, made by Path of Exile players for Path of Exile players. This means no pay-to-win, no energy systems or other mobile game garbage.

But don't take just our word for it, this was the promise GGG made when they announced the title back in 2019! Of course, that was four years ago and a lot can change in that time so what does Path of Exile Mobile look like today?

Path of Exile Mobile Trailer
Subtractem sits down with Trevor Gamon to play Path of Exile Mobile

During ExileCon 2023, Subtractem sat down with Trevor Gamon for a short gameplay preview and gave some of his thoughts.

Similar to the Path of Exile 2 gameplay demo, the Path of Exile Mobile gameplay we saw had difficulty turned up to 11. But there was time to show off some of the game's systems, combat, and classes. During the livestream they had some issues.


You'll be able to play Path of Exile any time anywhere (provided you have an internet connection, and compatible phone)! Players already got a taste of this with the Steam Deck, but that's not a particularly practical accessory to bring on trips to the porcelain throne. From what Grinding Gear Games revealed, the Path of Exile Mobile experience is more streamlined. This means less time spent going through the campaign, trading, or sitting there staring at Path of Building, and more time spent blasting maps.

Path of Exile DNA

Grinding Gear Games let players get hands-on experience with Path of Exile Mobile during ExileCon 2019, and more players got a chance to play at ExileCon 2023. Content creators who played the game spoke positively about their experiences. The game may be on your phone, but you'll still be dying to porcupines while farming for Divine Orbs just like you are right now.

Find out more on the official Path of Exile Mobile website!

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