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Crafting a Belt for Omni Venom Gyre

Last Updated: March 29th 2024

Necropolis 3.24

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Crafting a Belt for Omniscience builds in Path of Exile doesn't have to be a daunting task. Follow this simple step-by-step guide to craft your own. By following the process below you'll be able to make a Chest resembling the one here. Link to full build guide.

Omni Venom Gyre

Before We Start

If you aren't familiar with the Crafting Methods below, be sure to check out our resources before you start:

Crafting Process

Step 1

Getting Your Base


Buy an Item Level 85+ Belt off of trade with at least one of these Synthesis Implicits:

  • (12-15)% increased Strength
  • (12-15)% increased Intelligence
  • (12-15)% increased Dexterity

Tip: Use Intrinsic Catalysts while the base is Normal rarity to save money later.

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