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Crafting a Quiver for Explosive Arrow Ballista

Last Updated: March 28th 2024

Necropolis 3.24

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Crafting a Quiver for Explosive Arrow Ballista builds in Path of Exile is easy if you know what to do. Follow this simple step-by-step guide to craft your own. By following the process below you'll be able to make a Quiver resembling the one here. For the full build guide click here.

EA Ballista

Before We Start

If you aren't familiar with the Crafting Methods below, be sure to check out our resources before you start:

Crafting Process: Leaguestart Quiver

Step 1

Getting Your Base


To begin crafting an Explosive Arrow Ballista Quiver, buy an Item Level 86+ Quiver with Hunter Influence off of trade. The best bases to choose from are:

  • Broadhead Arrow Quiver
  • Primal Arrow Quiver

You can buy these bases of another influence and randomize them to Hunter using a Harvest bench but be aware it can get expensive (2000 Primal Crystallised Lifeforce per attempt).

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