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How to Repair Vehicles in Once Human

Last Updated: July 9th 2024

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This guide goes over how to repair vehicles in Once Human. After the first few main story quests, Mary gives you a motorcycle to help you get around. Motorcycles take damage from crashing, fall damage, being attacked by mobs, left uncovered in a thunderstorm, or leaving it inside a restricted zone. Once it is this damaged it needs repaired to continue using it.

Unlock the Garage

To repair your vehicle you need a Garage. To build a Garage you first need to unlock the memetic for it. Hit O to open the cradle/memetic screen. Click memetic on the left. Then go to the building tab at the top, and the Garage memetic is in the awakening section on the left side.

Build the Garage

The garage costs you 1 cipher or "meme point" to unlock. If you need more ciphers you can gain them by leveling up or finishing a few season journey tasks.

The garage memetic gives you everything you need to build your own motorcycle, but you don't need any of that since you get one during the main quest. It also gives you the ability to build the garage.

To build a garage go to your territory and press B to enter build mode. Once in build mode, go to the facilities tab and under crafting find the garage to the far right. Click the garage and look for a place with enough room to place it down. Once placed go to the panel and enter the garage.

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Repair your Vehicle

Once inside the garage you can press G to open the repair menu for your motorcycle. X opens up your vehicle list where you decide which vehicle you want to summon or repair.

In this menu you can see how damaged your vehicle is and the cost to repair it. For a small amount of copper and metal scraps, your motorcycle is repaired to full durability.

You can repair your vehicles back to full from any amount of durability loss, even if they explode.

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How to Repair Vehicles in Once Human Recap

Now you know how to repair vehicles in Once Human. If your vehicle is feeling a little too slow be sure to check out the vehicle modding memetics under the garage in the memetics tree. There is a memetic for four wheeled vehicles as well for all your friends to ride together.

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Written by: Soap_GOD

Reviewed by: mkaytea

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