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Once Human Onmyoji and Identity V Crossover

Last Updated: July 8th 2024

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The anticipated Once Human release is just a few short days away and Starry Studios has announced a Once Human Onmyoji and Identity V Crossover! These crossovers feature two new Deviations, the Mini Feaster from Identity V and the Paper Doll from Onmyoji. If you want to learn more about Deviations and how they work, check out our guide on "How to Use Deviations".

Identity V

Image via Starry Studios

Identity V is a 1v4, asymmetrical, horror game with a gothic art style and mysterious storylines. Players can choose to play as either the Hunter or the Survivor. The game features intricate character designs and abilities, a custom mode, and the ability to practice against a bot to test character abilities. Identity V is free-to-play and available to download on Android, iOS, and through the official website.

The Mini Feaster appears to be a combat Deviation that spawns tentacles out of the ground to attack nearby enemies.

Identity V Crossover Trailer


Image via Starry Studios

Onmyoji is a turn-based, fantasy, strategy game with PVP/PVE battles, where you can strengthen your beloved shikigami to build your dream tactical team and defeat various demons to become the ultimate onmyoji. If you're looking to try it out, Onmyoji is free-to-play and available on Steam.

The Paper Doll appears to be a territory Deviation that wields a broom and keeps your territory tidy.

Onmyoji Crossover Trailer


The highly anticipated release of Once Human is almost here and is free-to-play globally on July 9, 2024. For details on launch times, head over to "Once Human Launch Times". With Once Human already full of things to enjoy, the early announcement of the Once Human Onmyoji and Identity V crossovers, add even more things to get excited about. Stay tuned for more Once Human related news, guides, and walkthroughs.

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