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Monster Hunter Wilds: News from SGF

Last Updated: June 18th 2024

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Summer Games Fest 2024 brings new information about Monster Hunter Wilds. The flow of information is still more of a drip than a flood, but more news is coming soon at GamesCom.

Key Takeaways

  • CapCom released a new trailer
  • It’s been confirmed that Monster Hunter Wilds is launching simultaneously on PC, PS5, and Xbox with full crossplay
  • A new monster, the leviathan Balahara, has joined the roster
  • Another monster, as of now unnamed, has been revealed
  • There is an Increased Emphasis on Storytelling in comparison to prior titles
  • Stay tuned for more news from GamesCom in August

A New Trailer

A major part of the presentation, and the source of much of the following information, was this trailer. This trailer introduced two new monsters, showed some interaction with NPCs, and revealed that Palicos are voiced. Palicos can also be toggled back to the classic cat noises, if the player prefers that.


Capcom confirmed that Monster Hunter Wilds is launching simultaneously on Xbox, PS5, and PC with Crossplay. This is the first time a Monster Hunter game supports crossplay. Cross save and cross progression will not be available.

Another New Monster:

This trailer put a focus on a new monster called a Balahara. The trailer showed a pack of these leviathans swimming through the sand, diving at the hunter and spitting a black goop to attack the hunter. This culminated in the Balahara working together to form a quicksand pit, dropping the hunter underground to face a particularly nasty looking member of their species.

A Yet Unnamed Monster Reveal:

It was brief, but we were also shown another as of yet unnamed monster. The monster looks somewhat like a cross between a smaller Shagaru Magala and a pterodactyl. This mysterious creature was shown firing a blast of lightning at an unfortunate Doshaguma. In the presentation, we were told that this monster would be of particular importance. It has been confirmed that this monster is not the flagship, so keep your eyes out at GamesCom in August to potentially learn more

Increased Emphasis on Story

while not a part of the show itself, immediately afterwards, the Monster Hunter official twitter account sent out this tweet:

Story has not typically been considered a strong point of Monster Hunter. There is a story being told, but it is not as important as other design aspects such as the environmental design or monster ecology. It has not been a problem, but rather an area the series has until now chosen not to put the same emphasis on as other parts of their worldbuilding. With the greater emphasis on storytelling, Monster Hunter Wilds seems like it will tell a deeper story than it has in past entries.

More to Come at GamesCom

Capcom announced that the next batch of Wilds information would be coming at GamesCom this August, and that the first playable demo would be available there as well.

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Written by: Brogangh

Reviewed by: Tenkiei

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