April & May Roadmap Detailed Information

Last Updated: 5 April 2022

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An April & May Roadmap was just released that includes new Classes, Guardians, Legion Commander, another Continent and Quality of Life (QoL) improvements! In this article we'll dive into the content and provide you with information not included in the official article here.

New Classes

Disclaimer: Before we take a closer look at the two classes, keep in mind that the information used here is from the current state of the classes on the other regions(KR/JP/RU). According to the KR Devs, major class balance changes and reworks will be added this month to the KR test servers. So it is possible to get a rebalanced or even a reworked version of these classes in EU/NA before the other regions. This could impact the Builds, Gems, Combat Stats and especially Engravings. We at Maxroll have the Raid, PvP, Chaos and Cube guides for both classes prepared, but we will only release it once we know the final patch notes, since following outdated guides might lead to wasting precious resources and Gold.

Glaivier (April)

Glaivier Class

Glaivier belongs to the Martial Artist class archetype and can switch between 2 stances. Focus Stance has a shorter reach but is precise and deadly. Flurry Stance has a wider range. Each stance comes with a different set of skills, displayed below. The Awakening Skill Yeon-Style Spear Technique: Spear Meteor has a similar animation to World Decimation and deals high damage in a huge area. Yeon-Style Spear Technique: Storming Red Dragon on the other hand is quick and often used in PvP situations.

Flurry StanceFocus Stance
Double Strike
Chain Slash
Stampeding Slash
Soul Cutter
Flash Kick
Half Moon Slash
Raging Dragon Slash
Wheel of Blades
Spear Dive
Blue Dragon's Claw
Cutting Wind
Shackling Blue Dragon
4-Headed Dragon
Spiraling Spear
Thrust of Destruction
Starfall Pounce
Dragonscale Defense
Red Dragon's Horn

Destroyer (May)

Destroyer Class

The Warrior class Destroyer has high defense and abilities to increase his survivability. The skill set can be split into 2 categories. The first are Concentration Skills, which generate the class identity resource while dealing decent damage. Secondly, Gravity Release Skills consume the generated resources to deal amplified damage. Often used in PVE, the Awakening Skill Big Bang deals high damage after a short charging time. In PvP, Big Bang catches opponents off guard by lifting them up and slamming back to the ground with the power of gravity.

Concentration SkillsGravity Release Skills
Heavy Crush
Gravity Impact
Power Strike
Jumping Smash
Power Shoulder
Earth Smasher
Running Crash
Gravity Force
Endure Pain
Earth Eater
Full Swing
One-Man Army
Perfect Swing
Gravity Compression
Seismic Hammer

South Vern (April)

South Vern (req. ilvl 1340) is a small Tier 3 continent with only 2 zones. The interesting part about this continent are the contents, which could be released at the same time. It is not confirmed that we'll get everything listed below yet, but let's still go through them to prepare for what lies ahead.

Edge of Chaos Dungeon

Edge of Chaos Entry Board

This dungeon is located in one of the 2 South Vern zones called Bellion Ruins. The Normal Mode requires an item level of 1370 while the hard mode requires an item level of 1415. The item to enter the dungeon can be obtained by clearing a repeatable roster weekly quest. Both modes drop different types of tokens which can be exchanged for T3 Honing Materials, Cards, Engraving Books, Silver and Rapport Items. Possible, the most valuable item that can be bought here is the Focus rune.

Stronghold Merchant Marte

With every new continent, comes a new Adventure Tome. At 70% completion, you will be able to acquire a quest to form a contract with Marte to be one of your Stronghold Merchants. Marte is one of the more important merchants, as he sells both Conviction and Judgment for 27,000 Adventurer's Seal each.

Chaos Dungeon

South Vern Chaos Dungeon Entry Board

The first South Vern Chaos dungeon requires 1415 ilvl. It rewards you with shattered Relic armor parts, with level 3 Skill Trees and a small chance of obtaining them at level 4. The 2nd Chaos dungeon with a ilvl requirement of 1445 can drop Relic grade accessories. Once again, it is not confirmed that we'll have the South Vern Chaos Dungeons right from the start!

Additional Collectibles

With South Vern, comes at least 4 additional Masterpieces you can acquire. At 50 Masterpieces, you can collect a Legendary Card Pack. At 52, you can collect Artist's Treasure Chest that contains 20,000 Gold.

Furthermore, you can acquire Omnium Star #7 from the end boss in the South Vern dungeon in Bellion Ruins. Of course, it's an RNG drop just like the one from the dungeon on Anguished Isle. The 7th Omnium Star will unlock the legendary version of the Protection rune.

Trial Guardians (May)

Trial Guardian Raid Entry Board

The Trial Guardian Raids consist of 3 Guardians which rotate weekly. Each of the Guardians can be cleared once per roster. Upon entering the Guardian Raid, the ilvl of the players is adjusted to the ilvl requirement of the Guardian. Slaying the Guardian and harvesting the soul rewards the player with Honing Materials, Ability Stones and Engraving Books. The fixed rewards are based on the character ilvl which was used to slay the Guardian. On top of that, you get Chests which include Honing Material chests and Ability Stone chests. These chests are roster bound and can be traded to other chars to obtain the materials suited for their Tier.

Deskaluda (May-Tentative)

Trial Guardian Raid Entry Board

Deskaluda is a Tier 3 Raid Level 6 Guardian with an ilvl requirement of 1415. It has high mobility and huge Area of Effect(AoE) skills. On top of that, the Guardian has Stagger, Weak Point and Counter checks. This is the first Guardian rewarding the player with Relic grade accessories. Raid Level 6 Guardians can also drop the legendary verison of Galewind.

Legion Raid - Valtan (May-Tentative)

Valtan Legion Raid Entry Board

Valtan is the first Legion Commander we have to face in EU/NA. Normal mode requires 1415 ilvl and hard mode requires 1445 ilvl to enter. Besides from the usual Tier 3 materials, both modes drop materials that are required to craft the Relic Grade Legion Raid set. You must still be 1445 ilvl to craft the Relic Grade versions of the armor sets though. These sets are usually powerful enough to even change class builds after unlocking certain set bonuses.

Important Information: Most new players are unaware that the current Tier 3.2 Legendary gear, crafted with materials from hard mode Punika Abyssal Dungeon or Argos Raid, belong to the same Tier as the Valtan Relic set. This means, your enhancements of the Legendary Tier 3.2 gear can be transferred 1:1 over to the Relic set. The benefit of transferring the enhancements over to the Relic sets are: Better set effects, higher stats and the ability to enhance the gear up to +25. A honing rate buff for Tier 3.2 shouldn't be expected any time soon and won't make sense either. The normal and hard mode of the next 3 Legion Raid commanders can be unlocked by upgrading the Tier 3.2 Valtan Relic gear.


Secret Maps (April)

The Secret Map which can be obtained from Chaos Gates are often used to do Map rotations in a group of 4 players. After this update, you don't have to run 4 separate dungeons one after another, instead you can simply run one dungeon which rewards you with the materials adequate to the maps each player submitted. Learn more about Chaos Gate and Secret Maps by clicking here.

Note: All players must have the same map name for the map to be shared.

Roster wide Chat Settings (April)

With this update, you don't need to re-edit the chat settings for each newly created char. The chat and the chat tab settings will be shared across the player's Roster.

Improved Book of Coordination (April)

The Improved Book of Coordination helps customize your build for equalized contents like Mystic Achates or Hell Mode Legion Commander Raids. We don't have these content yet!

Daily and Weekly Tracker (May)

You can track on the character change screen the daily and weekly content participation for each of your characters. This helps you to keep track of the important content of your alts which need to be cleared before the next reset.

Other Improvements (May)

Additional improvements include, UI updates, improved party finder & party invites, updated loot dismantling, convenience features for Market/Auction House.


  • The Martial Artist class Glaivier and the Warrior class Destroyer will be released in April & May.
  • South Vern and the other content possibly getting introduced with it will increase the Honing Material income.
  • The weekly Trial Guardian Raid is a normalized content which rewards the player with additional Honing Materials, Ability Stones and more.
  • Deskaluda and Valtan are 1415+ content and might get released at the end of May based on the player base's ilvl.


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