Frost Helgaia Guardian Raid Guide

Last Updated: May 16th 2023

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Frost Helgaia Introduction

Frost Helgaia is the first Raid Level 4 Guardian and you need to be at least 960 Item Level to enter this Guardian Raid. This Guardian drops Tier 2 Accessories, Upgrade Materials and Ability Stones as well as rare drops including Runes, Engraving Books and Cards. It takes 15% more damage from Lightning Element skills.

This Guardian has a similar skillset as the Raid Level 3 Guardian Helgaia. But Frost Helgaia deals higher damage with his most frequent skills, even the Evolve mechanic has an additional layer of difficulty.

All of the Guardian's skills apply a Slow debuff on hit which stacks up to 10 times. Upon reaching 10 stacks, the player gets frozen for a few seconds and is exposed to Frost Helgaia's heavy hitting skills. Having cleansing skill classes in the party such as Paladin, Soulfist and Gunlancer, reduces the risk of slow and freeze significantly.

This Guardian guide assumes you know the basics of a Guardian Raid. Check out the General Raid Guide to learn more.

Special Interactions & Patterns



Upon encountering Frost Helgaia for the first time or after an escape, it floats off screen in the sky. Once a player passes below the Guardian, a shadow appears followed by a smash attack which deals high damage on hit. Make sure to dodge or move away as soon as you see the Guardian's shadow. Once the Guardian lands on the ground, the actual fight begins.

General Patterns



A high damage jump attack added to the attack pool of Frost Helgaia starting from Phase 2. It can be only avoided by reacting fast enough and dodging to the left or right of the Guardian. This attack can be performed up to 2 consecutive times and knocks down the player on hit. Phase 3 amplifies the Attack Speed of this pattern, which makes it even harder to dodge.

Gameplay Video


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