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Last Epoch Lore Hunt Event

Last Updated: July 4th 2024

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On July 12th at 11:00 am CST Eleventh Hour Games is hosting a Last Epoch Lore Hunt Event. You can check the Last Epoch Forums at that time to begin the quest.

Join and compete against your fellow travelers as you embark on a hunt that will take you far and away from the confines of safety. The Researchers have discovered 8 clues relating to the history of Eterra and its people. It is be up to you to decipher these clues and secure the knowledge they protect.

There are all new In-Game Titles and Forum Badges available as rewards for the first 50 participants to complete the event.

How to Enter

Play Last Epoch! That’s it. There is no special sign up or registration for this event.

To enter, players must decipher the information provided by the Researchers. From there, you will need to track down the location of the answers and collect proof of its discovery. Screenshot proof must be submitted to the Official Last Epoch Support Team in a single ticket. All 8 screenshots must be included in a single ticket as shown below. Multiple ticket entries will be disqualified.

How to Play

Traveler’s will find a list of riddles on July 12th, at 11:00 am CST. You must solve each riddle and find the piece of lore it describes hidden somewhere in Eterra.

In arid lands where sands do sweep,
Near the ocean, secrets keep.
A port’s bustle, trade and mirth,
Hides a love of different birth.
With scales and eyes that gleam so bright,
A stranger slithers into sight.
Her heart, once calm, now skips a beat,
For them, a bond both strange and sweet.

Once you have found a point of lore, open it and collect a screenshot.

After all of the riddles have been solved and screenshots have been collected, head to the Official Last Epoch Support Site and submit a Lore Hunt ticket using the special “Lore Hunt” form.


For this event, the following criteria must be followed for a submission to be considered as an Event participant:

  • All submissions must have your Account Name clearly in the subject line
  • All submissions must use the Lore Hunt support form
    • Tickets that do not use this form will not be counted.
    • Multiples of the same submission will be disqualified
  • All 8 answer screenshots must be submitted in the same ticket.
    • Screenshots must remain uncropped and display the entire UI
    • Cropped screenshots will be disqualified
  • Do Not submit follow up tickets to determine answers or placement.
    • All Event winners and placements will be announced after the review process has ended.

Submissions will be closed on July 19th, at 12:00 Midnight CST. Winners will be announced on July 31st in the Last Epoch Forums.

Key Takeaways

  • Event Start Date - Friday July 12th at 11:00 am CST
  • How to Participate - Check the Last Epoch Forums on Friday July 12th at 11:00 am CST.
  • Rules - Double check the list of Rules provided by Eleventh Hour Games in this Forum Post, to make sure you are eligible to win.
  • Rewards - There are all new In-Game Titles and Forum Badges available as rewards for the first 50 participants to complete the event.

More to Come With Patch 1.1

The Maxroll Last Epoch team is hard at work preparing for Last Epoch Patch 1.1, updating all of our Resources and Build Guides to include all of the changes coming to the game. Be sure to check back with us on July 9th when the Patch launches for everything you might need to start strong in Patch 1.1: Harbingers of Ruin.

If you haven't already, head over to our Discord to stay up to date with our content development.

Written by: VisionGL

Reviewed by: Tenkiei

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