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Last Epoch 1.1 Patch Notes

Last Updated: July 6th 2024

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The Last Epoch Team has revealed updates coming in the 1.1 patch notes! There is an absolute massive amount of updates and changes to the game as it heads into Cycle 2 next Tuesday, July 9th.

Key Takeaways

  • Cycle 1.1 - The new Cycle starts on July 9th at 11:00 am CT - all 1.0 Cycle characters and their shared stashes are moved to Legacy as remove-only stashes.
  • Evade - A new special "dodge-roll" ability available to all classes from level 1, with two charges and a short cooldown. Abilities, Affixes, Blessings, and Uniques can modify it. It doesn't grant immunity and can't be unequipped or swapped. 
  • Pinnacle Boss - A tough new boss is being added to the game, Abberoth. Access to the Pinnacle Boss is initially limited to Online Cycle characters, becoming available to all modes the next business day after the first defeat or a week after release, and requires slaying all 10 Harbingers and spending 1 Eye to challenge.
  • Harbingers - Each of the 10 Monolith Timelines has a Harbinger that spawns upon defeating the Timeline Boss. The Harbinger absorbs abilities from the Timeline Boss and drops Harbinger Eyes, which are keys to the Pinnacle Boss. The first is available upon finishing the final Level 90 Timeline, with subsequent Harbingers found in Empowered Timelines at higher Corruption levels.
  • Forgotten Knights Faction - A new Endgame Faction, unlocked after killing your first Harbinger. Helps track Harbinger progress, and also offers various bonuses and rewards. 
  • Boss Ward and Defenses - Dynamic Damage Reduction has been removed, and replaced by Boss Ward. Bosses now have Ward breakpoints instead of dynamic damage reduction, gaining Ward based on maximum health at each breakpoint, with Ward decaying over time. 
  • Player Ward Decay Changes - The Ward Decay formula is being reworked to give a harsher penalty to builds reaching 10,000+ Ward while helping out the lower end for builds below 4,000 Ward. This overall helps to reduce outliers in builds that favor Ward, and gives some support to hybrid builds.
  • Glyph of Envy - A new crafting material that functions as a catch-up mechanic for alt characters - modifies an item unpredictably, and siphons stability to the Timeline where the player last completed an Echo. 
  • Item Factions - Item Factions now go to Rank 12. Merchant's Guild and Circle of Fortune have both been rebalanced to have smoother progression.
  • Merchant's Guild and the Bazaar -  Improvements are planned to come to the Bazaar search functionality later in Patch 1.1.
  • Circle of Fortune - Circle of Fortune now has ways to help farm Boss-specific loot, and Experimental Items. The prophecy duplication Rank Reward has been reworked to act as if the prophecy triggers twice, instead of creating an exact duplicate of the reward.
  • Experience Changes - Experience requirements for levels 98-100 have increased by 20, 40, and 60% respectively.  XP tome scaling begins decreasing at level 60 and above. Tomes from farther echoes now offer up to 7 tomes, and XP tome reward rates have decreased by 29-42%
  • Loot Filter Improvements - New options for adding multiple affix conditions per rule, filtering for Unique items by Legendary Potential or Weaver's Will. Rules are now numbered top to bottom, the lower the number, the higher the priority of the rule. 
  • Gaze of Orobyss Rework and Corruption Pushing - Gaze of Orobyss now grants 12 Corruption per Gaze, instead of variable amounts. Only 4 Gaze can be consumed at once, the rest carry over to the next Echo Web. Only 1 Gaze is lost upon death to a Shade or Orobyss, instead of All. Guests in Multiplayer Parties now gain Gaze of Orobyss when offered a Blessing upon Timeline Boss Defeat. 
  • Blessing Stash and Swapping - All Blessings discovered upon the defeat of a Timeline Boss are now saved and stashed. You can swap between these for a small Gold fee. Alts can also access all saved Blessings at their Minimum roll.
  • Competitive Ladders - A new Level Ladder has been added to keep track of the Race to Level 100 at the start of a new Cycle. Timestamps have been added to the Arena Ladder to show when a push was completed.
  • Channeling Skills Changes - Channeling Skills no longer block Mana Regeneration, Channeling Skills have had their Mana costs adjusted to compensate for this.
  • General Skill Changes - Many Skills have had balance adjustments, Disintegrate, Shield Bash, and Avalanche have had substantial changes. 
  • Acolyte Skills Changes - Many of the overperforming Skills have been tuned down a bit to bring certain Warlock builds more in line with others. Ghostflame now offers less damage reduction, Dodge rating, and has a higher mana cost. The interaction where Profane Veil consumes the Bone Prison from Bone Curse is removed. Minions have received a base HP buff per Intelligence (+8 per, from +5 per). Ghostflame and Profane Veil are seeing the most significant adjustments, though other skills have received tuning and bug fixes. 
  • Mage Skill Changes - Mage is seeing many Skill adjustments to mana costs, mechanics, and effectiveness. Disintegrate is receiving new nodes and adjustments to help compensate for a fix to the unintended use of Ignivar's Head + Gambler's Fallacy. The Frost Claw node "Gift of Winter" now only gains mana on direct casts, and the "Macuahuitl" node now consumes 80% of Frost Claw's mana when cast this way. Firebrand, Frost Claw, and Shatter Strike are receiving the most changes, but many Mage skills have been adjusted to include more Quality of Life and tuning. 
  • Primalist Skill Changes - Avalanche is receiving many changes to how it functions, with new paths in the Skill Passive Tree, and substantial tuning on numbers. Maelstrom's "Sleet Footed" node now grants 3% increased Dodge rating per point, from 12 added Dodge per point. Serpent Strike's "Slither" node now gives a buff that grants more Dodge rating, with a cap based on points allocated.  Maelstrom, Serpent Strike, Summon Storm Totem, Summon Thorn Totem, Swarmblade Form, and Warcry received the most changes, though other skills have also received tuning and bug fixes. 
  • Rogue Skill Changes - There are many quality of life, tuning, and bug fixes to Rogue Skills. Aerial Assault, Cinder Strike, Dancing Strikes, Detonating Arrow, Explosive Trap, Flurry, and Multishot have received the most changes, though many other Skills have been changed in impactful ways. 
  • Sentinel Skill Changes - Sentinel is seeing many bug fixes to skills such as Anomally, Erasing Strike, Healing Hands, and Shield Rush. Shield Bash is receiving a decent-sized overhaul to help focus a bit more on its Offensive options. Forged Weapons are receiving some base stat changes to lower their early-game strength but add more end-game scaling. Rive's "Flame Drinker's Blade" node now caps at 20, instead of unlimited. Forge Strike, Healing Hands, and Judgement are also receiving a lot of changes, but many other skills are also receiving adjustments. 
  • Warlock Passives - Several Warlock Passives have seen adjustments to reduce the effectiveness of their damage output, Ward generation, Damage mitigation, and Ailment scaling. 
  • Spellblade Passives - Spellblade is receiving many substantial changes to its passive tree - including, but not limited to many Passives receiving threshold bonuses, instances of increased damage being changed to multiplicative, and some reductions in Ward generation
  • Runemaster Passives - Runemaster sees several adjustments to Ward gain, critical strike bonuses, and cooldown recovery - most receiving reductions in effectiveness or having their thresholds and cooldowns modified.
  • Sorcerer Passives - Sorcerer is receiving substantial changes to its Passive tree, focusing on aspects relating to the mana cost of abilities, Ward gain, damage bonuses, and mana efficiency. Some threshold bonuses have been introduced, and some skill effects have been replaced. 
  • Beastmaster Passives - Porcine Constituion has been moved beyond the Mastery Lock, removing the "Beast Master Tax" option from other Primalist Masteries. Minor changes relating to Aspect of the Boar. 
  • Shaman Passives - The Shaman Passive Tree received several major changes. Many passives now also grant their benefits to minions. Some passives have new threshold bonuses that affect Endurance, Health and Mana Regeneration, and Damage Penetration. Some nodes have been moved or renamed, and altered to have more synergies within the class. 
  • Blade Dancer Passives - Death's Door now grants Critical Strike Multiplier instead of Added Critical Strike Chance. Skiasynthesis now has a threshold bonus giving 50% More Damage to Shadow Daggers against Rares and Bosses. 
  • Falconer Passives - Finesse Them’s threshold bonus grants 1% minion critical strike multiplier per 3% critical strike avoidance (from 2% per 3%)
  • Marksman Passives - Marksman is receiving many changes to damage and buffs, with some sources of increased damage being changed to multiplicative. Many passives now have new threshold bonuses. Many effects have been adjusted, including those relating to Elemental Arrows. 
  • Sentinel Passive Changes - Time and Faith now grants 2% of missing health restored per point (from 5 health per point) when you directly use Rive, Vengeance, Smite, or Multistrike.
  • Forge Guard Passive Changes - Forge Guard received a substantial amount of Passive changes. Several passives now have threshold bonuses offering stats such as increased Critical Strike Multiplier and Health Regeneration. Many rebalances to Damage and Armor mechanics in the Forge Guard tree. Some passives have had their effects extended to Minions. Some Passives such as Hammer and Anvil, Champion of the Forge, and Master of Arms have been reworked to give new benefits. 
  • Void Knight Passives - The Mastery bonus now scales, granting 1% more melee void damage per 3 vitality, replacing the previous flat 75% increased melee void damage. Eternal Form now includes a threshold bonus that grants 2 health per vitality.
  • Itemization Changes - Some changes to what gear slot certain Affixes can appear on, some new Affixes. Boots, Wands, and Staves have had changes to their implicits, with Boots seeing some adjustments to implicit movespeed, and Wands and Staves receiving a roll range on their Reduced Mana Cost stats. Many defense-related Affixes and Added Damage Affixes have had their roll ranges buffed, particularly at T6+.
  • Unique Items - 30 new Uniques have been introduced, most are random drops, but some are also specific to certain Boss Loot Tables. Some old Uniques have also been rebalanced to reflect balance and mechanical changes in Patch 1.1. 
  • And Much More - There have been many bug fixes, improvements to VFX, SFX, and performance, enemy rebalancing, new music, and polished animations.

Patch 1.1: Harbingers of Ruin launches  July 9, 2024 11:00 AM (CDT)!

Last Epoch Patch 1.1 Overview by Game Director, Judd Cobler

Greetings Travelers, it’s Patch Notes Day!

The team here is incredibly excited to bring this patch to the community, and we have a ton of awesome features to share. Over the last few weeks, you have seen the “What’s New” and “Quality of Life” posts, as well as a smattering of announcements including our Lore Hunt Event, and Twitch Drops 27.

Heading into the weekend, we are excited to share the official patch notes for Patch 1.1 - Harbingers of Ruin. These Patch Notes are massive, so we suggest taking a look at the Developer Overview Video from Game Director Judd.

To prepare the servers for Harbingers of Ruin on July 9th, we will be shutting down our servers 24 hours before the patch, starting:  July 8, 2024 11:00 AM (CDT).

With that, let’s get to the Patch Notes!


The Harbingers of Ruin Cycle begins July 9th at 11:00am CT! 1.0 represented our first new Cycle of play, and now 1.1 is a brand new one.

  • All new characters can be created in Cycle or Legacy realms
  • All 1.0 Cycle characters are now moved to Legacy
  • Those characters stashes are also now moved to Legacy, and shared among similar game modes as usual
    • Shared stash data includes items, resonances, gold, crafting materials, and faction progress
  • Each stash from the previous cycle is now available as a remove-only stash in the appropriate Legacy stash. You may remove any of these items on any Legacy character with the same optional challenge settings and use them as normal.
    • Solo Character Found characters who abandon the challenge will get their SCF stash as a remove-only stash


Evade is an additional special ability available to all classes, and not on the action bar. Check out our What’s New blog post for more details on our design goals for Evade.

  • Evade works similar to movement abilities but:
    • Is not a traversal skill.
    • Is available from level 1, and cannot be unequipped or swapped with other player skills.
    • While evading, players can still take damage (no immunity frames).
  • Comes with 2 charges, and a short cooldown.
  • Evade gains cooldown recovery speed per character level
  • Can be modified by abilities, affixes, and blessings.
  • Can be modified drastically by Uniques.
  • Added evade animations for all classes and transformations

Harbingers of Ruin

Harbingers are a new endgame system, leading to the Pinnacle Boss. Please see our What’s New blog post for an overview on this new system and faction.

Pinnacle Boss

  • Access to the Pinnacle Boss is initially disabled.
    • Only Online Cycle characters will have access to the Pinnacle Boss upon release.
    • It will become available to all modes (Offline and Legacy) the next business day after someone defeats the Pinnacle Boss, or a week after release. Whichever comes first.
  • You must slay all 10 Harbingers to gain the ability to challenge the Pinnacle Boss.
  • After completing the Harbingers questline, you may spend 1 Eye to challenge the Pinnacle Boss.


  • Each of the 10 Monolith Timelines has an associated Harbinger, spawned on defeat of the Timeline Boss.
    • Harbingers absorb abilities from the Timeline Boss that spawns them.
  • The first Harbinger is unlocked after you kill the Timeline Boss in the final level 90 Normal Monolith Timeline.
    • Harbinger fights can then be toggled on/off from the Boss Echo rewards panel
  • Subsequent Harbingers are encountered by killing bosses in Empowered Monolith Timelines, at increasingly higher Corruption levels.
    • Once a Harbinger has been defeated, it will continue to spawn in that same Empowered Timeline (if toggled on)
  • Defeated Harbingers drop Harbinger Eyes. These items act as keys to access the Pinnacle Boss.
    • Harbingers are guaranteed to drop an eye on first kill, with a chance to drop after that.
    • Killing your first Harbinger now also unlocks Empowered Timelines
      • Because of this, Alt characters can now get Empowered Timelines unlocked a bit earlier (after conquering the first level 90 Timeline instead of the third). Example:
        • 1st Character - Conquers the three required Level 90 Timelines, unlocks Empowered Monoliths. Can now go conquer Empowered Timelines for Harbingers.
        • Alt Character - Conquers 1 Level 90 Normal Timeline, Empowered Monoliths unlock, can now go conquer Empowered Timelines for Harbingers.

Forgotten Knights Faction

  • The Forgotten Knights Faction tracks your Harbinger progress. There’s also a Harbinger quest line.
    • This faction is separate from the existing Item Factions.
    • The Forgotten Knights is an Endgame Faction unlocked after you kill your first Harbinger.
    • Like other factions, Forgotten Knights progress is shared among characters sharing a stash
    • Faction progress is only advanced by the requirements of killing new Harbingers, in new Timelines, at the set level of Corruption
  • Ranks in the Forgotten Knights Faction are unlocked with each additional Harbinger kill:
    1. +40% chance for Nemesis items to include an Egg of the Forgotten
    2. +10% chance for doubled Stability gain
    3. Double Harbinger Needle drop chance
    4. +6 Maximum Forging Potential gained by Empowering a Nemesis
    5. +20% additional Glyph of Envy drop chance from Harbingers
    6. The tiers of sealed affixes added by Empowering a Nemesis are 15% higher on average
    7. +1 Corruption gain per Gaze of Orobyss
    8. Blessings roll their value twice and pick the highest roll
    9. Double chance for Harbingers to drop their specific Uniques
    10. Slaying a Harbinger grants 1 additional Gaze of Orobyss
  • Shattered Road zone added, home of the Forgotten Knights Faction.

Party Play

  • Players must have unlocked the level 90 Timelines in order to be able to join the Forgotten Knights Faction. This means that a player must be able to start an Echo by themselves in one of the level 90 Timelines.
  • As a guest, defeated Harbingers will only progress the Forgotten Knights Faction and drop guaranteed Eyes as long as the difficulty and Timeline requirements are met. These can be viewed in the Factions panel.


The Nemesis system introduces new random encounters that can spawn throughout the Campaign, Monolith, and Dungeons. Check out our What’s New blog post for a detailed write up on the Nemesis system.

  • They first appear as a floating pile of armor around the body of a powerful warrior that’s been slain by a Harbinger
    • Clicking on the Nemesis brings up a menu where you can see four items from the slain warrior
    • These items are always Rare, Exalted, or Unique, with bonus chances of being the latter two. They can’t be idols.
      • For characters above level 50, at least one item will always be a Unique
      • Nemesis type and stats are determined by zone spawned in
      • Nemesis loot rolled is determined by character level
    • You have three options in that menu
      • Banishing the Nemesis, losing access to the items.
      • Challenging it, causing you to fight it and gain the items at the end of the fight.
      • Empowering it, causing you to fight it, but allowing it to escape through a time rift at the end of the fight.
  • If you Empower a Nemesis, your next Nemesis encounter will feature a time rift instead of the warrior’s body and the items offered will be the same ones as before, but upgraded.
    • Rare and Exalted items can have their affixes upgraded up to Tier 7 and also increase their Forging Potential to beyond the normal limit.
      • They can also gain sealed affixes, up to T7. Exalted sealed affixes were previously unattainable (aside from Exalted experimental affixes when using a Rune of Research on an existing Exalted experimental affix).
    • Unique items have a chance of gaining Legendary Potential, or becoming a Legendary item, with random affixes added to them.
  • You can Empower a Nemesis up to two times, before you must challenge it.
  • After Banishing or Challenging a Nemesis your next encounter will have a fresh set of items.
    • These items will not change once they’ve been Empowered once.
  • Whenever you defeat a Nemesis, regardless of whether you Challenged or Empowered it, it will also drop a pile of crafting materials. It will not drop regular loot to avoid confusion with the four items offered.
  • At high levels, Nemeses may carry a special item as one of their rewards, The Egg of the Forgotten. This item can be replaced with one of your Uniques that lacks Legendary Potential or Weaver’s Will, allowing you to upgrade that Unique by the Empowering the Nemesis.
    • The chance of this item appearing scales from 0% below level 60, then 20% at level 60, up to 60% at level 100.
      • Rank 1 of the new Forgotten Knights Faction provides an additional +40% chance for the Egg of the Forgotten to spawn.
    • If you do not replace the Egg, it will randomly transform into a different Unique.

Party Play

  • Players can individually interact with a Nemesis. The Nemesis remains after defeat, allowing each player to interact with it one at a time. Each player maintains their own current Nemesis Empower progression, but will still fight each Nemesis as a group.

Upgradable Nemesis Weapons

  • Nemeses can also drop Vengeful weapons that seek out the destruction of the Harbingers that killed them
  • Killing a Harbinger while having one of these weapons equipped upgrades it to an “Avenged” version with improved stats
  • There are Nemesis weapons for every weapon and off-hand type

Gameplay and Mechanics

Note: On first launch after updating to 1.1, all keybinds will be reset to default. This only happens once, further launches should keep any custom keybind changes.

Boss Defenses

Boss Ward

  • Bosses no longer have a variable amount of damage reduction based on how quickly they have been taking damage. Instead bosses have a number of ward breakpoints.
    • When their health is reduced to a breakpoint, they gain ward based on their maximum health. Any extra damage beyond the breakpoint passes through to the ward they gain.
    • Their ward decays over time, but with a different formula to player ward. Instead of the decay scaling with the amount of ward, it scales with how much time has passed since the boss gained it.
    • More significant bosses, such as Chapter Bosses, Timeline Bosses, and Dungeon Bosses, have more breakpoints. Most other bosses have two breakpoints.

Other Boss Changes

  • Bosses have 50% more effective health against stun and freeze
    • Added modifiers for effective boss health against stun and freeze and changed freeze chance to take ward into account.

Ward Decay

Changed the player ward decay formula:


0.4 x current ward / (1 + 0.5 x ward retention)


(0.2 x current ward + 0.00005 x (current ward^2)) / (1 + 0.5 x ward retention)

More details on the ward balancing process in our Quality of Life & More post

Glyph of Envy

  • Added a new crafting item, Glyph of Envy.
    • Glyph of Envy destabilizes an item, unpredictably changing all properties other than the affix being upgraded. This stability is siphoned to the most recent Monolith Timeline you entered, greatly increasing its stability.
    • The Forging Potential of the item is not changed beyond the normal reduction, and the changes cannot result in affixes above tier 5. Existing sealed affixes cannot be changed. Grants far more stability if you have never completed the Timeline before.
    • As it adds much more stability to Timelines that you have not yet completed, it’s particularly useful for going through Non-Empowered Timelines quickly on alt characters.
    • Which Timeline will gain stability is indicated on the Forge button before you use the glyph.
    • The glyph cannot be used by characters that have never started a Monolith Echo.
    • Glyphs of Envy drop in Empowered Timelines and have a similar drop chance to Dungeon keys.

Mechanical Changes

Experience Changes

  • Experience requirement and XP tome changes
    • Increased XP requirements of levels 98, 99, and 100 by around 20%, 40%, and 60% respectively.
    • The XP from XP tomes now scales up less drastically above level 60. This effect is most noticeable above level 85.
    • XP tome rewards from echoes further from the center of the web now contain more XP tomes, up to a maximum of 7 tomes (from all XP tome rewards granting 3 tomes).
    • Reduced XP tome Echo reward occurrence rate by 29%-42% (larger values for lower Corruption and lower distance from the center of the echo web).
    • Minimum skill level changes (character level thresholds for minimum skill levels)
      • 2 at level 8 (from 10)
      • 3 at level 12 (from 15)
      • 4 at level 17 (from 20)
      • 5 at level 24 (from 30)
      • 6 at level 32 (from 40)
      • 7 at level 40 (from 50)
      • 8 at level 50 (from 60)
      • 9 at level 60 (from 70)
      • 10 at level 70 (from 80)
  • Reduced experience scaling from Corruption at high Corruption values.
    • Effective Corruption for calculating experience bonus increases at 25% speed after 300 Corruption (i.e. every 100 Corruption above 300 now is like 25 Corruption above 300 before).
    • Effective Corruption for calculating experience bonus increases at 5% speed after 1000 Corruption (i.e. every 100 Corruption above 1000 now is like 5 Corruption above 1000 before).
    • This is primarily intended to avoid reaching very high Corruption feeling necessary for effectively farming favor.


  • Changed the town scene characters load into. Now, characters will not always load into End Of Time after reaching it, but instead will load the last visited town scene.
  • Reduced item sell costs, especially early on.
  • Added option to only display enemy health bars once damaged
  • Improved ability responsiveness in Online
  • Added the ability to equip a 2 Handed weapon while dual wielding and place those items into your inventory
  • Added a waypoint to Sanctum of the Architect so that if you die, quit, or disconnect during the Liath or Lagon fights you don’t have to rerun the whole Temple of Lagon and Temple Depths zones.

Loot Filter Improvements

  • You can now add multiple affix conditions under the same rule
  • You can now filter for Unique items with specific Legendary Potential or Weaver’s Will values
    • All rules are now numbered top to bottom, the lower the number the higher the rule’s priority
  • You can now toggle a checkbox to highlight which rule in your loot filter caused an item to show up on the ground
  • Added an information to show if an affix cannot drop based off your other conditions under that rule.
  • Added an option in Gameplay settings which allows you to toggle your current loot filter by clicking the button instead of holding it.


  • Changed the default controller inputs to include Evade:
    • Minion Attack is now right stick directional (and uses the right stick direction)
    • Ability bar 2 moved to Y (Xbox) and Triangle (Playstation)
    • Dodge moved to B (Xbox) and Circle (Playstation)
  • Pressing Ctrl + Alt + LMB on game guide pages and internal links now creates a shortcut in the chat.
  • Updated the Support Window to use gamepad controls


  • The ESC Menu should now always be usable on loading screens and on character select
  • Deleting characters now requires the user to type in their character name before they are allowed to click the delete button.
  • Updated the Dungeon error message to be explicit that you cannot re-join the run if you have left or died while in that run.
  • Updated and added new pages to the Game Guide
    • Separated Factions to Item Factions and Endgame Factions
      • Endgame Factions
      • Forgotten Knights
    • Combat Mechanics
      • Damage Taken From Mana Before Health
      • Evade
      • Health and Health Regeneration
      • Mana and Mana Regeneration
      • Boss Ward
    • Monolith of Fate
      • Gaze of Orobyss
      • Harbingers
    • Other
      • Exiled Mages
      • Nemesis
      • World Map
      • Experience
      • World Map

Character Stats Menu Improvements:

  • Added additional stats for each category
  • Added vertical scrollbars to stats categories
  • Added ability to navigate on stats using controller


  • Added Japanese language
  • Translated unlocalized strings
  • Fixed string overlap issues
  • Updated a number of translations for common terms to be more accurate based off player feedback.
  • We will be working to continue to improve localization quality for more aspects of the game in future patches


  • MTX Pets now match the player’s speed
  • Potion drop changes
    • Adjusted the shape and size of the area in which a potion is considered close to a potential drop location and reduces the chance of another potion dropping there. It’s now a 16 radius circle, rather than a 30x30 square. The total area is similar, 804 compared to 900.
    • Reduced the chance of a potion dropping if it’s considered close to enough existing ground potions to bring you to full potions. This chance is now 15% (from 20%)
    • Added a chance for a potion not to drop if it’s considered close to just one existing ground potion. This chance is 12%.


Monolith of Fate

  • The Forged Soldier Monolith ambush now includes only 1 Forged Soldier (from 2), and additionally has 1-2 Armored Phoenixes.
  • Increased gold Echo reward occurrence rate by 2-8% (larger values for lower Corruption and lower distance from the centre of the echo web).
  • Increased shard Echo reward occurrence rate by 7-20% (larger values for lower Corruption and lower distance from the centre of the echo web.)
  • Increased rune Echo reward occurrence rate by 10%
  • Increased glyph Echo reward occurrence rate by 17%
  • Increased Timeline specific Echo rewards (such as Unique or Set Relic) occurrence rate by 6%
  • Gold drop changes
    • Reduced gold scaling from Corruption above 500.
    • Increased gold drops from enemies by 5% globally. Most players will now receive more gold than before from slaying enemies.
  • Changed Necropolis Streets to be less linear, contain more of The Upper Necropolis’s areas, and have more different spawn points for players and random encounters.
  • Enforced more swarming and rare enemies in each Monolith Echo to help ensure a feeling of minimum monster density and avoid echoes that feel too unrewarding due to a lack of rare enemies.
  • Added a search box to the Timeline map with buttons for common reward searches. This creates a quick way to filter and search for desired Echo types and rewards, with matching modes highlighted on the map.

Gaze of Orobyss

  • Each Gaze of Orobyss grants 12 Corruption (from a varying amount, up to 10).
  • Only 4 Gaze of Orobyss can be consumed at once, the rest carries over to the next echo web (from all being consumed).
  • Only 1 Gaze of Orobyss is lost when you die fighting a Shade of Orobyss (from losing all Gaze of Orobyss).
  • Guests also gain Gaze of Orobyss when they are offered a Blessing in an Empowered Timeline, if they have an equivalent Empowered run in the same Timeline.

Blessing Stash and Swapping

  • Blessings are now stored on your character and can be swapped around via a respec vendor NPC in the End of Time for a small gold fee.
  • Defeating a Timeline Boss and unlocking a new Blessing now adds ALL the current rolled values to your list of available Blessings (if higher than previously earned versions), including the Blessings you do not select upon unlock.
  • For alts, Blessings earned on other characters that share a stash will be usable at their minimum roll values until a better roll is unlocked on the alt character.
    • Alt characters must still defeat the Timeline Boss and earn a Blessing from that Timeline in order to use the minimum roll ones from other characters. This will also unlock access to Grand Blessings if they have been previously discovered by a different character.
  • Check out the Quality of Life blog post 2 for more details.


  • Added Cycles dropdown menu
    • Previous Cycles can be viewed as a historic record of when that cycle ended
  • Only Cycle characters can now place on the Ladders
    • Legacy characters cannot add new entries to Ladders
  • Added Level Ladders
    • Ranks characters by total experience points
    • Displays timestamp for characters that have hit level 100
    • Skull icon indicates when a Hardcore characters that have died
      • Previous Hardcore characters are able to then place in the Normal Ladders.

Item Factions

Check out our Quality of Life blog post for more details

General Changes

  • Reduced the total Reputation needed to reach the highest Rank. Now requires 3.1 million, down from 3.3 million.
  • Each Rank in Item Factions also now provides +5% increased Favor gain. At maximum Rank of 12, you will have +60% increased Favor gain.
  • Experience now scales less with Corruption, as Favor gain is tied to this, you will now earn more Favor at lower Corruption and less Favor at extremely high Corruption.
  • Adjusted Ranks 1-10 and added 2 new Ranks to the Merchant’s Guild and Circle of Fortune.

Merchant’s Guild

  • Rank 1: You can sell all items, and you can buy Normal, Magic and Rare items in the Bazaar or directly from other players. (Unchanged)
  • Rank 2: You can buy Set items in the Bazaar or directly from other players. (Unchanged)
  • Rank 3: You can buy Unique items with no Legendary Potential in the Bazaar or directly from other players. (Unchanged)
  • Rank 4: You can buy Idols in the Bazaar or directly from other players. (Unchanged)
  • Rank 5: You can buy Exalted Weapons and Offhands in the Bazaar or directly from other players. (Unchanged)
  • Rank 6: You can buy Exalted Armor in the Bazaar or directly from other players - Boots, Gloves, Helm, Body Armor (Split from previous Rank 7)
  • Rank 7: You can buy Unique Weapons and Offhands with Legendary Potential in the Bazaar or directly from other players. (Previously Rank 6)
  • Rank 8: You can buy all Exalted items in the Bazaar or directly from other players. (Previously Rank 7)
  • Rank 9: You can buy all Unique items, including those with Legendary Potential, in the Bazaar or directly from other Players. (Previously Rank 8)
  • Rank 10: You can buy Legendary Weapons and Offhands in the Bazaar or directly from other players. (Previously Rank 9)
  • Rank 11: You can buy Legendary Armor in the Bazaar or directly from other players. - Boots, Gloves, Helm, Body Armor (Split from previous Rank 10)
  • Rank 12: You can buy all Legendary items in the Bazaar or directly from other players. (Previously Rank 10)

Circle of Fortune

  • Rank 1: Enemies have 35% chance of dropping twice as many items (Unchanged)
  • Rank 2: 45% chance for Runes of Ascendance to be preserved when used on an item that requires at least Circle of Fortune Rank 1 (Unchanged)
  • Rank 3: Whenever an Idol Drops, there is a 25% chance for two more to drop at the same time (Unchanged)
  • Rank 4: When a Set item would drop, the whole set drops instead (Previously Rank 9)
  • Rank 5: 35% chance for double item rewards from Monolith Echoes (Unchanged)
  • Rank 6: Affixes are 50% more likely to be Exalted (Previously Rank 4)
  • Rank 7: Exiled Mages drop twice as many experimental items (New)
  • Rank 8: Uniques are twice as likely to have Legendary Potential (Previously Rank 6)
  • Rank 9: T7 Affixes are twice as common (Previously Rank 7)
  • Rank 10: Bosses have 150% increased drop rate for any specific rewards they have (New)
    • ‘Specific Rewards’ refers to any items dropped by that Boss, for example Ravenous Void dropped by The Husk of Elder Gaspar
    • ‘Bosses’ applies to all unique enemies that display a boss health bar.
  • Rank 11: Items that would drop as Rare have 25% chance of becoming Exalted (Previously Rank 8)
  • Rank 12: Prophecies grant twice as many items (Previously Rank 10 - Changed, formerly “Items from Prophecies are duplicated”)
    • No longer duplicates the actual granted reward, but instead considers as if you had the prophecy itself duplicated, meaning it can roll different Uniques, for example.

Skill Changes

Skill Changes section contains Skill Bug Fixes as well, as some Changes are relevant to Bug Fixes to the same skill.

General Skill Changes

Channeled Skills

  • Most channeled skills which prevented mana regeneration while channeling have been changed. They no longer prevent mana regeneration, but 8 mana has been added to their channel cost.
  • Other modifiers to their mana costs have been adjusted where necessary to account for this change.
  • The goal for this change is to reward characters that invest into mana regeneration, without negatively impacting those that do not.


  • Frostbite now deals 50 damage (from 36)
  • Blind no longer causes enemies to aim erratically. It now makes enemies unable to critically strike (from halving critical strike chance)
  • Withering now has a maximum of 10 stacks (from 20)
  • The bleeds inflicted by Spirit Plague’s Hemorrhage and Laceration nodes now also respect ailment conversion
  • Haste, Frenzy, and Immobilize can no longer be replaced by stacks with a lower remaining duration (e.g. a Haste effect with 4 seconds remaining cannot be replaced by a new one with a 2 second duration)
  • Attempting to replace a long duration Haste stack with a lower duration one will still trigger Advent of the Erased’s effect
    • (Bug Fix) Fixed several cases where self-inflicted ailments were not respecting ailment conversions, such as for Harvest’s Double Edged Scythe, Diothaen’s Bloody Nib, and Bleeding Heart

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where abilities that were not supposed to be able to buffer themselves could buffer themselves in Online mode
  • Fixed an issue where the Sentinel and Acolyte two-hand sword idle stance animation would stop looping after a short time
  • Fixed lightning VFX on a large number of skills including Lightning Blast, Gathering Storm, Disintegrate.
  • Fixed an issue where slots on the ability bar couldn’t be cleared in Online mode.
  • Fixed an issue where ability VFX were offset in Offline mode.

Acolyte Skill Changes

Mage Skill Changes

Primalist Skill Changes

Rogue Skill Changes

Sentinel Skill Changes

Passive Changes



  • Warlock’s first mastery bonus now grants 4% more damage per curse on the target (from 5%)
  • Ward of Malevolence now grants 1 ward per second per 3 intelligence while channeling per point (from 1 ward per second per 2 intelligence)
  • Doom Herald now grants 2% less damage taken while channeling per point and 2% more damage to Damned enemies while channeling per point (from 3% and 3%)
  • Aspect of Death now grants 0.04% more damage per stack of each negative ailment on you per point (from 0.1%)
  • This node previously stated it scaled with points allocated, but did not. The result is that at max investment this node can now give up to 18% more damage at 90 stacks, compared to the 9% more damage at 90 stacks it was giving before.



  • Burden of Knowledge now grants 5 spell damage per point (from 4) and 5% reduced cast speed per point (from 6%)
  • Prismatic Blade’s effects have been replaced. It now grants 1 dexterity per point and 1 added melee damage per point. The added melee damage is doubled if using a sword. It now also has a threshold bonus which grants 8% increased attack speed.
  • Frozen Steel now has a threshold bonus which grants 6% more damage to chilled or frozen enemies
  • Prodigy now has a threshold bonus which grants +1% critical strike chance per 15 intelligence
  • The first mastery bonus now grants 12 ward gained when you use a melee attack and hit at least one enemy (from 4 ward gained on melee hit)
  • Arcane Warden now grants 3 ward per point gained when you use a melee attack and hit an enemy (from 5), but also gives 1 intelligence per point. It now also has a threshold bonus which grants 1 ward decay threshold per intelligence.
  • Flame Walker now has a threshold bonus which grants each stack of Fire Aura a 50% chance to shred fire resistance every second. This can be converted to cold or lightning resistance shred by Freezing Aura or Crackling Aura.
  • Incinerating Aura no longer gives 3 base damage per second per point to Fire Aura. It now gives +1 intelligence per point, and has a threshold bonus which grants Fire Aura 2 spell damage per point of intelligence. It still gives Fire Aura 15% increased area per point.
  • Defender of Welryn’s effects have been replaced. It now gives 1 dexterity per point, and has a threshold bonus which grants 8% increased critical strike chance per point of dexterity. It no longer requires investment into Warden’s Echo.
  • Awe Strike now grants +2 melee lightning damage per point (from 1), and no longer grants 6% increased shock duration with melee attacks per point. It instead grants 1% parry chance per point.
  • River Blade now grants +2 melee cold damage per point (from 1)
  • Volka’s Razor now grants 3% more melee elemental damage with high cost melee skills (from 15% increased). Its maximum points has been reduced to 6 (from 10).
  • Mana Reaver now grants a 20% chance per point to gain 3 mana (from 6% per point to gain 10 mana)
  • Warden’s Echo now grants a 4% chance per point to cast Frost Claw (from 8% chance to cast Elemental Burst). It consumes 80% of Frost Claw’s mana cost when cast this way.


  • Arcane Focus now grants 2 ward gained on direct spell cast per point (from 4)
  • Mental Catalysis now grants 6% reduced bonus damage from critical strikes with a catalyst per point (from 8%)
  • Edict of Scion now grants 2 ward gained per active rune on area skill use per point (from 4), and now requires that the area skill hit at least one enemy
  • Celestial Doom’s threshold bonus now grants 100 ward gained when you hit a branded boss or rare enemy with a spell (from 28), with a 1 second cooldown (from no cooldown)
  • Jagged Veil now grants 2 ward on crit per point (from 1), up to 5 times per second (from no limit)
  • Ancient Inscriptions’s threshold bonus now grants 1% increased cooldown recovery speed per 6 intelligence (from 1% per 4)
  • Inscribed Instruments now grants +8% critical strike multiplier with a wand per point (from 12%)


  • The second mastery bonus now grants 1% more spell damage per 2 mana cost, up to 50% more (from 1% increased spell damage per mana cost, unlimited)
  • Mana Shell no longer gives 15 armor per point. It now gives 2 ward per second per point. It also now has a threshold bonus which grants 1 ward per second per 10 maximum mana.
  • Lost Knowledge grants 1 ward gained per 15 current mana when you use a skill that costs at least 40 mana (from 1 ward gained per 10 current mana)
  • Wisdom’s threshold bonus now grants 5% increased mana regeneration per 100 max mana (from 3%)
  • Arcane Avalanche now also grants +5% chill chance per point, and its effect which freezes nearby enemies on a 10 second cooldown is now a 5 point threshold bonus. It now always freezes 8 nearby enemies (from 1 per point allocated)
  • Arcane Current’s effects have been replaced. It now grants 1% more lightning damage to shocked enemies per point, and has a threshold bonus which grants +100% chance to inflict Spark Charge on hit with skills that cost at least 40 mana
  • Archmage still grants +1 spell damage per point, but is no longer tripled if you have 200 maximum mana. It now also grants 7% chance per point to refund 20% of mana cost. Both of these effects are doubled with at least 300 mana, or tripled with at least 1,000 mana.
  • Cryomancer no longer grants +15% freeze rate multiplier per point. It now grants +5% frostbite chance with cold skills.
  • Pyromancer now grants +5% ignite chance with fire skills per point (from 3%)
  • Ceraunomancer now grants +5% shock chance with lightning skills per point (from 3%)
  • Inferno’s effects have been replaced. It now grants 8% increased fire damage over time, 8% spreading flames chance with fire skills, and has a threshold bonus which grants 15% more fire damage over time to enemies with spreading flames
  • Dragon Mage has been replaced with Mana Bulwark. It grants 2% of damage taken from mana before health per point and +4 mana per point.
  • Dragon Breath’s effects have been replaced. It now grants 7% increased elemental damage per point and 4% increased area for area skills per point.
  • Spell Slinger now grants 3% increased cast speed per point (from 3% increased mana regeneration per point)
  • Arcane Insight no longer grants a chance to gain Insight on hit. It now has a threshold bonus granting +5 ward decay threshold per intelligence
  • Elixir of Knowledge now also grants 5% increased mana regeneration per point
  • Mirror Breath has been replaced with Deep Wells Mana Well. It grants 3% increased mana per point, and has a threshold bonus which grants 50% of mana spent gained as ward.
  • Recollection now has a maximum of 5 points (from 4)
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a bug where Calculated Destruction’s threshold bonus was giving increased critical strike chance, rather than its stated increased spell critical strike chance.


Berserk has now been renamed to Cornered Beast. Its effects are now also active for 5 seconds after you leave low health, and a buff icon has been added to display when it is active


  • Porcine Constitution has been moved beyond the lock, taking the position Envenom was at. It now also grants 4% chance per point to gain Aspect of the Boar on melee hit.
  • The second node named Boar Heart, which gave 1 strength per point and 4% chance per point to gain Aspect of the Boar on melee hit, has been removed. Envenom has been moved to its position.
  • Added a new node, Natural Fortitude, at Porcine Constitution’s previous position. It grants 1 strength per point, 2 added health regeneration per point, and 3 added health regeneration for companions per point. It has a threshold bonus which grants 2% increased health regeneration per point of strength for you and your companions.


  • Shattered Heavens now also grants 20% frostbite chance per point, and grants minions 10% frostbite chance per point and 1 added cold damage with spells and attacks per point
  • Silent Protector’s added armor is now also granted to your totems
  • Tempest Form’s added health, chill chance, and shock chance are now also granted to your minions
  • Earthen Supremacy no longer grants stun avoidance per point. It instead grants 8 endurance threshold per point, and has a threshold bonus which grants 5 stun avoidance per attunement.
  • Fist of Stone now also grants 2% endurance per point, and has a threshold bonus which grants 1% increased health regeneration per 1% uncapped endurance
  • Wind Bringer’s increased cold damage, increased physical damage, and added dodge rating are now also granted to your minions. It now also has a threshold bonus which grants 20% increased dodge rating for you and your minions.
  • Hail Bringer’s chill chance, freeze rate multiplier, and cold resistance are now also granted to your minions
  • Avatar of Thunder now has a threshold bonus which grants 2% spell lightning penetration for you and your minions per 5 attunement
  • Ironbark’s effects have been replaced. It now gives an additional 10 health and armor per point, tripled for totems, and has a threshold bonus which grants 1 health regeneration per 3 attunement, tripled for totems. The threshold bonus also gives totems stun immunity.
  • Conflux’s increased area for area skills is now also granted to your totems
  • Sky Armor has been renamed to Gift of the Skies, and its effects have been replaced. It now gives 2% increased attack and cast speed per point, and 8 dodge rating per point. Its maximum points was reduced to 8 (from 10). It now has a threshold bonus that causes your totems to gain Frenzy for 3 seconds when they are directly summoned.
  • Swirling Maelstrom’s chance to cast Maelstrom when hit now has a cooldown of 3 seconds (from 5), and it now has a threshold bonus granting 20 endurance threshold per stack of Maelstrom
  • Glacial Strike’s threshold bonus has been changed to grant 1% melee cold penetration per 3 strength (previously 40 added melee cold damage every 3 seconds)
  • Ascendant Circle’s effects have been replaced. It now gives 1% more spell damage per point while you have a totem.
  • Storm Blade’s effects have been replaced. It now gives 1% more melee damage per point while you have a totem.
  • Elemental Shrines’s threshold bonus now gives 1% increased mana regen per attunement (from 2% per 3 attunement)
  • Eternal Storm’s effects have been replaced. It now gives 10% increased totem duration per point, and 7% increased minion cold and minion lightning damage per point. Its maximum points has been increased to 5 (from 4).
  • Protective Circle now also grants your totems +3% to all resistances per point



  • Skiasynthesis now has a threshold bonus which grants 50% more Shadow Daggers damage to bosses and rare enemies
  • Death’s Door’s effects are now also active for 5 seconds after you leave low health, and a buff icon has been added to display when it is active


  • Finesse Them’s threshold bonus grants 1% minion critical strike multiplier per 3% critical strike avoidance (from 2% per 3%)


  • Concentration grants 2% more damage per point (from 15% increased damage)
  • Missile Mastery now has a threshold bonus which grants 50% increased effect of armor shred
  • Meditation grants +40 dodge rating per point (from 25), 8% reduced cooldown of Concentration (from 5%), and its maximum points has been reduced to 5
  • Reflection now has a threshold bonus which grants 10% less hit damage taken with Concentration
  • Elemental Arrows no longer requires you to be moving to gain 1 Elemental Arrow each second
  • Siege Quiver no longer grants +1% elemental resistance per point per Elemental Arrow. It now grants 15 ward gained per point when you use an Elemental Arrow.s
  • Focus Fire now has a threshold bonus which grants 1 second of haste after using Evade
  • Barbed Arrows now has a threshold bonus which grants 50% chance to shred physical resistance on hit
  • Poison Tipped Arrows now has a threshold bonus which grants 20% increased poison duration
  • Ethereal Arrows grants 10% of bow skill mana cost as more damage per point (from 50% as increased damage)
  • Assassin’s Quiver grants +1 bow damage per point (from +1 bow physical damage) and it now has a threshold bonus which grants +2% bow critical strike chance. Its maximum points has been increased to 8.
  • Sniper’s Gambit grants +6 bow damage per point (from +5 bow physical damage) and 1% increased damage taken from nearby enemies per point (from 2%)


Sentinels will receive an automatic free respec for their passive tree

  • Time and Faith now grants 2% of missing health restored per point (from 5 health per point) when you directly use Rive, Vengeance, Smite, or Multistrike
  • Relentless now grants 50 stun avoidance per point (from 20) and now also has a threshold bonus which grants 100% increased duration of stun immunity from being stunned

Forge Guard

  • The second mastery bonus, the Stalwart buff, now gives 10% increased armor for each hit you have taken in the last 10 seconds, up to 10 stacks (previously 3%, no stack limit)
  • Unflinching now grants 100 stun avoidance per point (from 40) and now also grants 6 health per point
  • Crushing Blows now grants 0.1% more damage per 1 mana cost (from 0.5% increased damage per 1 mana cost). Its maximum points has been reduced to 5 (from 6).
  • Shield Breaker now only adds 3 mana cost to throwing skills (from 6)
  • Steel Aegis now also grants 10 armor per point. Its non-scaling 2% block chance has been moved to a threshold bonus which now grants 3% block chance.
  • Fresh From the Forge’s effects have been replaced. It now grants 1 melee physical damage, 1 melee fire damage, 1 throwing physical damage, and 1 throwing fire damage per point. It now has a threshold bonus which grants 20% physical penetration and 20% fire penetration to Smelter’s Wrath and Forge Strike.
  • Iron Attunement now has a threshold bonus which grants 1% of armor mitigation percentage also applies to damage over time taken per 2 attunement
  • Champion of the Forge’s effects have been replaced. It now grants 10% increased critical strike chance if you’re using a two handed weapon. It now also has a threshold bonus which grants +1% critical strike multiplier per 2 strength if you’re using a two handed weapon.
  • Hammer and Anvil’s effects have been replaced. It now gives you and your minions 20% chance to shred armor per point, and has a threshold bonus which grants your minions 30% increased attack speed for 3 seconds when you directly use an ability that costs 20 or more mana.
  • Iron Reflexes now also grants 2% reduced bonus damage taken from critical strikes. Its non-scaling conversion of dodge rating to armor has been moved to a threshold bonus.
  • Molded by the Forge’s effects have been replaced, and it has been renamed to Master of Arms. It now grants 1% parry chance and 3% increased attack speed per point when dual wielding, 2 strength per point with a two handed weapon, and 6% frailty chance and 3% reduced bonus damage taken from critical strikes with a shield.
  • Shield Crafter’s increased minion health and increased minion armor have been reduced to 40% per point (from 50%). It now grants a 10% chance per point to summon a single shield from Ring of Shields when you block, which can trigger up to 3 times every 6 seconds (previously 1% chance per point to cast Ring of Shields, no cooldown). It now also grants +20 block effectiveness per point per active shield from Ring of Shields.
  • Thornmail now has a threshold bonus which grants 5 damage reflected to attackers per 1% armor mitigation
  • Infinite Bulwark’s increased armor on potion use now also applies to your minions. It now also has a threshold bonus which causes you to heal your minions for an amount equal to your armor when you use a potion.
  • Osprixbane’s effects have been replaced, and it has swapped names with Walls of Solarum. It now grants 1% less damage taken per point, doubled if you have at least 50% block chance. It now grants a non-scaling 3% block chance. Its maximum points has been reduced to 5 (from 8).
  • Walls of Solarum has swapped names with Osprixbane. Its effects now also apply to your minions, and it now has a threshold bonus which grants 1% less fire damage taken per 10% overcapped fire resistance.
  • Flawless Defender now gives 75 armor per point (from 50), and no longer has the non-scaling 3% block chance.
  • Lethal Strikes now has a threshold bonus which grants 1% physical and fire penetration per 5 strength
  • Avatar of War’s effects have been replaced. It now grants 8% increased physical and fire damage, and 8% increased minion physical and minion fire damage. It now has a threshold bonus which consumes all stacks of Stalwart when you directly use a melee or throwing area skill that costs at least 10 mana, granting the skill 10% increased area per stack consumed. Its maximum points has been inreased to 8 (from 1).
  • Javelineer now has a threshold bonus which grants +1% throwing critical strike chance per 5 dexterity
  • Folded Steel now also grants 2% increased duration per point for Forged Weapons, and its non-scaling bonus of +2 max Forged Weapons has been moved into a threshold bonus
  • Guardian now grants 10% increased stun chance per point (from 6%) and now also grants 8% increased health regeneration per point

Void Knight

  • The first mastery bonus now grants 1% more melee void damage per 3 vitality (previously 75% increased melee void damage, not scaling)
  • Eternal Form now also has a threshold bonus which grants 2 health per vitality

Item Changes

General Changes:

  • Sealed affix text color has been changed back to beige (changed to white in 1.0), making it clear they’re a separate category to other affixes
  • Added health regen now rolls on amulets instead of boots
  • Increased health regen can no longer roll on boots or amulets
  • Added a Dodge Rating while Evading and Increased Dodge Rating suffix that only rolls on boots
  • The Increased Dodge Rating suffix can no longer roll on boots
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a bug where the Archive Robes implicit granted increased void resistance instead of added void resistance
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a bug where the Crumbling suffix on Rogue’s Large Shadow Idols granted increased armor shred effect instead of its stated increased armor shred duration
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a bug where Prophecy Blade was granting a higher amount of increased elemental melee attack speed than intended. It now grants 5% - 12% increased elemental melee attack speed

Boots changes

  • Boot implicit changes
    • Leather Boots grant 8-10% increased movement speed (from 7-9%)
    • Iron Boots grants 8-10% increased movement speed (from 7-9%)
    • Outcast Boots grant 8-10% increased movement speed (from 10-12%) and +1 evade charge (from 10-20% increased dodge rating)
    • Brigandine Boots grant 11-14% increased movement speed (from 13-15%) and 56 armor (from 53)
    • Shrine Boots grant 11-14% increased movement speed (from 15-18%) and 16-32% increased cooldown recovery speed for evade (from 10-20% reduced duration of stuns received) and requires level 55 (from 58)
  • Boot Prophecy Changes
    • The rare Shrine Boots prophecy now grants Celestial Boots instead
  • Unique Boots Changes
    • Raindance grants 10-13% increased movement speed (from 10%) and now also grants 13-20% reduced duration of stuns received
    • Snowdrift grants 160-320 Dodge Rating while using Evade (from 16-32% increased dodge rating)

Wand implicit changes

  • Ornate Wand grants -3 to -4 spell mana cost (from -3)
  • Siren Wand grants -3 to -4 spell mana cost (from -3)
  • Astrology Wand grants -3 to -4 spell mana cost (from -3)
  • Crystal Wand grants -3 to -5 spell mana cost (from -3)
  • Profane Wand grants -3 to -5 spell mana cost (from -3)
  • Dragonhorn Wand grants -3 to -5 spell mana cost (from -3)

Staff implicit changes

  • Moon Staff grants -3 to -4 spell mana cost (from -3)
  • Temple Staff grants -3 to -5 spell mana cost (from -3)
  • Abyssal Staff grants -3 to -5 spell mana cost (from -3)

Affix Value Changes


  • T6 grants 150-190 armor (from 140-180)
  • T7 grants 191-260 armor (from 181-240)

Health Gained on Block

  • T1 grants 3-5 health (from 3)
  • T2 grants 6-9 health (from 4)
  • T3 grants 10-14 health (from 5-6)
  • T4 grants 15-19 health (from 7-8)
  • T5 grants 20-30 health (from 12-1)
  • T6 grants 35-49 health (from 15-19)
  • T7 grants 50-75 health (from 20-25)

Added Block Chance

  • T6 grants 15-20% added block chance (from 15-19%)
  • T7 grants 21-26% added block chance (from 20-25%)

Added Block Effectiveness

  • T6 grants 700-1000 added block effectiveness (from 700-950)
  • T7 grants 1001-1400 added block effectiveness (from 951-1300)

Added Dodge Rating

  • T1 grants 20-29 added dodge rating (from 15-25)
  • T2 grants 30-39 added dodge rating (from 26-36)
  • T3 grants 40-49 added dodge rating (from 37-48)
  • T4 grants 50-65 added dodge rating (from 49-60)
  • T5 grants 66-85 added dodge rating (from 61-80)
  • T6 grants 110-150 added dodge rating (from 100-125)
  • T7 grants 151-200 added dodge rating (from 126-160)

Added Health

  • T6 grants 95-120 health (from 95-115)
  • T7 grants 121-160 health (from 116-150)

Added Mana

  • T6 grants 70-90 added mana (from 65-80)
  • T7 grants 91-120 added mana (from 81-100)

Added Melee Damage (Cold, Fire, Lightning, Physical, Void)

  • T6 grants 40-50 added melee damage (from 36-44)
  • T7 grants 51-65 added melee damage (from 45-55)

Stun Avoidance

  • T6 grants 550-700 stun avoidance (from 500-650)
  • T7 grants 701-900 stun avoidance (from 651-850)

Added Spell Damage For Swords

  • T6 grants 32-40 added spell damage (from 30-38)
  • T7 grants 41-50 added spell damage (from 39-48)

Chance to (Bleed/Blind/Chill/Ignite/Poison/Shock/Slow on hit)

  • T6 grants 40-49% chance to apply on hit (from 30-46%)
    - T7 grants 50-65% chance to apply on hit (from 47-60%)

Added Health Regen

  • T6 grants 20-25 added health regen (from 18-23)
  • T7 grants 26-35 added health regen (from 24-30)

Increased Armor

  • T6 grants 40-50% increased armor (from 40-48%)
  • T7 grants 51-70% increased armor (from 49-60%)

Increased Dodge Rating

  • T6 grants 55-65% increased dodge rating (from 48-60%)
  • T7 grants 66-80% increased dodge rating (from 61-75%)

Increased Health

  • T6 grants 15-20% increased health (from 15-19%)
  • T7 grants 21-26% increased health (from 20-25%)

Increased Mana Regen

  • T5 grants 30-38% increased mana regen (from 30-35%)
  • T6 grants 40-49% increased mana regen (from 40-45%)
  • T7 grants 50-60% increased mana regen (from 46-55%)

Increased Melee Damage

  • T1 grants 10-19% increased melee damage (from 6-12%)
  • T2 grants 20-30% increased melee damage (from 13-21%)
  • T3 grants 31-43% increased melee damage (from 22-30%)
  • T4 grants 45-58% increased melee damage (from 31-39%)
  • T5 grants 60-85% increased melee damage (from 40-60%)
  • T6 grants 100-139% increased melee damage (from 75-95%)
  • T7 grants 140-180% increased melee damage (from 96-120%)

Intelligence, Vitality, Dexterity, Strength, and Attunement

  • T6 grants 11-13 of the rolled attribute (from 10-12)
  • T7 grants 14-16 of the rolled attribute (from 13-16)

Percent Damage Reflected

  • T1 grants 5-10% percent damage reflected (from 5-7%)
  • T2 grants 11-19% percent damage reflected (from 8-10%)
  • T3 grants 20-28% percent damage reflected (from 11-13%)
  • T4 grants 29-38% percent damage reflected (from 14-17%)
  • T5 grants 39-50% percent damage reflected (from 18-25%)
  • T6 grants 70-80% percent damage reflected (from 30-36%)
  • T7 grants 81-100% percent damage reflected (from 37-50%)


  • T1 grants 10-15 thorns (from 3-6)
  • T2 grants 20-30 thorns (from 7-14)
  • T3 grants 40-55 thorns (from 15-25)
  • T4 grants 60-80 thorns (from 26-45)
  • T5 grants 90-150 thorns (from 46-75)
  • T6 grants 250-300 thorns (from 100-130)
  • T7 grants 301-400 thorns (from 131-200)


  • T6 grants 20-26% endurance (from 20-24%)
  • T7 grants 27-35% endurance (from 25-30%)

Added Bow Damage (Physical, Fire, Cold and Lightning)

  • T5 grants 10-14 added bow damage (from 10-12)
  • T6 grants 16-22 added bow damage (from 15-19)
  • T7 grants 23-28 added bow damage (from 20-24)

Health and Stun Avoidance (hybrid affix)

  • T6 grants 75-99 health (from 70-91)
  • T7 grants 100-130 health (from 91-120)

Experimental Dodge Rating and Endurance Threshold (hybrid affix)

  • T5 grants 57-80 dodge rating (from 57-75)
  • T6 grants 95-130 dodge rating (from 90-120)
  • T7 grants 131-170 dodge rating (from 121-160)

Mana and Mana Regen (hybrid affix)

  • Can no longer roll on sceptres

% Increased Mana Regen

  • T1 grants 6-8% increased mana regen (from 10-14%)
  • T2 grants 9-12% increased mana regen (from 15-19%)
  • T3 grants 13-16% increased mana regen (from 20-24%)
  • T4 grants 17-20% increased mana regen (from 25-29%)
  • T5 grants 21-25% increased mana regen (from 30-35%)
  • T6 grants 30-35% increased mana regen (from 40-45%)
  • T7 grants 36-42% increased mana regen(from 46-55%)

Experimental Volatile Zombie on Potion Use

  • T3 grants 2 zombies summoned (from 3)
  • T4 grants 2 zombies summoned (from 3)
  • T5 grants 2 zombies summoned (from 4)
  • T6 grants 3 zombies summoned (from 5)
  • T7 grants 4 zombies summoned (from 6)

Experimental Mana on Potion Use (hybrid affix)

  • Mana on Potion Use
    • T1 grants 8-9 mana (from 11-12)
    • T2 grants 10-11 mana (from 13-14)
    • T3 grants 12-13 mana (from 15-17)
    • T4 grants 14-16 mana (from 18-20)
    • T5 grants 17-20 mana (from 21-25)
    • T6 grants 25-29 mana (from 28-33)
    • T7 grants 30-35 mana (from 34-40)
  • Mana Regen for 4s on Potion Use
    • T1 grants 10-15% mana regen (from 10-13%)
    • T2 grants 16-22% mana regen (from 14-17%)
    • T3 grants 23-30% mana regen (from 19-23%)
    • T4 grants 31-39% mana regen (from 24-29%)
    • T5 grants 40-50% mana regen (from 30-40%)
    • T6 grants 65-80% mana regen (from 50-62%)
    • T7 grants 81-100% mana regen (from 64-80%)

Freeze Rate Per Stack of Chill

  • T1 grants 14-16% freeze rate (from 30-33%)
  • T2 grants 17-20% freeze rate (from 34-37%)
  • T3 grants 21-25% freeze rate (from 38-42%)
  • T4 grants 26-31% freeze rate (from 43-47%)
  • T5 grants 32-37% freeze rate (from 48-57%)
  • T6 grants 40-50% freeze rate (from 70-85%)
  • T7 grants 51-65% freeze rate (from 86-105%)

Experimental Traversal Cooldown Recovery on Potion Use

  • T2 grants 0.6s traversal CD (from 0.6-0.7s)
  • T3 grants 0.7s traversal CD (from 0.8-0.9s)
  • T4 grants 0.8-0.9s traversal CD (from 1.1-1.2s)
  • T5 grants 1.1-1.2s traversal CD (from 1.3-1.5s)
  • T6 grants 1.4-1.5s traversal CD (from 1.7-1.9s)
  • T7 grants 1.6-1.8s traversal CD (from 2-2.5s)

Increased Chance To Find Potions

  • T1 grants 16-20% increased chance (from 10-13%)
  • T2 grants 21-25% increased chance (from 14-17%)
  • T3 grants 26-32% increased chance (from 19-23%)
  • T4 grants 33-40% increased chance (from 24-29%)
  • T5 grants 41-50% increased chance (from 30-40%)
  • T6 grants 70-89% increased chance (from 50-62%)
  • T7 grants 90-120% increased chance (from 63-80%)

Bow Crit and Attack Speed (hybrid affix)

  • T5 grants 12-15% attack speed (from 12-16%)
  • T6 grants 19-21% attack speed (from 19-23%)
  • T7 grants 22-25% attack speed (from 24-28%)

Unique Items

  • Added 30 new Uniques:
    • Naal’s Tooth, Razorfall, Sword Catcher, Black Blade of Chaos, Orian’s Sun Seal, Cruelty, Traitor’s Tongue, Scales of Lemniscate, Bane of Winter, Palarus’s Sacred Light, The Inevitable, Phantom Grip, Yrun’s Penance, Flight of Quetzeri, Triboelectra, Plague Dragon’s Tongue, Nihilis, Wall of Nothing, Aberroth’s Command, Stealth, Seed of Ekkidrasil, Null Portent, Fingers of the Phantom Mire, Carcinization of Momentum, Phase Point, Grim Constitution, Monument of Protection, Event Horizon, World Splitter, Flames of Midnight, Celestial Doom

Unique Item Changes

Bastion of Honor

  • Effective level for Legendary Potential is now 75 (from 90)

Bhuldar’s Wrath

  • Effective level for Legendary Potential is now 80 (from 90)

Bloodkeeper’s Nest

  • Effective level for Legendary Potential is now 60 (from 70)
  • Bloodkeeper’s Nest now causes minions to leech 4% of physical damage as health (from 3%)

Blood Roost

  • Now grants 100% to 200% of your bleed chance to your Falcon (from 130 to 300%), and it is now less likely to drop

Cleaver Solution

  • No longer has 6% to 16% more damage to bleeding enemies

Cradle of the Erased

  • grants 8-11% block chance per stack of Golden Aegis (from 10-13%), 22-32 ward gain on block (from 13-20), and +1 block effectiveness per 1% total uncapped resistances (from 2 per 1%)

Diothaen’s Bloody Nib

  • Effective level for Legendary Potential is now 75 (from 80)

Dragonflame Edict

  • Fixed a bug where Dragonflame Edict’s Dragonflame Nova was being cast by the player instead of by the minion nearest to the target location

Eulogy of Blood

  • Effective level for Legendary Potential is now 70 (from 83), and its chance to cast Rip Blood at 5 nearby targets on melee hit now has a 3 second cooldown (from 2)


  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a bug where Exsanguinous’ orb VFX did not show up in Online mode

Frostbite Shackles

  • Now grants +1% ward retention per 2% uncapped cold resistance (from +1% ward retention per 1% uncapped cold resistance)

Gambler’s Fallacy and Soul Gambler’s Fallacy

  • Crit Chance bonus no longer applies to channeled skills and is no longer reflected in tooltip DPS, in order to prevent confusion.
  • Soul Gambler’s Fallacy now has an effective level for Legendary Potential of 30 (from 41)
  • Soul Gambler’s Fallacy now has flavor text

Gathering Fury

  • Effective level for Legendary Potential is now 20 (from 25)

Immolator’s Oblation

  • Now grants 2 spell damage for fire and necrotic skills per stack of ignite on you, up to 20 stacks (from 4-6 spell damage, up to 40 stacks)

Jelkhor’s Blast Knife

  • Now grants +48 to 65 melee damage for directly used Detonating Arrow (previously did not require direct use)

Last Laugh

  • Instantly kills enemies that are left below 15-20% health (from 15-25%) by a melee attack

Lethal Concentration

  • Poison Damage stats now apply at 150-210% effectiveness to your skeleton Rogues (from 100%)
  • Poison Damage stats now also apply at 150-210% effectiveness to your Falcon
  • Now also grants 1-3 to Throwing Minion Skills


  • No longer has the “Enemies you blind cannot crit” affix, as this functionality is now inherent to blind
  • Now grants 30-60% chance to blind on hit (from 14-40%)
  • Now grants 10-18% more hit damage to blinded enemies with Multishot (from 10-14%)


  • Freeze rate per stack of chill affix has been replaced with 2% to 4% less damage taken from chilled enemies

Plague Bearer

  • Effective level for Legendary Potential is now 60 (from 70)

Sacrificial Embrace

  • Effective level for Legendary Potential is now 70 (from 81)


  • Effective level for Legendary Potential is now 50 (from 60), and it now adds a 6s cooldown to Summon Vines (from 7)

Sinathia’s Dying Breath

  • Grants 16-19% increased block effectiveness (from 60-66%), 30-33% all resistances (from 25%), 91-166% increased curse damage (from 60-166%), and +66-91 curse spell damage (from 60-66)


  • Now also grants chill immunity
  • Now always uses the Gladiator Helm base type (rather than Iron Casque or Gladiator Helm), but always requires level 10 (from 10 or 65 depending on base type)
  • No longer grants +40 armor (the armor from the implicit remains, and versions that previously used Iron Casque now grant more armor then before)
  • Now also grants 16-24% more armor against chilled enemies
  • Now also grants 16-24% more armor against blinded enemies


  • Now grants 1% cold penetration with Frostbite per 10% freeze rate multiplier (from 2% per 10%)

Talons of Valor

  • Effective level for Legendary Potential is now 30 (from 17), and it is now less likely to drop

The Kestrel

  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a bug where The Kestrel’s effect of haste on you stat was not working

Trident of the Last Abyss

  • Chance to cast Abyssal Echoes on melee kill can now also be triggered by hitting a boss or rare enemy with a melee attack

Wings of Argentus

  • Effective level for Legendary Potential is now 90 (from 115)

Wraithlord’s Harbour

  • The Wraithlord can now consume up to 5 minions within a single cast (from an unlimited amount), and gains +3 spell damage for each minion consumed (from +10). The buff can still stack endlessly.
  • The Wraithlord’s Stygian Beam ability now has a base damage and damage effectiveness of 40 and 200% (from 70 and 350%)


  • Wrongwarp now time locks enemies within 4 meters of your destination (from 8 meters), and now only time locks non-boss enemies (from time locking all enemies). Bosses are instead slowed
  • Wrongwarp grants 5-10% increased cooldown recovery speed for Teleport and Transplant (from 35-55% listed, 10-18% actual)
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a bug where Wrongwarp’s increased spell damage per 1% increased movement speed was giving increased damage instead of increased spell damage

Enemies Balance

Bitterwing and Gloomscreecher Bat

  • Damage of ice breath attack scales up over the duration of the cast from 50% to 100%

Blood Scorpion

  • Deal 24% less poison damage

Elder Gaspar

  • Improved hit-box of tri-elemental beam of Elder Gaspar to more tightly match visuals

Forged Soldier

(Aim to decrease the pressure to melee characters)

  • Increased duration of flamethrower attack from 2.2s to 3s
  • Reduced visual noise of their fire warpath ability
  • Melee attacks are 20% slower
  • Flamethrower deals 11% less damage
  • Ignites applied from its Fire Ground have 30% reduced duration


  • Sand Twister deals 17% less damage


  • Optimized Heorot’s ice stab attack (performance and reliability)
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed indicator on Heorots triple ice nova attack displaying incorrectly after first cast

Osprix Lightmage

  • Holy Meteor attack range reduced from 30 to 12

Osprix Warrior

  • Deals 12% less fire damage

Tundra Stalkers and Ulatri Scavengers

  • Leap deals 17% less damage (from 50% less earlier)
  • Melee attack deals 12.5% less damage (from 35% less earlier)

Possessed Construct in Soulfire Bastion

  • Added a failsafe to ensure that their entrance animation will not override any ability animations
  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a bug where sometimes their visuals would not appear

Ruby Captain Arjani

  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a bug where entrance animation wouldn’t play and played too quickly

Sacred Bloom

  • Long ranged attack range lowered from 35 to 27.
  • Adjusted the arc of the long ranged attack to make it more clear what direction they are shooting from.

Sand Scorpion

  • Added a visual indicator for the poison tail attack for theming (not meant to be dodged if in range)
  • Deal 24% less poison damage

Scalebane Saboteur

  • Increased the time till detonation of his thrown javelin ability from 1.2 to 1.6 seconds
  • Changed visuals to better reflect and indicate impending explosion

Siege Golem

  • Reduced range of their large arrow attack from 20 to 18.
  • Reduced area of large arrow attack slightly. (Radius from 4.3 to 4)

Solar Archer (Rahyeh ranged soldier)

  • Bow attack deals 12.5% less damage

Spine Hunter

  • Now tracks your movement slightly less well before leaping

Spine Hunter Alpha

  • Now idles for 1.3 seconds after howling
  • Reduced damage by 15%
  • Now tracks your movement slightly less well before leaping

Storm Crawler Crabs

  • Now always turn to the target before shooting their lightning beams and the rate of lightning beams has been reduced


  • Deals 5% less fire damage
  • eals 0.7% less melee damage
  • Phoenix Flamethrowers deal 17% less damage

Teeming Husk

  • (Bug Fix) Fixed an issue with VFX on the Teeming Husk throw attack.

Tundra Stalker

  • Reduced size by 30%
  • Damage of ice breath attack scales up over the duration of the cast from 50% to 100%
  • Reduced Leap attack damage from 60 to 30
  • Melee attacks reduced from 40 to 26.
  • Ice breath has 25% less chance to inflict Frostbite each second

Ulatri Scavenger

  • Damage of fire breath attack scales up over the duration of the cast from 50% to 100%
  • Flame breath has 30% less chance to ignite each second
  • Reduced size by 20%
  • Reduced size of flame breath attack by 20%
  • Reduced Leap attack damage from 60 to 30
  • Melee attacks reduced from 40 to 26.

Undead Hydra

  • The Snake Infection from their Poison Burst deals 25% less damage over its full duration

Void Prophet

  • Has 44% more health

Voidfused Armor

(these changes are intended to make them more rewarding to kill, as they are decently tanky but often not worth killing)

  • Grants 27% more experience
  • Grants 50% more gold when they drop gold
  • Grants 69% more items when they drop items

Voidfused Earth

  • Grants 50% more experience
  • Deals 14% less void damage

Wengari Shaman

  • Totem cast ranged reduced from 15 to 12
  • Shield buff range reduced from 25 to 15


  • (Bug Fix) Fixed a bug where the following enemies could not be pierced by projectiles
    • Spirit of Grael
    • Son of Artor


MTX Weapons

  • You can now apply MTX weapons of types different than the MTX weapon
    • Only if the weapons have similar animations
    • For example: one-hand sword, axe, and mace are interchangeable
  • Tooltip now lists ALL eligible equipment types
  • You can now equip some one handed items in the off hand slot
  • You can now equip the same MTX item in off hand and main hand at once

MTX Titles

  • Added a new type of cosmetic, Titles MTX
    • You can now apply an in-game Title cosmetic, which displays above a character’s head (below character name)
    • Equipped from the Cosmetics panel dropdown
    • Immortal Supporters and above now have corresponding Title MTX awarded
  • Added 3 new MTX Titles: Abyssal Templar. Abyssal Vanquisher. Abyssal Legend


  • Added 4 new Pets: Deep Lurker, Abyssal Lure, Nihilimus, and Voidwing
  • Added 4 new Armor Sets: Sea Prowler’s Demise, Scourge of the Depths, Oblivion’s Champion, and Harbingers Plate
  • Added 4 new Helms: Sea Tyrants Maw, Deep Watcher’s Helm, Aterroth’s Memento, and Orenthia’s Regret
  • Added 6 new Backslots: Darkwater Cloak, Deep Dweller’s Cape, Deep Crawler’s Embrace, Voidbringer’s Cloak, Mantle of the Ruined, and Wings of Oblivion
  • Added 8 new Weapons: Edge of Sunken Light, Katana of Sunken Light Bundle, Deepscale Dagger, Knowledge of the Depths, Void Cleaver, Oblivion Shot, and Bulwark of Ruin
  • Added 5 new Portals: Call of the Deep, Abyssal Pool, Sunken Gatekeeper, Crest of the Voidwalker, and Harbingers Gateway
  • Added 4 new Supporter Packs: Abyssal Traveler, Abyssal Templar, Abyssal Vanquisher, and Abyssal Legend


  • Visual Adjustments to the shop UI

Visual and Sound Improvements


  • Updated the lighting in The Caldera of Souls
  • Added additional options for viewing Endurance Threshold on the Health Globe
  • Updated Communion of the Erased 2D art
  • Polished visuals for some Sentinel Gear Sets
  • Polished visuals for our MTX Backslots
  • Added Voice Acting section to the credits


  • Disintegrate has new SFX for when it increases in tiers including layered loops for each tier (for all conversions)
  • Healing Hands has a new base sound and melee conversion sounds
  • The environmental audio in Chapter 6 has been overhauled
  • Chapter 7 has all new environmental sounds
  • Monolith Gates have new SFX
  • Exp tomes that drop in Monolith hub have a new pickup sound effect
  • Greatly reduced play frequency of Falcon vocal sounds
  • Player exertion lines/barks (no mana, can’t wear this etc.) now no longer interrupt dialogue events

Zones With New Music

  • Monolith of Fate and Echo of a World
  • The Heoborean Forest
  • The Nomad Camp
  • The Temple of Heorot
  • The Tomb of Morditas
  • The Wengari Fortress


  • Disintegrate’s VFX have been updated for all visual variants
  • Added VFX for Mana Strike cold conversion node “Frigid Grasp”
  • Updated gold dropping VFX.
  • Increased size of Siege Golem arrow explosion Indicator by 10%
  • Improved Abomination Boss Earthquake and Soul Reave ability visuals
  • Updated VFX for Orchirian The Rampant boss
  • Fixed pooling problems for Crystal Lotus
  • Updated VFX for Ice Goliath
  • Updated VFX for Hulking Overgrowth
  • Updated VFX for Ice Elemental
  • Updated VFX for Spreading Frost
  • Updated VFX for The Frostroot Warden boss
  • Updated VFX for Sapphiral
  • Updated VFX for Crystal Golem
  • Updated Flamethrower VFX for Infernal Husk
  • Updated Immortal Overseer death VFX, to mask it weirdness.
  • Updated Storm Crawler VFX
  • Updated Lightning Blast VFX
  • Updated Gathering Storm and Storm Totem’s lightning VFX
  • Improved performance of Explosive trap visual effects
  • Updated VFX for channeled tri-element Elemental Nova


  • Added many new animations for ability with mutators for all classes
  • Polished several character animations
  • Fixed some issues with the Scalebane and the Void Despair Death Animations
  • Polished and updated how the Acolyte holds 2 Handed Weapons

Bug Fixes

Skill Bug Fixes are included in the Skill Changes section to help provide context to relevant changes.

Level Design

  • Fixed Snowbound Graves Echo, which is an imperial era zone, showing up in some divine era timelines instead of all imperial ones.
  • Improved character navigation in various zones.
  • Fixed an issue that improves shrine placement stability
  • Fixed multiple issues with shrines, notably including shrines not working in the Arena on waves 10+.
  • Fixed position of the spawner in the Maj’Elka Slums.


  • Fixed cases where D-pad selection highlight appeared when gamepad was not connected
  • Fixed the minion move command being used erroneously on gamepad
  • Fixed an issue for gamepad where it was impossible to assign a second key to the same action.
  • Fixed a bug that caused map navigation to become stuck when selecting the “Temporal Sanctum” waypoint on controller.
  • Rearranged the Camera Smoothing options on the Settings menu for better navigation.


  • Fixed the Connecting UI not scaling appropriately for ultrawide monitors
  • Fixed an issue where tooltips for items in your stash could be opened inadvertently while trying to create new tabs.
  • Fixed tooltip sizing for some languages, including Korean, Russian, and Chinese.
  • Fixed the interactive area for the settings button not matching the visual size of the button during character select.
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from using skills while on keyboard and mouse if a menu was open.
  • Fixed a bug creating visual duplicates of items when using the ‘sort’ function in the stash.
  • Fixed a stutter when item crafting that increased in severity the more distinct crafting materials you had.
  • Fixed an issue where the stash tab and category UI wouldn’t update in Offline mode.
  • Fixed white boxes appearing at the bottom of the map panel; hotkeys should now be correctly displayed in that area.
  • Fixed a bug that left the controller cursor on screen while scenes loaded.
  • Fixed an issue where chat preferences weren’t saved and didn’t persist after logging back in.
  • Fixed a layering issue that let blood and other decals cover up NPC quest icons.
  • Minor ability panel visual tweaks.
  • Fixed bug which could cause stats to overflow the display in multiplayer.


  • Fixed Alric’s cage not opening in the Dreadnaught Deck zone
  • Moved an unreachable shrine in the Wengari Fortress zone
  • Moved unreachable chests in the Burning Pier zone
  • Fixed a bug in the “To Keeper’s Camp” quest where the quest resolution could be skipped over, preventing further progress on objectives.
  • Renamed the Quest "Monolith: Ruin of the Empire” to "Monolith: Fall of the Empire”.
  • Renamed the Quest "Monolith: Age of Winter” to "Monolith The Age of Winter”.


  • Fixed a bug where Spires would continuously attack players if they had not moved after using an ability, regardless of how long ago that ability was used. Spires are intended to stop attacking a few seconds after players haven’t used any abilities.
  • Removed a boulder in the way in the Lost Catacombs Echo zone
  • Fixed a bug where Corruption did not actually affecting Weaver’s Will rolls
  • Fixed a bug where Spires would continuously attack players if they had not moved after using an ability, regardless of how long ago that ability was used
  • Fixed a bug where portals didn’t always reflect the Timeline’s completion state.
  • Fixed certain scenarios that that would prevent Monolith objectives from being completed or cause Monolith rewards to not drop
  • Fixed Spires sometimes attacking players while they were in safe zones.
  • Fixed a bug that made shrines spawn less often inside Echoes in Offline mode.
  • Fixed Voidscarred Necropolis Echo, which was preventing players from entering the Quest Echo


  • Fixed the following multiplayer potion bugs
    • The number of potion drops from killing enemies scaled quadratically with the number of players in the scene
    • The mechanic that discouraged potions from dropping too close together took other players potions into account
    • The number of potions other player’s had effected the chance for potions to drop for you
  • Fixed Request Portal buttons not updating after party leader change.
  • Fixed an issue with progress sharing in Monoliths, restoring it to normal behavior
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to interact with other peoples portals which was not intended.
  • Fixed a rare disconnect issue that would bounce players back to login in a bugged state, requiring a client reset to fix
  • Fixed an issue where your friends’ statuses sometimes did not update on the social panel when they connected or disconnected.
  • Fixed a bug that was saving the last text entered in the Social Panel (Add Friend, Block Player, Invite to Party) the next time it was opened
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the party frame didn’t updated when a member joined or left the party
  • Fixed a bug that caused some characters to disconnect and then be locked out of that character when logging back in.
  • Fixed an issue that caused summons to disappear during transitions in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue that erroneously allowed players to enter Dungeons while in a party or portal to each other in Dungeons which caused a large number of other issues.
    • Players can’t enter a Dungeon if they were not a part of the original party entering the Dungeon at the time
    • Players can’t portal to a player unless they are both in the Dungeon at the same time. These portals will NOT work if the player is trying to portal to a party member in a lower floor.
    • Players can’t re-enter a Dungeon or portal to a party member if they left the Dungeon or were disconnected
    • Players will be removed from the Dungeon when they die, except when fighting the Dungeon Boss. Players who die in a Dungeon Boss fight will have the ability to respawn in the Dungeon if their party members successfully defeat the boss.
    • We plan on changing this in a later patch to be more forgiving and to allow players to respawn under certain conditions. Perhaps spend a Dungeon key to respawn?
  • Fixed an issue where Monolith objectives would not correctly display their location in party play.
  • Fixed an issue with the party panel sometimes showing “Leave” instead of “Kick” on the other members when you where the leader.
  • Fixed party frames constantly displaying as dead a party member that died on a Dungeon.
  • Fixed the party region not updating on the Social Panel
  • Fixed Social Panel not showing the correct scene for Monolith Echoes and Arena
  • Fixed several causes of party frames disappearing


  • Fixed the Abyssal Fiend not dropping any loot
  • Fixes for certain visuals for the Mummified Nagasa and Sapphire Nagasa
  • Fixed boss specific loot dropping outside the walkable area for Monolith Lagon.
  • Fixed a bug where Lagon’s Boss Tentacles would have a different number of ward breakpoints than Lagon himself.
  • Fixed the Mortal Hunter having no summon limit
  • Gave the Abomination boss in Monoliths back its outline.
  • Fixed AI targeting bugs against leaping targets
  • Fixed an issue where various Monolith bosses’ vocal lines were overlapping
  • Fixed the dummies in Champions Gate not being treated as enemies
  • Optimized Bone Golem implementation
  • Fixed an issue where the death animation for the Son of Arton wouldn’t play


  • Fixed a bug where doors in Dungeons would not reset correctly.
  • Fixed a lighting issue in the Lightless Arbor, ensuring the local player is always well-lit as intended.
  • Fixed an issue that made players lie dead on the Dungeon floor… forever.
  • Fixed a bug where Dungeon objective pulses did not show up based on number of kills in Online mode.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the rocks in the Mountain Beneath fight in Lightless Arbor from correctly showing an indicator before falling.


  • Improved post processing in the Armory, Maj’Elka, and the End of Time.
  • Improved several decal textures throughout the game.
  • Fixed an issue where debuffs would show as cleansed when they were not.
  • Fixed an issue that made Sentinels’ helmets disappear as scenes loaded.
  • Fixed an issue where graphical settings might be ignored when entering Echoes in Monoliths.

Other Bug Fixes

  • Fixed ascended items selling for an incorrect amount of gold.
  • Fixed an issue where player character voice lines would interrupt NPC voice lines.
  • Fixed an issue where follower NPCs would slide rather than animating correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking an Arena portal does nothing
  • Fixed a bug that caused bosses to drop too much loot.
  • Fixed an issue where the movement speed on The Kestrel body armor was not being correctly applied.
  • Fixed an issue where the Loot Filter would break when duplicating rules.

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