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1.0.3 Patch Notes

Last Updated: March 13th 2024

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The Last Epoch Team has revealed updates coming in the 1.0.3 patch notes! This update is live and requires a client restart. It contains updates to Skills, additional UI/Visual fixes and Campaign updates. A second round of bug fixes for Skills/Passives that were over performing. See the full notes below.

Key Takeaways

  • Profane Veil's Vampiric Pool was giving 10x the amount of the consumed minion’s maximum health as Ward (40% instead of 4%) and has been fixed.
  • Runemaster's Sanguine Runestones "Health Regen Applies to Ward" passive effect was scaling with allocated points and has been fixed.
  • Smoke Bomb's application via Dive Bomb's Cloud Gatherer passive as been update to trigger only once per any individual Smoke Bomb's.
  • Wandering Spirits has received the compensatory buff which was originally intended to go live in 1.0 to counteract the nerf.
  • Stash tab costs have been reduced by roughly 50% when purchasing large numbers of tabs.
  • Wrathlord no longer attempts to eat your friend's minions.

Hello Travelers!

In today’s patch we have previously mentioned skill changes, stash tab cost reductions, audio updates and more! We plan to release more information regarding the mid-cycle balance changes tomorrow. So if you’re interested in seeing the results of the survey, and our plans going forward as a result of the feedback, please keep your eyes out for that post on our forums!



  • Moved Transition to Temporal Sanctum from The Ruined Coast so it’s not as easy to accidentally transition after combat.


  • Changed Cloud Gatherer to only apply to any individual Smoke Bomb one time.
  • Wandering Spirits now has 30% more spirit reveal frequency
  • Wandering Spirits now has a base of damage of 20 (from 16.2) and damage effectiveness of 200% (from 180% actual, 140% listed)
    • These are compensatory buffs that were intended to be included alongside the change in 1.0 that made Wandering Spirits always fade out when the reveal duration ends, but the buff did not make it into release. Since the initial change was a nerf and did make it into 1.0, and this compensatory buff was always planned to be paired with the change, we’re adding the buff in this patch instead of waiting for the next cycle.

UI / Visual

  • Added “Localization” type to in-game bug reporting tool
  • Improved player to player trade user experience so that you can no longer request a trade which requires a higher rank than the potential buyer possesses.


  • Reduced the frequency of the Falcon’s CAWWWWs (attack vocal sounds)
  • Updated audio for Healing Hands
  • All chapter 6 scenes have new 2D ambient loop sfx
  • The Barren Aqueduct has new music
  • Soul Cage props in chap 6 have looping sounds again
  • The Barren Aqueduct and Nests of the Fallen now have sounds for the running water on the ground in the aqueduct
  • The large running water props in chapter 8 now have sfx
  • Added looping sfx to the large rusty pipelines that cross the map


  • Reduced cost of Stash Tabs
    • Stash tabs beyond the first 6 previously cost 10000 more than the previous tab. Now stash tabs 7 to 16 cost 2500 more than the previous tab, and stash tabs beyond the first 16 cost 5000 more than the previous tab. This results in the cost of large numbers of stash tabs being reduced by around 50%.

Bug Fixes


  • Added a failsafe to Imperial Welryn for killing the commander early or off-screen.
  • Fixed an issue where you could complete all Chapter 1 quests, but do not have the first Chapter 2 quest “Last Refuge”

Skills & Passives

  • Fixed a bug where Profane Veil’s Vampiric Pool gave 40% of the consumed minion’s maximum health as ward, instead of the listed 4%
  • Fixed a bug where Runemaster’s passive node Sanguine Runestones’s threshold bonus (15% of health regen applies to ward) was scaling with points allocated
  • Fixed a bug where the effect of Chthonic Fissure’s Eradication was not doubled when the player was cursed
  • Flame Whip now receives 4% increased damage per point of intelligence (this affects Flame
    Whip casts from all sources, and previously never received attribute scaling from any source)


  • Fixed several issues with Heorot fight including Ice Spike stopping projectiles, and being frozen not stopping actions in multiplayer.
  • Fixed bug where minions were not benefiting from items when being respawned after leaving towns in multiplayer.


  • Fixed a bug where items influenced by the Rank 8 passive from Circle of Fortune would not have the Circle of Fortune tag
    • They still have the “cannot be traded” tag
  • Fixed a bug where casting Summon Skeletal Mage with Grave Passage allocated caused the “minions transported with traversal skills” experimental affix to not bring any minions with you
  • Fixed a bug where a Two-handed weapon and off-hand could be equipped at the same time
  • Fixed a bug where Circle of Fortune Prophecy Lenses could be socketed into locked sockets with Shift + RMB
  • Fixed bug where Wraithlord would try to consume other player’s minions
  • Fixed a bug where Stygian Coal’s more Stygian Beam Damage per 10 current mana affix did not work
  • Fixed a bug where Stygian Coal’s Stygian Beams were not affected by Drain Life’s Horrify, Condemnation, Unholy Mass, Stupefy, Soul Blast, and Ravenous nodes
  • Fixed a bug where Chronicle of the Damned’s chance to reveal a Wandering Spirit on kill would cause the player’s existing cast of Wandering Spirits to stop releasing spirits
  • Fixed a bug where the Wandering Spirit from Chronicle of the Damned’s chance to reveal a Wandering Spirit on kill always instantly faded away
  • Fixed a bug where Flame Whips did not benefit from Chthonic Fissure’s Eradication when using Spine of Malatros
  • Fixed a bug where Chthonic Fissure’s Grasp of the Undying did not apply to Flame Whip when using Spine of Malatros
  • Fixed a bug where only the “while cursed” benefit of Chthonic Fissure’s Death From Below applied to Flame Whip when using Spine of Malatros
  • Fixed a bug where Chthonic Fissure’s Chronicles of Ruin did not apply to Flame Whip when using Spine of Malatros

UI / Visual

  • Fixed a bug where right clicking a dungeon key upon first entering game would not open the map
  • Fixed a bug where campaign prophecies could still appear while blocked
  • Fixed a bug where enemies could appear invisible while playing in a party
  • Fixed a bug where the gate in Soul Warden’s Road wouldn’t animate going down.
  • Fixed a bug where The Mountain Beneath would walk through terrain in The Sheltered Wood
  • Fixed some instances of players facing backwards after a scene transition
    • Please continue to report any instances of this issue via the in-game bug reporter
  • Fixed bug where item tooltips could disappear when loot dropped


  • Fixed a bug where mousing over a vendor inventory then back to your inventory it would play the “item bought” sound effect

Upcoming Changes

We will be releasing a bugfix for Infernal Shade in a hotfix later this week


Some old town servers are still in use that will still charge the higher amount of gold cost for stash tabs. To avoid this, please transition to a different town server if you have not since the release of this patch.

Our Future Plans

We hope you are enjoying our guides on your leveling & endgame journey. We have heard an incredible amount of feedback and are already going through it all for changes to Loot Filters, adjusting our tools for better end use, and help make builds easier to get into and transition out of. Some of these updates will come before others - time rules us all!

If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the Last Epoch role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. If you find an issue, report it in the branch's #le-maxroll-feedback channel.

Written by: Dredscythe

Reviewed by: Tenkiei

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