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1.0.2 Patch Notes

Last Updated: March 6th 2024

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The Last Epoch Team has revealed updates coming in the 1.0.2 patch notes! This update is live and requires a client restart. It contains updates to Skills, additional controller and UI fixes, and updates to Ghostflame and Dive Bomb (mentioned here; fix incoming soon). Lastly, the Dev Team puts their stance out on what builds and when you can expect them to be changed, in regard to bugged interactions. See the full notes below.

Key Takeaways

  • Bugs across multiple systems being squashed.
  • Heavily reduced Arena Key sell price to avoid potential imbalance in Gold acquisition.
  • Ghostflame's Spirit Kindling Passive has been fixed due to a bug with it erroneously applying when it should not.
  • Dive Bomb's Cloud Gatherer Passive now only activates once on any given Smoke Bomb activation (coming soon).
  • EHG is looking for feedback on whether they should fix the nodes in Profane Veil granting 10 times the intended Ward. Be sure to let them know on the forums & their discord (but keep it polite and constructive).

Hello Travelers,

For today’s patch we have a bunch of fixes for controller, UI, skills, and more. We’re also spending a moment to comment on Dive Bomb and Ghostflame. Read below for the full notes.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where players would get the Immortal Empire quest before gaining access to that quest state of Elder Gaspar
  • Fixed an issue that caused the elevator to the Council Chambers to never appear after defeating waves of monsters at the end of the Void Assault quest


  • Fixed issues with interacting (such as opening a chest, or talking to an NPC) while using a controller
  • Fixed an issue with mapping the “Y”/Triangle controller button
  • Fixed issue with controller bindings disappearing when using a mouse
  • Controller binding dialog can be closed by pressing the “V” / Circle button
  • Navigation cursor refocuses the corresponding action binding button after an action is bound


  • Fixed an issue where once a party member enters the arena and you do NOT enter the arena, you cannot open any UI
  • Fixed an issue so that “Steam Required” and “License Required” are separate errors
  • Fixed issue where some enemies had no/only partial red outlines when hovered
  • Fixed an issue where item tooltips displayed when the mouse was not hovering them
  • Fixed issue causing “no characters found” to be overlaid on your character list at character selection
  • Fixed inconsistent portraits for Maceth and Leyda


  • Fixed a bug where Elemental Nova’s damaging area was not affected by increases to its area of effect
  • Fixed issue where when returning to human form after transforming turns, the player model invisible
  • Fixed most instances of a bug where channeled movement skills, particularly Flame Rush and Shield Rush, could lock the player into the movement and not visually move the player until the ability ended


  • Slightly Improved party transition times
  • Fixed a visual gap in Festering Sewers
  • Fixed weird visual triangles at top of screen in The Ancient Cavern
  • Fixed issue with players dying prematurely by setting their actor to invincible as soon as we spawn them, then allowing grace period to overtake later
  • Fixed issue with linking the game guide in chat
  • Revert change from previous patch that was causing players to see other players running in place (reverted change was a fix aiming to fix players not animating when joining a scene).


  • Require players to manually click to transition scenes during the campaign
  • Various Bazaar UI/UX improvements
  • Greatly reduced the sell price of Arena Keys and Arena Keys of Memory
    • Arena keys now sell for 175 (from 6500)
    • Arena keys now sell for 175 gold (from 6500)
    • Arena keys of memory now sell for 265 gold (from 7250)
    • This was done to remove the burden of optimal on MG players feeling like they needed to level up CoF and use arena key prophecies to farm gold effectively
  • Added Prevention for CoF bonuses from doubling XP tome rewards in Monoliths
    • This is also technically a bug fix as the XP Tome Reward isn’t a direct item reward. Item Factions are not intended to have an effect on experience gains, only how items are obtained.

Ghostflame and Dive Bomb

There’s one change in this patch, and another change we’ll be releasing soon which we wanted to speak a little bit more to than just listing. These are changes to Ghostflame’s Spirit Kindling Node (included in this patch), and Dive Bomb’s Cloud Gatherer node (being released in near future).


  • Fixed a bug where Ghostflame’s Spirit Kindling could apply to the player if it had previously hit a Wraith during its lifetime and was not currently hitting a Wraith

Dive Bomb (hotfix soon)

  • Changed Cloud Gatherer to only apply to any individual Smoke Bomb one time.

Both of these nodes are exceptionally overperforming, but that’s not why we’re changing them right now. We’re changing them because of the performance impact these skills are causing, more specifically their tendency to crash servers.

Our current stance is that we won’t issue mid-cycle changes for balance, such as with Profane Veil’s Vampiric Blood node. While the node is much stronger than intended, it’s not causing performance issues and so it will instead be changed with the next cycle patch. This stance is of course open to feedback, it’s not carved in stone. If there’s high demand to fix bugs or make changes that affect balance mid-cycle, we can adjust.

While these changes are being made for performance reasons, they do also carry considerable impact to power levels of these skills/nodes. This automatically raises some questions, to which we’ve provided a short QA below of what we think are the biggest questions.

  1. Will existing entries be removed from the leaderboards?
    The answer to this is no, we will not be removing current entries from the leaderboards. We understand this choice does have the negative effect of affecting some player’s motivation to push the leaderboards when there’s a leader. However, there’s many other negative effects if we do remove entries. Primarily, if we remove rankings in these situations, it incentivizes players to keep these interactions a secret until the very end of the cycle, making it much more difficult for us to act in time for the next cycle.
  2. Dive Bomb’s Cloud Gatherer has been known and used since release, why are you only changing it now?
    We were willing to live with the node being imbalanced, but it wasn’t until later that we realized players were maintaining Smoke Bombs in Echo of a World as they ran echoes, which means as more and more Smoke Bombs piled up, the server becomes more unstable and eventually crashes. We’re only fixing this mid-cycle due to the server issues it presents, not its balance.
  3. Why not fix it in a way that keeps it as powerful as it currently is, but without the server issues?
    Investigating a skill for appropriate balance changes that’s not purely numerical takes a fair amount of time. From design discussions, to implementation, to QA, and finally merge and release. For cases like this, it unfortunately taking this time means it comes at the cost of time spent towards other bugs, or new content, when we only plan to remove it as soon as the next cycle starts.

Our Future Plans

We hope you are enjoying our guides on your leveling & endgame journey. We have heard an incredible amount of feedback and are already going through it all for changes to Loot Filters, adjusting our tools for better end use, and help make builds easier to get into and transition out of. Some of these updates will come before others - time rules us all!

If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the Last Epoch role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. If you find an issue, report it in the branch's #le-maxroll-feedback channel.

Written by: Dredscythe

Reviewed by: Tenkiei

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