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1.0.1 Patch Notes

Last Updated: February 29th 2024

Patch 1.0

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The Last Epoch Team has revealed updates coming in the 1.0.1 patch notes! This update is live and requires a client restart. It contains updates to Skills, fixes some controller issues, improves the UI, along with more QoL changes. Patch 1.01 is the first of many "mini-patches" to get things right since release. See the full notes below.

Key Takeaways

  • Rush of the Hunt has been fixed, enjoy the lower Dive Bomb Cooldown.
  • Some Chthonic Fissure performance drops were fixed, hopefully resulting in less lag for Bleed Warlocks and other eldritch enjoyers.
  • Significant improvements to controller navigation, with a focus on menus.
  • You can now merge faction progress when leaving SAF/SCF.

Bug Fixes


  • Acolyte: Ghostflame: Fixed a bug where the ailment duration increase from Occult Embers did not apply to bleed duration when the skill is converted to physical by Arteries of Malice
  • Sentinel: Smelter’s Wrath: Fixed an issue where it’s animation would break if it was the first ability used in a scene
  • Primalist: Spriggan Form’s Healing Totems can now have cold visuals if your Spriggan Form or Thorn Totems are cold converted
  • Acolyte: Chthonic Fissure: Fixed an issue where Cthonic Fissure was causing a client performance dip.
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally using a transformation skill (Werebear, Lich form, etc.) the player character would become entirely unresponsive
  • Fixed a bug where the Falcon’s thrown acid flasks could cause it to consume its own Falcon Mark
  • Fixed a bug where Transplant was using the incorrect VFX showing some necrotic VFX at the original position
  • Fixed a bug where Dive Bomb passive “Rush of the Hunt” was not scaling with points allocated


  • Fixed an issue where NPC’s that could not be interacted with would sometimes have an interaction prompt spawn when approached while using a gamepad.
  • Fixed an issue where, when using a gamepad, it was not possible to specialize points in the Bone Curse skill tree without relying on the Virtual Cursor
  • Fixed controller navigation on the Social Panel
  • Fixed controller navigation on Choose Mastery panel
  • Fixed controller navigation for “Quest Completed” popup
  • Fixed a bug where some controller inputs on the map locked after navigating the quest list
  • Fixed a bug where the Item Gifting D-Pad navigation could break if the player closed out of the Item Gifting window with an item still in it.
  • Fixed a bug where Configure Stash Tabs did not work with the D-Pad Cursor
  • Fixed a bug where the virtual keyboard could enter a state where it cannot be properly closed, locking the Player out of Gamepad inputs.
  • Fixed a bug where Upheaval’s VFX was playing when you were just summoning the totem


  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes result in a disconnect on transition while in a party.
  • Fixed an issue in the Forgotten Graves where the Infernal Husk patrols would fail to spawn a map marker.
  • Adjusted the Music in scenes The Ancient Cavern, The Verdant Lakes, and The Ancient Forest
  • Fixed bug where skipping Risen Lakes and having “Admiral’s Dreadnaught” quest active or complete, then returning to Risen Lakes would make the quest “Immortal Empire” incompletable.
  • Fixed bug where some enemies that join combat late were not animating.
  • Fixed a bug where a Last Refuge Guard’s death animation was looping
  • Fixed Move Or Break Destructible left click option not working
  • Fixed some clipping issues on Rogue and Acolyte, and fixed short Sentinel
  • Fixed a bug where the Wraithlord would not despawn upon unequipping Wraithlord’s Harbour


  • Fixed issue where game version was not showing new revisions
  • Fixed a bug where an item label could fail to show if you were looking at another item when it dropped.
  • Fixed a bug where legacy characters could show up as an incorrect hardcore character
  • Fixed a bug where dodges did not display floating combat text
  • Localization changes and corrections
  • Fixed an issue where opening the Ladder menu did not properly close the inventory ui
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally the overlay map zoom would default to extreme zoom in making it seem like the overlay map didn’t work at all.
  • Fixed a bug where occasionally, the gamble/purchase prompt in tooltip item appeared at a very large size
  • Fixed a bug where non-equipable items (such as keys) would disappear if you tried to quick-move them to the forge
  • Fixed bug where UI Elements for some passives were continuing to display after points in that passive were removed
  • Corrected a layer issue with the Rogue T10 Helmet
  • Fixed several Rogue and Acolyte animations
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally lead to a state where you can not see or pick up items on the ground.
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally player characters would not load their gear visuals or display name (instead displaying the default name of a bear emoji)
  • Fixed an issue in Thetima where quest icons above NPC’s would not always update properly

Quests & Scenes

  • Fixed an issue where a boulder was in the way in Lost Catacombs Monolith Echo Scene
  • Added multiple failsafes for unlocking Heoborea waypoint after completing The Scorched Grove.
  • Fixed object collision on railway-stop in The Osprix Warcamp
  • Fixed unreachable chest in The Burning Pier
  • Fixed NPC in The Burning Pier not animating
  • Fixed ground texture in Forest Trails Monolith scene
  • Fixed shrine placement in The Wengari Fortress
  • Fixed a section of floor being visually missing in Mak’Elka Lower District
  • Fixed Alric’s Cage not visually open in The Dreadnought’s Deck
  • Fixed bug where If you die on the step for killing Yulia and then return to the zone later, the positions for the Soul Cages are not shown.


  • Added a way to remember the last chat language selected so it doesn’t always default to English, and uses the system lang the first time instead
  • Added gold spawning animation
  • Made performance improvements and added Scene Variants for five additional Monolith Echo Scenes, and improved performance for Welryn Outskirts
  • Changed “Jump the Deck” completion to only complete when entering the next scene. This allows the quest tracker to continue pointing to the next scene if the player does not travel there for whatever reason.
  • Now unlocks waypoint to End of Time after Pannion creates the Rift to chapter 2 to allow players to proceed without using the timerift
  • Added check for completing Artem’s Offer for players that had the quest before the previous patch.
  • Added waypoint unlock for Lake Liath when you complete the Deep Harbor questline for players that leave after completing Deep Harbor, but don’t proceed to Lake Liath.
  • Added support for merging faction progress when leaving either Solo Character Found (SCF) or Solo Account Found (SAF) Challenges
    • When you abandon a SCF character this merges the faction progress with your SAF progress.
    • When you abandon a SAF character this merges the faction progress with your normal progress.
  • Fixed the options in the settings panel so you can’t accidentally abandon SAF as a SCF
  • Switched Brigandine Boots to use T25 boots’ 3D art for Primalist
  • Added refresh on start function to social panel so it loads friends list on start instead of waiting for the social panel to be opened.
  • Reduced size of Ulatri Scavenger’s Firebreath ability
  • Spriggan Form’s Healing Totems can now have cold visuals if your Spriggan Form or Thorn Totems are cold converted
  • Fixed a bug where the ailment duration increase from Occult Embers did not apply to bleed duration when the skill is converted to physical by Arteries of Malice in Ghostflame tree

More Fixes Coming!

Thank you all for your continued submissions of bug reports and feedback. The team is hard at work on addressing many additional bugs, improvements, and other changes. We’ll continue to release patches like this one in the coming days and weeks.

Our Future Plans

We hope you are enjoying our guides on your leveling & endgame journey. We have heard an incredible amount of feedback and are already going through it all for changes to Loot Filters, adjusting our tools for better end use, and help make builds easier to get into and transition out of. Some of these updates will come before others - time rules us all!

If you haven't already, head over to our Discord and select the Last Epoch role in #roles to stay up to date with our content development. If you find an issue, report it in the branch's #le-maxroll-feedback channel.

Written by: Dredscythe

Reviewed by: Tenkiei

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