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Lagon – Ending The Storm Boss Guide

Last Updated: March 2nd 2024

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Lagon a three phase fight that gets progressively more difficult. He also boasts a guaranteed one shot mechanic and several others that one shot most builds. Players need to understand how to properly position in order to defeat this boss.

In this guide, we cover the rewards, boss mechanics, and provide a strategy for defeating this boss.

For more information on the Timeline this boss is found in check out our Ending the Storm Timeline Guide.
For the campaign version of Lagon, check out Lagon - Act 8 Boss Guide



All timeline bosses have a pool of exclusive Uniques that can drop. They also provide the player with a Blessing, which is a permanent buff to either power or farming/leveling efficiency. Just like Uniques, each boss has their own exclusive Blessing pool.


Lagon can drop 4 different Uniques:

  • Alluvion has a 50% chance to drop. It is mutually exclusive to Coral Aegis, meaning you always get one or the other, but not both. It can drop from both normal and empowered versions. The drop rate is not affected by corruption.
  • Coral Aegis has a 50% chance to drop. It is mutually exclusive to Alluvion, meaning you always get one or the other, but not both. It can drop from both regular and Empowered versions. The drop rate is not affected by corruption.
  • Stormcarved Testament is a rare drop. The drop rate is increased by higher Corruption. It can technically drop off normal Lagon; however the area level must be increased to at least 78 for it to drop. We recommend farming this on Empowered.
  • Eye of Storms is a rare drop that can only be found in Empowered. Increases in Corruption improves the drop rate of this item.

See the Monolith Beginner Guide for more info on Corruption.


The Blessings of this Timeline are themed around Lightning, Cold, Ward and Stun with some exceptions. Some generally useful choices are:Bastion of Divinity, Cruelty of the Meruna and Rhythm of the Tide.


Boss Mechanics

Lagon rises up and then moves to either side of where the player was standing when he started. He then sweeps towards and across the player's original position with a beam that deals extremely high Cold and Lightning Damage at a high rate of fire and Chills. This attack is deadly for almost every build!


When you go into a timeline boss fight, you carry any modifiers that are active from running echoes. Some of these modifiers can be especially dangerous, while some can actually bring value with little or no downside.

Avoid These Modifiers

Take These Modifiers

Boss Strategy

Lagon is a three phase fight. In Phases 1 and 3 you deal directly with Lagon. In Phase 2 you fight adds while killing Lagon's tentacles. The fight is largely Cold and Lightning Damage, but also includes some Physical Damage so be sure to cap all three Resistances. There are several one shot mechanics in this fight, including one of the most punishing boss mechanics in the game, so knowing how to deal with these mechanics is vital to defeating this boss.

Phase 1

You start in the middle of the arena and need to run up the stairs on the left or right side to engage the boss. In the first phase Lagon has most of his abilities, including the most dangerous ones so you'll need to be on your toes from the start. Here are some general strategies:

  • Lagon is invulnerable. You must attack his tentacles to deal damage to him.
  • Whatever you do, don't get hit by Moon Beam! This attack sweeps across a large portion of the arena and one shots almost anything. Lagon starts the attack by rising up and then repositions to either side of the player. The best way to avoid this attack is to wait for Lagon's eye to glow red while he simultaneously rises up, then move to the opposite side of the platform.
  • Do not get hit by Moon Blast. It's a well telegraphed attack with a big circle AoE so you shouldn't miss it.
  • Avoid his Melee Attacks, especially the left one (your right). It always stuns and could mess up your timing with more dangerous attacks.

Phase 2

Once Lagon reaches 50% HP he teleports you to the center of the arena. This phase has entirely different mechanics from Phase 1:

  • Lagon's Tentacles spawn throughout the arena that deal low Physical Damage and high Stun Chance. They must be killed in order to progress to the next phase. The moon in the center of the ring fills up as you kill more Tentacles and once it's full you are teleported back to Lagon where Phase 3 starts.
  • Flayer Sharks and Crabs continuously spawn. These aren't immediately dangerous but not dealing with the Flayer Sharks causes them to accumulate and potentially overwhelm you.
  • Cold Waves sweep from one side of the arena to the other. They do moderate Cold Damage and there are so many of them that it becomes difficult to avoid them all. Getting stunned from a Tentacle only makes avoiding these harder. Make sure you have capped Cold Resistance in case you need to tank a few.

Phase 3

After killing enough tentacles you are teleported back to Lagon. This phase is similar to Phase 1 but the Cold Waves from Phase 2 now cross from the left and right side of the platform. The easiest way to avoid them is to stand as close to Lagon's end of the platform as possible and slightly off center. The very center won't be far enough to avoid the waves but being too far off center puts you in danger of Moon Beam. The rest of this phase is the same as Phase 1 so avoid those mechanics along with the Cold Waves and you'll take down Lagon!



  • The Blessings for this timeline are themed around Lightning, Cold, Ward and Stun with some exceptions.
  • Lagon is a three phase fight with two phases involving Lagon and one add phase.
  • He has some of the most punishing mechanics in the game.
  • Cap Lightning, Cold and Physical Resistances
  • You need to kill the Tentacles to progress from Phase 2 to 3.
  • Whatever you do, don't get hit by Moon Beam!


Written by McFluffin.
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